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Metal Face
Official artwork of Metal Face from Xenoblade Chronicles.
A boss in SSB4 (Wii U)
Universe Xenoblade
Console of origin Wii
Location Gaur Plain
English voice actor Timothy Watson
Japanese voice actor Norio Wakamoto

Metal Face (黒いフェイス, Black Face) is a major antagonist in Xenoblade Chronicles.


Metal Face during the attack on Colony 9 in Xenoblade Chronicles.

Metal Face first appeared in Xenoblade Chronicles during the attack on Shulk's hometown, Colony 9. He proved to be very different than most other Mechon, with the ability to speak and an immunity to the Monado (the only weapon that can harm Mechon in the first part of the game) until the Monado is evolved into Monado II by Zanza. He has a cruel personality and enjoys causing the suffering of others. During the attack on Colony 9, he kills Shulk's childhood friend Fiora, motivating Shulk to chase him down for revenge. It is later revealed Metal Face is piloted by Mumkhar, Dunban's former war buddy who left him behind during the Battle of the Sword Valley and now became a war machine with a Mechon body.

In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

Metal Face on Gaur Plain.

Metal Face first appeared as a shadow at the end of Shulk's reveal trailer, teasing his role as the stage boss of Gaur Plain which was confirmed in the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U: 50-Fact Extravaganza Direct. Soon after night falls, Metal Face may appear. He can either appear in the middle of the stage and then perch between the two main platforms or fire his Custom Grand Shot at one of the main platforms making it fall down, thus destroying the platforms underneath, and placing himself on the fallen platform. Once positioned he doesn't actively chase fighters, but he tries to hit any close fighter with a claw swipe. If he is not defeated after enough time passes, he leaves the stage after performing a dashing strike across the horizontal length of the stage. When defeated, he will damage whoever didn't get the last hit as he bursts into a series of explosions and fall as a flaming projectile towards the bottom of the stage. Any other players near the explosions or falling Metal Face will take heavy damage and knockback.

Metal Face will say any of a random set of lines while on the stage; however, he has special quotes directed at Shulk that only play if he is one of the fighters in a given battle.[1] For a full list of quotes, see here.

In Smash Tour[edit]

Metal Face appears as a random event: bumping into him will initiate a battle against him in Gaur Plain. If not defeated in time he flies to another spot in the map, but he retains any prior damage.

Trophy information[edit]

Metal Face's trophy is part of the Mechonis Trophy Box.

Metal Face

A faced Mechon who appears on the Gaur Plain stage. He swoops in from the sky when night falls and then leaves with the break of dawn. He doesn't actively pursue fighters, but if you get too close, you'll taste the deadly bite of his claws. Watch out for his laser attack too-it can destroy parts of the stage itself!

Wii: Xenoblade Chronicles (04/2012)


Unused head icon.
  • One of the tips in the Wii U version of the game mentions that whoever KOs Metal Face gets credit for the KO, like Ridley. This is likely a leftover from earlier in development, as it does not occur in the game. Metal Face also has an unused head icon in the same style as Ridley, suggesting that it was intended to be used like Ridley's when a player KO's Metal Face.
    • It could also be referring to Smash Tour's boss bonus.


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