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A Trophy Box is a method of displaying and collecting trophies in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. There is a total of 92 and they can be accessed with a button press while viewing in the trophy gallery. Trophy boxes follow a theme and usually are associated with a series. Each trophy box that is finished has a golden "COMPLETE" plaque in the bottom right corner. Some trophy boxes cannot be viewed until at least one trophy within it has been obtained; this mainly applies to unlockable content.

List of trophy boxes[edit]

Name Trophies Image
Symbol of the Smash Bros. series. Brawler Sandbag Gooey Bomb Banana Peel Soccer Ball Trophy Box Brawler.jpg
  Omega Blitz Mii Brawler Mii Brawler (Alt.)  
Symbol of the Smash Bros. series. Swordfighter Golden Hammer Beam Sword Home-Run Bat Fire Bar Trophy Box Swordfighter.jpg
  Final Edge Mii Swordfighter Mii Swordfighter (Alt.)  
Symbol of the Smash Bros. series. Gunner Drill Ray Gun Boomerang Smoke Ball Trophy Box Gunner.jpg
  Full Blast Mii Gunner Mii Gunner (Alt.)  
Symbol of the Smash Bros. series. Items and Rewards Barrels Rolling Crates Crates Party Ball Trophy Box Items and Rewards.jpeg
Capsule CD Coin (Coin Smash) Food
Symbol of the Smash Bros. series. Road to Master Hand   Smash Ball Fighting Mii Team Assist Trophy   Trophy Box Road to Master Hand.jpg
  Crazy Hand Master Core Master Hand  
MarioSymbol.svg Mario Bros.   Sidesteppers Fighter Flies Shellcreepers   Smashbros-mariobrostrophybox.jpg
Freezie Mario POW Block Pipes
MarioSymbol.svg Super Mario Bros. Piranha Plant Super Mushroom 1-Up Mushroom ? Block Trophy Box Super Mario Bros.jpg
Fire Flower Luigi Toad Super Star
MarioSymbol.svg Bowser's Minions NTSC
Bowser's Troops PAL
Koopa Paratroopa (Red) Lakitu & Spinies Bullet Bill Hammer Bro Trophy Box Bowser's Minions.jpg
  Goomba Bowser Koopa Troopa (Green)  
MarioSymbol.svg Super Mario Bros. 2 & 3   Super Leaf Poison Mushroom Chain Chomp   Trophy Box Super Mario Bros 2 & 3.jpg
  Bob-omb Peach Boo  
MarioSymbol.svg Super Mario Kart NTSC
Mario Kart PAL
Green Shell Lightning Spiny Shell Funky Kong + Offroader Trophy Box Super Mario Kart.jpeg
Toad + Quacker Peach + Daytripper Mario + Standard Bike Bowser + Flame Runner
MarioSymbol.svg Super Mario Galaxy   Spring Mario Toad Brigade Bee Mario   Trophy Box Super Mario Galaxy.jpg
  Boo Mario Rosalina & Luma Rainbow Mario  
MarioSymbol.svg Super Mario Galaxy 2   Starship Mario Power Star Rock Mario   Trophy Box Super Mario Galaxy 2.jpg
  Lubba Baby Luma Cloud Mario  
MarioSymbol.svg Paper Mario Tippi Count Bleck Fracktail Goombella Paper Mario Trophy Box.jpg
  Flint Cragley Mr. L Mini-Yoshi  
MarioSymbol.svg Koopalings NTSC
Bowser's Minions PAL
Larry Roy Iggy Morton Koopalings.jpg
  Wendy Ludwig Lemmy  
YoshiSymbol.svg Yoshi's Island   Yoshi (Alt.) Baby Luigi Kamek   Trophy Box Yoshi's Island.jpeg
  Super Dragon Yoshi Shy Guy  
MarioSymbol.svg New Super Mario Bros. Big Urchin Bowser Jr. Big Goomba Nabbit Trophy Box New Super Mario Bros.jpg
  Penguin Mario Propeller Mario Flying Squirrel Mario  
Symbol of the DK series. Donkey Kong and His Friends NTSC
Donkey Kong and Friends PAL
Wrinkly Kong Tiny Kong Lanky Kong Candy Kong Trophy Box Donkey Kong and His Friends.jpg
Funky Kong Donkey Kong Diddy Kong Cranky Kong
Symbol of the DK series. Animal Friends and Items Enguarde Peanut Popgun Rocketbarrel Pack Winky Trophy Box Animal Friends and Items.jpg
  Diddy Kong (Alt.) Donkey Kong (Alt.) DK Barrel  
Symbol of the DK series. Donkey Kong Country Returns Mole Miner Max Thugly Colonel Pluck Stu Trophy Box Donkey Kong Country Returns.jpg
  Tutorial Pig Tiki Tong Krazy Kalimba  
Symbol of the DK series. Tropical Freeze   Pointy Tuck Pompy, the Presumptuous Fish Poker Pops   Tropical Freeze Trophy Box.jpg
  Dixie Kong Snowmad Ship  
ZeldaSymbol.svg Wind Waker King of Red Lions Aryll Tetra Medli Wind Waker Trophy Box.jpg
Triforce Slash (Toon Link) Zelda (Wind Waker) Toon Link Ganondorf (Wind Waker)
ZeldaSymbol.svg Skyward Sword Demise Gust Bellows Beetle The Imprisoned Trophy Box Skyward Sword.jpg
  Fi Skyloft Crimson Loftwing  
ZeldaSymbol.svg Skyward Sword Characters Groose Old Woman Owlan Gaepora Trophy Box Skyward Sword Characters.jpeg
  Impa (Skyward Sword) Ghirahim Levias  
ZeldaSymbol.svg Twilight Princess Midna Zant Hooded Zelda Beast Ganon Twilight Princess Trophy Box.jpg
Ganondorf Link Zelda Wolf Link
ZeldaSymbol.svg Ocarina of Time & Majora's Mask Bombchu Bunny Hood Deku Nuts Redead Ocarina of Time & Majora's Mask Trophy Box.jpg
Majora's Mask Sheik Tingle Skull Kid
MetroidSymbol.svg The Beginning of Metroid NTSC
Metroid PAL
  Morph Ball Mother Brain Screw Attack   Trophy Box The Beginning of Metroid.jpg
  Metroid Samus Ridley  
MetroidSymbol.svg Other M   Madeline Bergman Samus (Alt.) Gunship   Trophy Box Other M.jpg
  Adam Malkovich Zero Suit Samus Melissa Bergman (MB)  
MetroidSymbol.svg The Metroid Threat NTSC
Metroid Enemies PAL
  Nightmare (Metroid) Zero Phantoon   The Metroid Threat.jpg
  Zebesian Dark Samus Queen Metroid  
MetroidSymbol.svg The Other M Threat NTSC
Other M Enemies PAL
Vorash FG II-Graham Joulion King Kihunter Trophy Box The Other M Threat.jpg
  Mystery Creature Little Birdie RB176 Ferrocrusher  
KirbySymbol.svg Copy Kirby! NTSC
Kirby Copy Abilities PAL
  Beam Kirby Needle Kirby Wing Kirby   Trophy Box Copy Kirby!.jpg
  Fighter Kirby Sword Kirby Sleep Kirby  
KirbySymbol.svg Copy Even More Kirby! NTSC
More Kirby Copy Abilities PAL
  Bomb Kirby Tornado Kirby Ninja Kirby   Trophy Box Copy Even More Kirby!.jpg
  Ice Kirby Fire Kirby Mike Kirby  
KirbySymbol.svg The Beginning of Kirby NTSC
Kirby PAL
Apples Superspicy Curry Warp Star Whispy Woods Trophy Box The Beginning of Kirby.jpg
  Maxim Tomato Kirby Ultra Sword  
KirbySymbol.svg Residents of Dream Land Dedede Burst Scarfy Starman (Kirby) Sir Kibble Residents of Dream Land Trophy Box.jpg
Broom Hatter King Dedede Cappy Poppy Bros. Jr.
KirbySymbol.svg Kirby's Adventure   Walky Blade Knight Galaxia Darkness   Kirby's Adventure Trophy Box.jpg
  Star Rod Meta Knight Nightmare  
StarFoxSymbol.svg Star Wolf   Andrew Oikonny Panther Caruso Pigma Dengar   Trophy Box Star Wolf.jpg
  Wolf O'Donnel Leon Powalski  
StarFoxSymbol.svg Star Fox: Assault Orbital Gate Aparoid (Fortuna) Aparoid Queen Great Fox (Assault) Trophy Box Star Fox- Assault.jpg
Wolfen (Assault) Fox (Assault) Falco (Assault) Arwing (Assault)
StarFoxSymbol.svg Star Fox   Landmaster (Falco) Andross Landmaster (Fox)   Star Fox Trophy Box.jpg
Peppy Hare Falco Fox Slippy Toad
PokemonSymbol.svg The Beginning of Pokémon NTSC
Pokémon Classics PAL
Blastoise Pokémon Trainer Snorlax Dragonite Trophy Box The Beginning of Pokemon.jpg
Squirtle Charizard Pikachu Ivysaur
PokemonSymbol.svg Pokémon Goldeen Staryu Electrode Eevee Pokemon Trophy Box.jpg
  Meowth Jigglypuff Puff Up  
PokemonSymbol.svg Kanto Region Charizard (Alt.) Mew Moltres Volt Tackle Trophy Box Kanto Region.jpg
  Jigglypuff (Alt.) Pikachu (Alt.) Mewtwo  
PokemonSymbol.svg Pokémon Gold & Pokémon Silver   Bellossom Steelix Scizor   Trophy Box Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver.jpeg
  Poké Ball Togepi  
PokemonSymbol.svg Legend of Pokémon Gold & Pokémon Silver NTSC
Legends Of Johto PAL
  Ho-Oh Master Ball Lugia   Trophy Box Legend of Pokemon Gold & Pokemon Silver.jpg
  Raikou Entei Suicune  
PokemonSymbol.svg Pokémon Ruby & Pokémon Sapphire   Registeel Blaziken Wailord   Trophy Box Pokemon Ruby & Pokemon Sapphire.jpg
  Latias & Latios Metagross Gardevoir  
PokemonSymbol.svg Legend of Pokémon Ruby & Pokémon Sapphire NTSC
Legends Of Hoenn PAL
  Deoxys Rayquaza Jirachi   Legend of Pokemon Ruby & Pokemon Sapphire Trophy Box.jpg
  Groudon Kyogre  
PokemonSymbol.svg Pokémon Diamond & Pokémon Pearl   Garchomp Infernape Abomasnow   Pokemon Diamond & Pokemon Pearl.jpg
  Lucario (Alt.) Lucario Piplup  
PokemonSymbol.svg Legend of Pokémon Diamond & Pokémon Pearl NTSC
Legends Of Sinnoh PAL
  Arceus Giratina Darkrai   Trophy Box Legend of Pokemon Diamond & Pokemon Pearl.jpg
  Dialga Manaphy Palkia  
PokemonSymbol.svg Pokémon Black & Pokémon White   Axew Hydreigon Klinklang   Trophy Box Pokemon Black & Pokemon White.jpg
  Tepig Oshawott Snivy  
PokemonSymbol.svg Legend of Pokémon Black & Pokémon White NTSC
Legends Of Unova PAL
  Keldeo Meloetta Zoroark   Trophy Box Legend of Pokémon Black & Pokémon White.jpg
  Genesect Victini Kyurem  
PokemonSymbol.svg The Beginning of Pokémon X & Pokémon Y NTSC
Pokémon X and Pokémon Y (1) PAL
Greninja (Alt.) Dedenne Fletchling Secret Ninja Attack The Beginning of Pokemon X & Pokemon Y Trophy Box.jpg
  Chespin Greninja Fennekin  
PokemonSymbol.svg Pokémon X & Pokémon Y NTSC
Pokémon X and Pokémon Y (2) PAL
Honedge Sylveon Clawitzer Pyroar Trophy Box Pokemon X & Pokemon Y.jpg
Gogoat Inkay Spewpa Swirlix
PokemonSymbol.svg Mega Evolution Mega Blastoise Mega Blaziken Mega Kangaskhan Mega Venusaur Trophy Box Mega Evolution.jpg
  Mega Lucario Mega Mewtwo X & Y Mega Charizard X  
FZeroSymbol.svg F-Zero   Dr. Stewart Samurai Goroh Pico   F-Zero Trophy Box.jpg
  Falcon Flyer Captain Falcon Blue Falcon  
FZeroSymbol.svg F-Zero X Black Shadow The Skull Zoda Blood Falcon Trophy Box F-Zero X.jpg
  Mr. EAD Jody Summer James McCloud  
EarthboundSymbol.svg Mother Series NTSC
Mother PAL
Porky Minch Franklin Badge Starman Ultimate Chimera Mother Series.jpg
Mr. Saturn Ness Lucas Jeff
FireEmblemSymbol.svg Heroes of the Emblem Sothe Chrom Elincia Lyn Trophy Box Heroes of the Emblem.jpg
Ike Marth Lucina Robin
Game&WatchSymbol.svg Game & Watch Helmet Lion Chef Oil Panic Game & Watch Trophy Box.jpg
Manhole Mr. Game & Watch Octopus Fire
KidIcarusSymbol.svg Sacred Treasures, Items, and Miracles NTSC
Kid Icarus Items PAL
Black Hole Laser Dark Pit Staff Ore Club Three Sacred Treasures Trophy Box Sacred Treasures, Items, and Miracles.jpg
Daybreak X Bomb Killer Eye Back Shield
KidIcarusSymbol.svg Kid Icarus: Uprising   Dark Pit Palutena's Temple Phosphora   Trophy Box Kid Icarus Uprising.jpg
  Magnus Palutena Pit  
WarioSymbol.svg WarioWare, Inc. Wario Bike Dr Crygor Mona 9-Volt & His Mother WarioWare, Inc. Trophy Box.jpg
Ashley Wario Wario-Man Kat & Ana
PikminSymbol.svg Pikmin Purple Pikmin White Pikmin Rock Pikmin Winged Pikmin Trophy Box Pikmin.jpg
  Red Pikmin Blue Pikmin Yellow Pikmin  
PikminSymbol.svg Distant Planet & Indigenous Creatures NTSC
Pikmin Enemies PAL
Swooping Snitchbug Iridescent Flint Beetle Burrowing Snagret Quaggled Mireclops Trophy Box Distant Planet & Indigenous Creatures.jpg
Plasm Wraith Yellow Wollywog Peckish Aristocrab Bulborb
PikminSymbol.svg Space Explorer NTSC
Space Explorers PAL
Charlie Hocotate Bomb S.S. Drake Brittany Trophy Box Space Explorer.jpeg
Olimar (Alt.) Olimar Alph Louie
Symbol of the Animal Crossing series. The Beginning of Animal Crossing 1 NTSC
Animal Crossing (1) PAL
Joan Phyllis & Pelly Katrina Housewarming Party The Beginning of Animal Crossing 1.jpg
Lloid Timmy & Tommy Tom Nook Resetti
Symbol of the Animal Crossing series. The Beginning of Animal Crossing 2 NTSC
Animal Crossing (2) PAL
Redd Wendell Gracie Jingle Trophy Box The Beginning of Animal Crossing 2.jpg
  Rover K.K. Slider Saharah  
Symbol of the Animal Crossing series. Animal Crossing: Wild World Pitfall Dr. Shrunk Lyle Celeste Trophy Box Animal Crossing- Wild World.jpeg
Pascal Brewster Harriet Katie
Symbol of the Animal Crossing series. Animal Crossing: City Folk NTSC
Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City PAL
Bus to the City Phineas Frillard Town and City Animal Crossing City Folk Trophy Box.jpg
Wisp Villager Able Sisters Serena
Symbol of the Animal Crossing series. Animal Crossing: New Leaf   Blathers Beehive Kicks   Animal Crossing New Leaf.jpg
  Isabelle Don  
WiiFitSymbol.svg Wii Fit NTSC
Wii Fit (1) PAL
  Warrior Wii Fit King Of The Dance   Trophy Box Wii Fit.jpg
  Bridge Tree Wii Fit Trainer  
WiiFitSymbol.svg Wii Fit Plus/U NTSC
Wii Fit (2) PAL
  Wii Fit Trainer (Alt.) Wii Balance Board Jackknife   Trophy Box Wii Fit Plus U.jpg
  Gate Wii Fit U Trainer Arm & Leg Lift  
PunchOutSymbol.svg Punch-Out!! NTSC
Punch Out!! (1) PAL
  Von Kaiser King Hippo Glass Joe   Trophy Box Punch-Out 1.jpg
  Doc Louis Little Mac Piston Hondo  
PunchOutSymbol.svg Punch-Out!! NTSC
Punch Out!! (2) PAL
Bald Bull Don Flamenco Great Tiger Mr. Sandman Punch-Out!! (2).jpg
  Little Mac (Alt.) Giga Mac Soda Popinski  
XenobladeSymbol.svg Shulk and His Companions NTSC
Shulk and Co. PAL
Reyn Sharla Melia Chain Attack Shulk and His Companions Trophy Box.jpg
Dunban Shulk Fiora Riki
XenobladeSymbol.svg Mechonis NTSC
Mechon PAL
  Face Nemesis Yaldabaoth Jade Face   Trophy Box Mechonis.jpg
  Metal Face Mecha-Fiora Bronze Face  
DuckHuntSymbol.svg Light Gun Series Clay Pigeon Duck Wild Gunman Can Trophy Box Light Gun Series.jpg
  Dog NES Zapper Posse Duck Hunt  
Memorabilia NTSC
Retro PAL
Sheriff Color TV-Game 15 Boss Galaga Special Flag Trophy Box Memorbilia.jpg
Pauline Viruses Mr. Game & Watch (Alt.) Takamaru
Female Fighters Lucina (Alt.) Rosalina (Alt.) Zelda (Alt.) Zero Suit Samus (Alt.) Trophy Box Female Fighters.jpg
  Peach (Alt.) Super Hoop Palutena (Alt.)  
NES Ice Climbers Devil Infantry & Tanks Unira Trophy Box NES.jpg
  Excitebike Dr. Mario R.O.B.  
SNES   Rocket Belt Lip's Stick Super Scope   Trophy Box SNES.jpg
  Light Plane Dr. Wright Hang Glider  
Wii & Wii U   Power Cruiser Wuhu Island Disc Dog   Trophy Box Wii & Wii U.jpg
  Marshal, Cam, and Miss Ribbon Monita Wrestler & Reporter  
Wii Freya Captain Rainbow Little Mac (Captain Rainbow) Frey Trophy Box Wii.jpg
Elena & Aeron Mio & Mayu Amakura Calista Zael
Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS Vince Steel Diver Nintendog Turbo Jet Trophy Box Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS.jpeg
  Dillon Dr. Kawashima Plane  
The Wonderful 101 Wonder-White Wonder-Pink Wonder-Green Wonder-Black Trophy Box The Wonderful 101.jpg
  Wonder-Blue Wonder-Red Wonder-Yellow  
SonicSymbol.svg Sonic & Friends NTSC
Sonic The Hedgehog (1) PAL
Cream & Cheese Blaze Amy Silver Trophy Box Sonic & Friends.jpg
  Knuckles Sonic Tails  
SonicSymbol.svg Dr. Eggman's Ambitions NTSC
Sonic The Hedgehog (2) PAL
  The Deadly Six Chao Fauna of Windy Hill Zone   Dr. Eggman's Ambitions Trophy Box.jpg
  Dr. Eggman Super Sonic Sonic (Alt.)  
MegaManSymbol.svg Mega Man and Friends Rush Roll Eddie Beat Trophy Box Mega Man and Friends.jpg
  Proto Man Mega Man Dr. Light  
MegaManSymbol.svg Mega Man Mega Man (Alt.) Energy Tank Mettaur Yellow Devil Mega Man Trophy Box.jpg
  Bass Dr Wily Elec Man  
MegaManSymbol.svg Mega Man Heroes   X Zero Star Force Mega Man   Trophy Box Mega Man Heroes.jpg
  Mega Man.EXE Mega Legends Mega Man Volnutt  
PacManSymbol.svg PAC-MAN Pinky Power Pellet Bonus Fruit Clyde Trophy Box PAC-MAN.jpg
  Inky PAC-MAN Blinky  
  Fire Hydrant PAC-MAN's House Mother Fairy   Trophy Box PAC-MAN2.jpg
  Ghosts (PAC-MAN) Super Pac-Man Pac-Man (Alt.)  
Final Smashes 1 Giga Bowser Shadow Mario Paint Doctor Finale Mario Finale Trophy Box Final Smashes 1.jpg
  Konga Beat Peach Blossom Rocketbarrel Barrage  
Final Smashes 2 Great Aether Critical Hit (Marth) Critical Hit (Lucina) Pair Up The second Final Smash trophy box. From Miiverse.
  Light Arrow (Zelda) Triforce Slash (Link) Light Arrow (Sheik)  
Final Smashes 3   Super Diffusion Beam Zero Laser End Of Day   Trophy Box Final Smashes 3.jpg
  Poltergust 5000 PK Starstorm Gunship  

List of trophies that do not appear in trophy boxes[edit]

Series Trophies
Symbol of the Smash Bros. series. Super Smash Bros. Blast Box, Bumper, Motion-Sensor Bomb, Team Healer, Timer
MarioSymbol.svg Mario Baby Daisy, Banzai Bill, Birdo, Bowser (Alt.), Bowser Jr. (Alt.), Daisy, Daisy (Baseball), Dr. Mario (Alt.), F.L.U.D.D., Ghosts (Luigi's Mansion), Grass, Hothead, Li'l Oinks, Luigi (Alt.), Mario (Alt.), Metal Box, Peach (Baseball), Toadette, Toadsworth, Waluigi, Whomp
Symbol of the DK series. Donkey Kong Hammer, Hammerhead, King K. Rool, Kritter, Spring, Zinger
ZeldaSymbol.svg The Legend of Zelda Cucco, Fairy Bottle, Ganondorf (Alt.), Heart Container, Link (Alt.), Sheik (Alt.), Toon Link (Alt.)
MetroidSymbol.svg Metroid Samus (Dark Suit)
KirbySymbol.svg Kirby Dragoon, Galacta Knight, King Dedede (Alt.), Kirby (Alt.), Knuckle Joe, Lor Starcutter, Magolor, Meta Knight (Alt.), Tac
StarFoxSymbol.svg Star Fox Falco (Alt.), Fox (Alt.), Krystal, Smart Bomb, Tricky
PokemonSymbol.svg Pokémon Koffing, Substitute Doll, Xerneas
DLC-only trophies: Mewtwo, Mewtwo (Alt.), Psystrike
FZeroSymbol.svg F-Zero Captain Falcon (Alt.), Deathborn
EarthboundSymbol.svg EarthBound Flying Man, Ness (Alt.)
DLC-only trophies: Lucas, Lucas (Alt.), PK Starstorm (Lucas)
FireEmblemSymbol.svg Fire Emblem Black Knight, Ike (Alt.), Marth (Alt.), Robin (Alt.)
DLC-only trophies: Roy, Roy (Alt.), Critical Hit (Roy), Corrin, Corrin (Alt.), Torrential Roar
KidIcarusSymbol.svg Kid Icarus Dark Pit (Alt.), Pit (Alt.), Reaper, Souflee
WarioSymbol.svg Wario Wario (Alt.)
PikminSymbol.svg Pikmin Iridescent Glint Beetle, Pellets
ROBSymbol.svg R.O.B. R.O.B. (Alt.)
Symbol of the Animal Crossing series. Animal Crossing Villager (Alt.)
XenobladeSymbol.svg Xenoblade Chronicles Bionis, Mechonis, Shulk (Alt.)
DuckHuntSymbol.svg Duck Hunt Duck Hunt (Alt.)
SonicSymbol.svg Sonic Jet, Shadow the Hedgehog
StreetFighterSymbol.svg Street Fighter DLC-only trophies: Ryu, Ryu (Alt.), Shin Shoryuken / Shinku Hadoken, Ken
FinalFantasySymbol.svg Final Fantasy DLC-only trophies: Cloud, Cloud (Alt.), Omnislash
BayonettaSymbol.svg Bayonetta DLC-only trophies: Bayonetta, Bayonetta (Alt.), Jeanne, Rodin, Bayonetta (Original), Cereza, Infernal Climax
SpecialStagesSymbol.svg Others Barbara, CommanderVideo, Globox, Prince of Sablé, Rayman, Saki Amamiya, Starfy
DLC-only trophies: Inkling