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Azurda Titan.png
Azurda Larva.png

Official artwork of Azurda from Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
Universe Xenoblade Chronicles
Debut Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (2017)
Smash Bros. appearances Ultimate
Most recent non-Smash appearance Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed (2023, cameo)
Console/platform of origin Nintendo Switch
Species Titan
Gender Male
Place of origin Alrest
English voice actor Seán Barrett
Japanese voice actor Shigeru Chiba
Article on Xeno Series Wiki Azurda

Azurda (セイリュウ) is a character in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Often referred to as Gramps (じっちゃん) by Rex and other characters, he is a small, draconic Titan that serves as Rex's guardian, as well as his home.


Azurda is a Titan, one of several that were born from the Womb of Torna approximately 800 years before the events of Torna — The Golden Country. Originally conceived as Blades, the titans somehow gained autonomy and now roam the Cloud Sea freely. Not much else is known about Azurda's early life, though he is friends with Jin and Ornelia. He also has a close relationship with Addam, who refers to him as "Nuncle". Azurda fought alongside the main party during much of the Aegis War, including attempting to defend the city of Auresco against Malos. After the war, Addam entrusted Azurda with protecting Fonsett Village.

About 500 years later, Azurda agrees to let Rex, who refers to him as "Gramps", live on his back while they travel around and take on salvaging jobs. One of these jobs resulted in Rex accidentally acquiring the Aegis, and Azurda helps him escape pursuit, but is severely injured in the process. As a last resort to stay alive, Azurda reverts to his larval state. Now small enough to fit in the many compartments on Rex's clothes, Azurda follows the party to help in quests and battles.

One of these quests involves the third Aegis sword, which Azurda knows the location of and can help the party get to by being the guardian of Fonsett Village. After the final battle, Pneuma turns Azurda back into his titan form so he can carry the party to safety. Azurda is last seen in a photograph taken several years after the events of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, with Rex's party members being atop of him. His fate remains unknown before the events of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, as the only trace of his existence being the aforementioned photograph.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

As a stage element[edit]

Azurda, in his Titan form, serves as the main platform of Cloud Sea of Alrest, the stage that is bundled with Pyra and Mythra. He will shift his neck and turn his head to look at other Titans, which affects the layout of the stage. He also has voice lines, including ones specific for when Pyra and/or Mythra is fighting.

List of commentary[edit]

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As a costume[edit]

Rex set for Mii Swordfighter, featuring Azurda.

Azurda, in his larva form, appears in Rex's Mii Swordfighter costume, sitting in his helmet. The costume comes as a free bonus with purchase of the Fighters Pass Vol. 1.


Azurda has three lines in the reveal trailer for Pyra and Mythra when he is shown to be featured in Cloud Sea of Alrest, admiring the Blades' prowess and asking if he can stay and watch for a while, as well as noticing other characters on his back.



  • Azurda is the first character to be a full, regular multiplayer stage (as opposed to Goomba and Entei, whose stages are only used in two events in Melee).