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On the DLC stage, Cloud Sea of Alrest in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the character Azurda, whose back serves as the stage itself, has different lines of commentary that he can say throughout a match, including some exclusive ones for when Pyra or Mythra are in battle. The following is a list of his dialogue.

Game start[edit]

  • I want to see a good clean fight, do you hear?

Game end[edit]

  • Quickly! You had better hurry it up! - Time running out
  • It seems we will soon have a winner! - One stock remaining

Passerby Titans[edit]

  • Mm? Why, that's...
  • Ooh! We've got company!
  • Argentum Trade Guild, coming through!
  • It's the Argentum Trade Guild. Rex knows it like the back of his hand!
  • Well I never, it's Gormott!
  • It's Gormott Province, how splendid!
  • That's the kingdom of Uraya! What a whopper!
  • Oooh! The Ardanian Empire deigns to greet us!
  • Ahhh! That big old turtle is the kingdom of Tantal.
  • The Indoline Praetorium, graceful in its flight.


  • Hang in there now, Pyra! - Pyra gets KO'd
  • You're better than this, Mythra! - Mythra gets KO'd
  • Ooh, that's delightfully warm! - Using Burning Sword
  • Aah, the splendor of youth! - Using Sacred Arrow


  • Well played!
  • Very well done!
  • Ooh, very clever!

Player gets KOd[edit]

  • They fell right into that one!
  • No hard feelings, eh?


  • Ooooh... Don't fall apart now!
  • Well well, it sounds like someone's popular.
  • [exaggerated drawn-out groan]
  • [two groans]
  • [long relaxing groan]
  • [yawn-like groan]
  • All this fighting is making my back...terribly itchy.
  • Oohhh yes, I much preferred it in this form.
  • Oh come now, you're leaving yourself wide open!
  • Well, it's never over 'till it's over.
  • Oooh! Show some respect for your elders!
  • Come on, launch them already!
  • Quite the back-and-forth, isn't it?
  • My back, a Smash stage! What will they think of next?