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Fly Guy

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Fly Guy
Two Fly Guys from Mario Party 8.
Official artwork of Fly Guys from Mario Party 8.
Universe Yoshi
Debut Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (1995)
Smash Bros. appearances SSB
SSB4 (3DS)
Most recent non-Smash appearance Super Mario 3D All-Stars (2020)
Console/platform of origin Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Species Shy Guy
Gender Male
Place of origin Yoshi's Island
Created by Shigeru Miyamoto
Designed by Above
Article on Super Mario Wiki Fly Guy

Fly Guys (プロペラヘイホー, Propeller Heiho), referred to as Propeller Shy Guys in the original game and Melee, are a subspecies of Shy Guy that appear in the Yoshi and Mario series.


A Fly Guy as it appears in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.

Fly Guys debuted in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. They fly around and carry items, including 1-Ups and rare Red Coins. Some of them fly back and forth in a set path, while others appear suddenly, move quickly and fly away if not hit in time.

Propeller Shy Guys only appeared in Yoshi's Story. They appear flying above Yoshi carrying fruit, but immediately fly off-screen if Yoshi eats the fruit.

In Super Smash Bros.[edit]

A Fly Guy as it appears in Super Smash Bros.

Propeller Shy Guys sometimes appear as background characters on the Yoshi's Island stage.

In Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

A Propeller Shy Guy in Melee

Propeller Shy Guys sometimes appear on Yoshi's Story, carrying food that can be dropped by attacking them. Propeller Shy Guys also appear in the returning Yoshi's Island stage, reprising their background role.

Trophy description[edit]

Also known as Propeller Shy Guy, appear as a trophy. For whatever reason, they are just called Shy Guys.

The Shy Guys Trophy in Melee.
Shy Guys

There are many types of Shy Guys: they've been known to walk on the ground, fly through the air, traipse about on stilts, wear flowers or camouflage, throw balls, swing balls, swing bats, sail on pirate ships, carry fruit, do the Bamboo Dance, ride submarines, play guitar, play tennis, wear red, come in large or small sizes, steal people's toys, cause mischief...

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Fly Guys on Yoshi's Island.

Fly Guys appear in Yoshi's Island, where they occasionally fly in, carrying food which they drop if attacked.


Name Game Effect Character(s)
Fly Guy Mario Power Tennis AttackHead+005TypeIcon(Head).png Attack +5 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Propeller Shy Guy Yoshi's Story AttackExplosive+014TypeIcon(Explosive).png Attack +14 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Brawl Sticker Fly Guy (Mario Power Tennis).png
Fly Guy
(Mario Power Tennis)
Brawl Sticker Propeller Shy Guy (Yoshi's Story).png
Propeller Shy Guy
(Yoshi's Story)

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS[edit]

A Fly Guy carrying food in Smash Run.

As a stage element[edit]

Fly Guys reprise their role on the Yoshi's Island stage.

In Smash Run[edit]

Fly Guys appear as rare, harmless enemies. They fly around carrying an item which changes every few seconds, and if not defeated in time they quickly fly away. They can carry food, gold and Custom Parts, which they drop when attacked.

Three Fly Guys appear in one of the Survive! Hard Challenge rooms, carrying dangerous to get bonus loot.

Trophy description[edit]

Fly Guy trophy in for 3DS.
Fly Guy

Ntsc This enemy from the Yoshi's Island series is basically a Shy Guy with a propeller on its head. It hauls items with it as it flies, so chase it down to claim a reward. Usually it's just food, but sometimes one will have some better prizes. You could say these ones are...pretty fly for a Shy Guy. No? Never mind.

Pal This enemy usually appears in Yoshi's Island. It's basically a Shy Guy, but with a propeller on its head could say it's pretty fly for a Shy Guy. No? OK, then. They fly around overhead with items that you'll want to get hold of! Usually it's only food, but just sometimes they might be carrying something even better...

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Both Propeller Shy Guys and Fly Guys reprise their roles on the Super Happy Tree, Yoshi's Story and Yoshi's Island stages respectively.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese プロペラヘイホー, Puropera Heihō
UK English Fly Guy
France French (PAL) Hélico Maskass
Quebec French (NTSC) Maskache Hélico
Germany German Fly Guy
Italy Italian Tipo Timidottero
Spain Spanish Fly Guy (or Helicoguy)
China Chinese (Simplified) 螺旋桨嘿呵, Luóxuánjiǎng Hēihe
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 螺旋槳嘿呵, Luóxuánjiǎng Hēihe
Netherlands Dutch Fly Guy
Russia Russian Летун