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Morgana's official artwork from Persona 5

Universe Persona
Debut Persona 5 (2016)
Smash Bros. appearances Ultimate
Most recent non-Smash appearance Catherine: Full Body (2019) Japan
Console of origin PlayStation 3,
PlayStation 4
Species Cat (appearance)
Human (claimed true form)
Gender Male
Designed by Shigenori Soejima
English voice actor Cassandra Lee Morris
Japanese voice actor Ikue Ōtani

Morgana (モルガナ, Morgana) is a character that originates from Persona 5.


Morgana is a strange catlike being who Joker and Ryuji meet when they first enter Kamoshida's Palace. Morgana has been captured and is locked in a cell in the same block that Joker awakens to his Persona in. As the two are making their escape, they pass by Morgana's cell, who convinces them to free him. From then on, Morgana teaches Joker and Ryuji about how to use Personas and how to be Phantom Thieves. Morgana also introduces the team to Mementos, and asks them to help him explore it, as he believes the secrets to his past are locked away in its depths. Despite his feline appearance (becoming an actual cat outside the Metaverse), Morgana emphatically insists that he is not a cat, but a human. He has an unrequited crush on Ann, whom he calls "Lady Ann," believing it to be chivalrous. Morgana's Persona is Zorro, based on the pulp fiction swordsman of the same name, who uses wind-based attacks and has access to a wide variety of healing spells.

After the team confronts the Holy Grail and loses, they awaken in the Velvet Room. Morgana reveals that his memories have returned and that he was born in the Velvet Room, created by Igor from the hopes of humanity in order to guide the Trickster so that they would have a chance of defeating Yaldabaoth. When Yaldabaoth is defeated, Morgana vanishes, but returns in his cat form after Joker is released from prison. His catchphrase is “Looking cool, Joker!”.

His codename as a Phantom Thief is Mona.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

As a background character[edit]

Morgana appears in his van form, dropping off the Phantom Thieves at Mementos.

He also appears whenever Joker taunts, as well as in his victory screen.

In All-Out Attack, Morgana appears in one of the variations of the attack, fighting alongside Ann Takamaki and Ryuji Sakamoto.

As a costume[edit]

A Mii Gunner wearing the Morgana hat.

Morgana appears as a paid DLC Mii Costume as a hat.


No. Image Name Type Class Slot Ability Series
Phantom Thieves Spirit.png
Phantom Thieves of Hearts ★★★★ 1 Item Autograb Persona Series
Morgana Persona 5.png
Morgana Grab ★★★ 3 Sword Attack ↑ Persona Series


  • Morgana and Mr. Saturn are the only non-playable characters to appear in Ultimate's panoramic character artwork.
  • Morgana has the same Japanese voice actress as Pikachu. This is also pointed out in Persona 5 itself, as Morgana makes noises similar to Pikachu when he is turned into a rat.
    • Additionally, Pikachu represents Morgana in his Spirit Battle.

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