Futaba Sakura

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Futaba Sakura

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Futaba's official artwork from Persona 5

Universe Persona
Debut Persona 5 (2016)
Smash Bros. appearances Ultimate
Most recent non-Smash appearance Catherine: Full Body (2019, DLC) Japan
Console of origin PlayStation 3,
PlayStation 4
Species Human
Gender Female
Designed by Shigenori Soejima
English voice actor Erica Lindbeck
Japanese voice actor Aoi Yūki

Futaba Sakura (佐倉 双葉, Sakura Futaba) is one of the main characters in Persona 5.


Futaba is a young but talented computer hacker who rarely leaves her room, due to the trauma of the death of her mother, Wakaba Isshiki. Futaba does not attend school and is extremely shy and depressed, though this changes once she gets familiar with the Phantom Thieves, as she becomes more playful and welcoming to them. When a group of hackers known as Medjed threatens to take down the Phantom Thieves, Futaba sends a message to the protagonist under the alias Alibaba, asking him to steal her heart in exchange for helping them deal with Medjed, so with her consent, they enter her Palace to take her heart. While the Phantom Thieves are in her Palace, she involuntary enters her own palace, where she is forced to face her own fear as her Shadow Self urges her to remember her mother's death. She finally accept her Shadow and awakens her Persona Necronomicon in the process. After the Phantom Thieves change her heart, she becomes more outgoing and friendly, joining the Phantom Thieves to find the true culprit behind her mother's death. Futaba acts as a navigator, replacing Morgana, she provides support buffs, heals and gives advices for the party.

Her codename as a Phantom Thief is Oracle.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

As a background character[edit]

Futaba appears as a Spirit on the special DLC-exclusive Spirit Board. She also makes a cameo in All-Out Attack, shouting out attack lines.


No. Image Name Type Class Slot Ability Series
Phantom Thieves Spirit.png
Phantom Thieves of Hearts
★★★★ 1 Item Autograb Persona Series
Futaba Persona 5.png
Futaba Sakura
1 Critical-Health Attack ↑ Persona Series


  • Excluding temporary member Goro Akechi, as well as Kasumi Yoshizawa (who is exclusive to Persona 5 Royal), Futaba is the only member of the Phantom Thieves that doesn't make a cameo in Mementos.

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