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All-Out Attack

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All-Out Attack
Joker Final Smash SSBU.gif
Joker using All-Out Attack.
User Joker
Universe Persona

All-Out Attack (総攻撃, Joint Raid) is Joker's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


The splash screen at the end of the Final Smash.

When the Final Smash is used, Joker will rush forward while exclaiming "Ravage them!" (いくぞ!, Let's go!), and any opponents hit during the initial rush will be placed in the attack. The Final Smash starts by showing Joker along with three of his fellow Phantom Thieves (either alongside Ann Takamaki, Ryuji Sakamoto and Morgana or Makoto Niijima, Yusuke Kitagawa and Haru Okumura) in silhouetted form jumping upwards, before a splash screen of all four of them appears. The four of them then rush the enemy at speeds that cause them to turn into blurs, while either Futaba Sakura or Morgana comment on the onslaught. When the attack finishes, Joker lands in front of the opponents and another splash screen appears with Joker fixing his glove while "The Show's Over" appears next to him.

When "The Show's Over" appears, all captured opponents who are over 100% damage will be instantly KOed; any other captured opponents will instead be dealt additional damage and sent flying. (Without Spirits, this occurs if the opponent was at 62.8% before being hit in 1-vs-1 battles or 64% before being hit in battles with 3 or more players.) In a Stock or Stamina match, if the move instantly KOing opponents causes the match to end, the match ends on the splash screen without returning to gameplay (along with the announcer's "GAME!" call), persisting onto the victory screen.

If Joker misses the initial rush forward, the player can push the control stick in the opposite direction of Joker to rush backward and attempt to catch opponents again.

The game cannot be paused for the duration of the move. After the attack is over, any items being held by characters will vanish.

During the attack, Morgana or Futaba will say any of the following lines:

Futaba saying one of her lines during All-Out Attack.
Morgana Time for some brutality! (よーし、血祭だっ!, Alright, a bloodbath!)
It's too late for apologies! (後悔しても遅いぞ!, It's too late for regrets!)
Quiver in fear! (我らの恐ろしさを味わえ!, Taste our horror!)
Futaba Sakura Here comes the pain! (これで敵は総崩れだー!, The enemy is completely destroyed!)
Time for an all-out attack! (総攻撃タイム!, It's Joint Raid Time!)
Beat 'em up! (ボッコボコにしちゃえ!, Beat the crap out of them!)

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List JokerHeadSSBU.png Joker dashes forward to strike. You can reverse directions while moving. If it hits, the Phantom Thieves will execute an All-Out Attack on up to four opponents. KOs instantly if damage is high enough.


In version 3.0.0 of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, getting an Instant KO with this Final Smash in Classic Mode will prevent the game from progressing if the player had died previously and resumed the round. This glitch was fixed in the version 3.0.1 update.


Joker initiating and using an All-Out Attack in Persona 5

All-Out Attacks were introduced in Persona 3, and have since become a staple of the Persona series. When a player knocks down every enemy in the current battle (whether that be from getting critical hits, from exploiting weaknesses, or by the enemy missing with a physical attack), they are then given the option to perform an All-Out Attack, where every currently active party member attacks the opponent relentlessly, dealing significant physical Almighty damage that cannot be voided, repelled, or absorbed.

The Final Smash version of All-Out Attack is nearly identical to the same move in Persona 5, including the splash screen (called the Finishing Touch), with one major difference. In Persona 5, the defeated opponents are seen gushing high-pressure blood, but this is replaced with sparkles in Ultimate; likewise, one of Morgana's lines, "Time for some bloodshed!", was altered to "Time for some brutality!" in the English script. These changes were likely made both due to the game's rating and for flavor reasons, due to the character implications of Joker and his teammates brutally murdering fellow fighters (as opposed to enemy Shadows or Personas).

In Persona 5, the splash screen at the end of the attack is only displayed when the attack defeats every enemy left in the battle, with a unique screen for each party member depending on who initiated the attack; in Ultimate, it is always displayed, regardless of if it KOs an opponent or not. The splash screen overriding the victory animation and having the results screen overlaid on top of it if All-Out Attack finishes a battle in Ultimate is identical to Persona 5, wherein an All-Out Attack completing a regular enemy encounter results in the post-battle victory animation being skipped in favor of showcasing the party's XP and money gains overlaid onto the splash screen.

In Ultimate, every character who appears in the attack appears to be holding one of their best weapons from Persona 5; for example, Ryuji holds Mjolnir and Ann holds the Naraka Whip.

In both voiceovers, the line Joker says when he uses the Final Smash is based directly off his in-battle lines in Persona 5: "Ravage them!", used in the English audio, is a line he may say when he uses a Persona skill that will kill an enemy or hit its weakness, while the Japanese line, "いくぞ!, Let's go!", is one of the lines he may say when initiating an All-Out Attack. With the exception of the slightly altered "Time for some brutality!", all of the voice lines Futaba and Morgana can say during the attack are taken directly from Persona 5, rerecorded by the original voice actors.



  • Joker is the only character whose Final Smash can cut straight to the results screen.
  • All-Out Attack is the first Final Smash to incorporate pre-rendered cinematics, those being the cut-ins for both sets of Phantom Thieves.
  • Before version 5.0.0, All-Out Attack was one of five Final Smashes that removes the damage percentages during its duration, the other four are Triple Finish, Team Star Fox, Team Star Wolf, and Gigaslash.
    • Much like Triple Finish and Gigaslash, the damage percentages are removed for the entire duration of the Final Smash, even upon startup.
  • All-Out Attack is one of five Final Smashes that can instant KO at certain percentages; the other four are Giga Bowser Punch, Triforce of Wisdom, Plasma Scream, and Infernal Climax.
  • Morgana's quotes in Ultimate are the ones he says when he initiates an All-Out Attack in Persona 5.
  • As the high-pressure blood in the attack is replaced with sparkles, All-Out Attack is the second Final Smash that is censored from the original game, the first being Infernal Climax, as Bayonetta was completely naked in her original game, while keeping a large portion of her outfit on in Smash.
  • When at least three players are on the field with a Bomber, Joker's cutscene can slow down with the slowdown of the Bomber when the person is hit at the right time.