Guided Robo Beam

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Guided Robo Beam
User R.O.B.
Universe R.O.B.
R.O.B. automatically lock on to multiple opponents, then fires homing lasers at them. Finish the attack by shooting a giant beam that hits multiple targets. The angle of the beam can be adjusted up or down.
—Description from Ultimate's Move List

Guided Robo Beam (誘導ロボビーム, Guided Robo Beam) is R.O.B.'s Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


When activated, R.O.B. transforms into a laser cannon and fires a series of small lasers that home in on opponents that are close enough to him. He then unleashes a green laser that can be angled up or down. After a couple of seconds the laser grows larger, about the size of Samus' Zero Laser, and ends with a powerful blast.



  • This is the first of R.O.B's Final Smashes not to have the name "Diffusion" in it.
  • If Guided Robo Beam is used on 14 Ice Climbers, the beam will glitch out and become invisible.
  • The challenge, “Dharkon” where winning the battle against Dharkon, shows a screenshot of R.O.B. using the Guided Robo Beam against Dharkon. However, it is not possible to achieve without the use of mods or hacks since Final Smashes will not appear in any boss battles.