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Super Pac-Man

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Super Pac-Man
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Super Pac-Man in Ultimate.
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Super Pac-Man (スーパーパックマン, Super Pac-Man), also stylized Super PAC-MAN, is Pac-Man's Final Smash. It utilizes his wedge form.


In this Final Smash, Pac-Man simultaneously eats a Power Pellet and a Super Pellet[1], which makes him transform him into his classic two-dimensional form and larger. While the Final Smash is active, the sound when Pac-Man consumes a Power Pellet plays on a loop. Super Pac-Man can move anywhere in the air, but only in 90-degree angles, and if Super Pac-Man moves off the edge of the screen he wraps around to the other side of the stage[2], both similar to mechanics in his home series. However, if he tries to go off the top of a stage when the bottom extends past the blast line at that point, he will get stuck at the blast line. If Super Pac-Man runs into a wall, he will stop chomping until moved in a direction without a wall, and touching him will not deal any damage.

Each opponent "eaten" gets dealt 15% and moderate knockback, and they become a pair of floating "ghost" eyes as they get knocked back. Once the opponent is out of hitstun, they turn back into their normal self until Super Pac-Man eats them again. Super Pac-Man's chomps don't KO onstage opponents until 140%, but because Super Pac-Man is not subject to gravity very little can stop him from chasing chomped opponents offstage past the blast line.

When an opponent is consumed, a point value appears, like when Pac-Man eats ghosts in his home series. Consuming the first opponent gives 200 points, then 400, then 800, then 1600, then 3200, then all subsequent eaten opponents yield 7650. The point value is completely aesthetic, showing nothing more than how many opponents Pac-Man has eaten; however, achieving 7650 points is required to complete the event "The Big 7650!" in SSB4 and a challenge in Ultimate.

The Final Smash returns in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with a significant overhaul: Pac-Man automatically moves forward and loops around the screen at a diagonal angle. Each loop causes Pac-Man to speed up, with the final dash slowing down significantly while doing the most damage, and creates afterimages behind him. The player has no direct control over Pac-Man but can gradually adjust his trajectory by tilting the control stick up or down. Pac-Man can also eat items while in this form.

Instructional quotes[edit]

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS case foldout Pac-ManHeadSSB4-3.png Use Circle Pad to move and eat opponents, launching them.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List Pac-ManHeadSSBU.png PAC-MAN grows giant and moves across the screen at high speed. You can adjust the direction a bit with each crossing. The landscape doesn't affect this giant PAC-MAN, and foes he chomps are launched.

Trophy Descriptions[edit]

Super Pac-Man

Ntsc PAC-MAN's Final Smash turns him into this huge form that appeared in SUPER PAC-MAN. In this form, PAC-MAN eats his foes to deal damage to them and reduce them to just a pair of eyes. He can move freely in all four directions, loop around the screen, and... obtain a score of up to 7650 points!

Pal PAC-MAN's Final Smash turns him into this huge form that appeared in the arcade game also called Super PAC-MAN. In this form, PAC-MAN can eat his foes to deal damage to them and reduce them just to a pair of eyes. He can move freely in all four directions, loop around the screen, and... obtain a score of up to 7,650 points!


Pac-Man is given infinite uses of Super Pac-Man in "The Big 7650!", in which he must eat the Olimars until he scores "7650". Although he is given infinite uses, the 15 second time limit only allows one usage for successful completion.


Cutscene from Pac-Man.
Arcade screenshot of Super Pac-Man.

Pac-Man has been seen growing a large size in a short cutscene in the original Pac-Man, where he was chased by Blinky when normal sized, then chases the ghost when giant sized; this was referenced in Pac-Man's reveal trailer.[3] He was not seen in this size during normal gameplay until Super Pac-Man, where special green pellets, known as Super Pellets, allowed him to temporarily increase in size, move faster, and break through doors.

Wrapping around the screen is a common feature of Pac-Man games, although usually there are specific points at which this is done, rather than applying for all sides of the screen.

The floating eyes that appear are reminiscent of those from the original Pac-Man. It was a form the ghosts take after Pac-Man consumes them when they are vulnerable. The consumed ghosts must return to their lair in order to restore themselves back to normal. The point value that appears when Pac-Man eats a ghost is added to the total score of a playthrough. These points multiply every time Pac-Man eats a ghost in the period of time he is invincible.

Skipping from 3200 to 7650 points is a common trait in the Pac-Man games, starting in Pac-Land. 765 is Japanese wordplay on "Namco", as it can be pronounced as "na-mu-ko".[4]

The aesthetic of the attack in Ultimate is made to resemble the Pac-Man Championship Edition series, particularly Pac-Man Championship Edition 2; the pulsating lights in the background and the rising intensity of the "siren" are both inspired by said game. Additionally, consecutively eating enemies causes the sound effect to gradually increase in pitch, another detail taken from the Championship Edition series.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese スーパーパックマン, Super Pac-Man
UK English Super PAC-MAN
France French Super PAC-MAN
Germany German Super PAC-MAN
Spain Spanish Super PAC-MAN
Italy Italian Super PAC-MAN
China Chinese (Simplified) 超级吃豆人
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 超級吃豆人
South Korea Korean 슈퍼 팩맨, Super Pac-Man
Netherlands Dutch Super PAC-MAN
Russia Russian Супер-ПЭКМЕН


  • While Pac-Man eats a Power Pellet in performing this move, ghosts on Pac-Maze or summoned from an Assist Trophy do not turn blue. In fact, if Pac-Man is under the effect of a Power Pellet from Pac-Maze, its effects will actually disappear when using Super Pac-Man.
  • In this Final Smash's trophy, Luigi's cap can be seen while Luigi himself is a pair of eyes, despite not happening in gameplay.
  • An error in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate causes one of Pac-Man's victory animations to be slightly altered when the Final Smash is used: the error in particular turns the Super Pac-Man form of Pac-Man invisible, leading to Pac-Man spontaneously appearing rather than transforming back into his normal self.