Plasma Scream

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Plasma Scream
After hitting the opponent.
User Ridley
Universe Metroid
Ridley tackles foes, hurling them onto Samus's Gunship. He then fires a devastating plasma blast at them. This move can hit up to two opponents, and anyone hit who has 100% or more damage is instantly KO'd.
—Description from Ultimate's Move List

Plasma Scream (デストロイビーム, Destroy Beam) is Ridley's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


After letting out a roar, Ridley dashes straight forward. If anyone collides with Ridley during this dash, a cutscene will initiate, where everyone that was hit is sent to outer space and crashes onto Samus's Gunship, which then flies away. Ridley intercepts the Gunship and readies a devastating plasma beam, which destroys the ship in a giant explosion, hurting everyone caught in the fire. If the opponent reaches 100% damage or higher by the end of the Final Smash, they will be instantly KO'd; otherwise, they will be sent towards the ground. Regardless, after the cinematic ends and the characters are returned to the stage, the Gunship can be seen crashing in the background, ablaze.

The move can only trap 2 opponents at a time, though other opponents can recieve minor collateral damage.


Though Ridley has had the ability to spew fire since the beginning of the series, it wasn't until Metroid Prime where he, as Meta Ridley, gained the ability to fire laser beams from his mouth, in the form of the Kinetic Breath Weapon.

Samus's gunships have been damaged or destroyed on a few occasions in the past, though none have been caused by Ridley. In Metroid: Zero Mission, after Samus is ambushed by Space Pirates as she was escaping planet Zebes, a shot from an enemy spacecraft pierces her original Gunship and causes it to crash back into the surface, destroying it and leaving Samus stranded without her Power Suit. Then, in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, in which Samus uses her current Gunship (and the one seen in Ridley's Final Smash), a lightning bolt from Aether's corrupted atmosphere damages the ship and causes Samus to make an emergency landing and crash into a cave, though the ship manages to survive and was able to fully auto repair by the end of Samus' adventure through the planet. In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Samus uses a different gunship, which fellow bounty hunter Ghor, corrupted by Dark Samus, pummels and violently throws against a wall, but was able to escape before battle and had completed auto repairs sometime after Samus defeated Ghor. Finally, in Metroid Fusion, the X Parasites that has infected Samus in SR-388 causes her to fall unconscious mid-flight, causing her current Gunship to careen into an asteroid field and being destroyed for good, but not after the auto ejection system saves her from the same fate.



  • In Ridley's reveal trailer, he screams just before firing the attack. He doesn't do this in the final game, however.
  • In the E3 demo, if an opponent reached 100% damage or higher by the end of the Final Smash, they would be Screen KO'd instead.