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This article is about Ridley's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For the character in other contexts, see Ridley.
in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Universe Metroid
Availability Unlockable
Ridley Hits the Big Time!
—Introduction Tagline
Joining the battle from the storied Metroid series, Ridley's long tail and sharp claws let him unleash a torrent of devastating attacks. His Final Smash is a powerful stream of plasma breath intense enough to bring down Samus's starship.
Super Smash Blog, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Official Site

Ridley (リドリー, Ridley) is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He is Samus's archenemy and a major villain in the Metroid series. He was revealed as a newcomer alongside Inkling and Daisy from Nintendo's 2018 E3 press conference, on June 12th, 2018, with an animated trailer.


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Ridley's whip-like tail has a spiked tip that acts as a sweet spot on attacks involving it.


  • Ridley can perform two mid-air jumps.
  • Ridley is on the heavier side of weight, yet is surprisingly mobile despite this.

Ground attacks[edit]

  • Neutral attack: A double claw swipe followed by a bite. It can be extended into an infinite jab involving a rapid fire tail stab, and ending with a swing.
  • Forward tilt: Grabs his tail and stabs forward. Can be angled.
  • Up tilt: Extends one of his wings to swoop from behind.
  • Down tilt: A low tail swipe.
  • Dash attack: A leaning bite.

Smash attacks[edit]

  • Forward smash: Reels back before exploding a fireball within his mouth, similar to Mario's forward smash. Very powerful, being one of Ridley's strongest finishing moves. Hitbox covers the entirety of the explosion.
  • Up smash: A spinning tail/kick attack that covers Ridley's entire overhead, similar to Fox's.
  • Down smash: Slams his wings onto the ground.

Aerial attacks[edit]

  • Neutral aerial: A spinning tail attack that covers around Ridley, similar to Charizard's. Appears to have a long duration.
  • Forward aerial: Stabs with his tail forward three times in quick succession.
  • Back aerial: A backward roundhouse kick.
  • Up aerial: Thrusts both wings into the air while closed.
  • Down aerial: A stall-then-fall stomp with both feet, which spikes at the beginning.

Grab attacks[edit]

  • Grab: Grabs the opponent with his right hand.
  • Pummel: A tail thrust.
  • Forward throw: Hurls the opponent with one arm.
  • Back throw: An underhanded toss with one arm.
  • Up throw: Sets the opponent overhead and stabs them with his tail.
  • Down throw: Slams the opponent on the ground with one hand.

Get-up attacks[edit]

  • Floor attack (front):
  • Floor attack (back): Swings his tail forward, then backward while getting up.
  • Floor attack (trip):
  • Edge attack: Does a quick downwards claw swing while climbing up.

Special Moves[edit]

  • Neutral special: Ridley spits out a fireball that acts similarly to Mario's Fireball, which can be charged to have Ridley spit out multiple fireballs at once. However, if Ridley's mouth is attacked while the fireball is charging, it will backfire and damage Ridley instead. This mirrors Ridley's old plasma attacks from Metroid and Super Metroid.
  • Side special: A command grab that drags its target across the ground before throwing them; this can also be initiated in the air to drag an opponent to the ground and do the grounded animation, or into the blast zone, similar to his introductory cutscene in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The opponent can mash out of the drag to end it, but Ridley can also jump directly out of the throwing animation. The move otherwise ends when a ledge is reached. It also KOs Ridley first if used as a sacrificial KO, similar to Flying Slam. Similar to Mewtwo's Disable, the move is easier to mash out of the less percentage the victim has. However, the grab release does have advantages off certain stages against certain opponents, letting Ridley release them underneath a stage and recover, and even when mashed out of, Ridley has a chance to use a quick attack before the opponent can act.
  • Up special: Ridley pauses before flying upward. It can be angled to fly in a few other directions, similar to Fox's Fire Fox. The move deals damage to enemies along the way, with the earliest hit dealing exceptionally high knockback. If Ridley hits a wall, he will rebound with some vertical momentum.
  • Down special: Pauses before performing a sudden tail stab. It has a long startup and hits some distance away. It does minimal damage if he hits with the base of his tail, but if the sweetspot at the center of Ridley's tail tip connects, the target will be impaled while being dealt almost 10× as much damage, before getting knocked down similarly to a charged Focus Attack.
  • Final Smash: Ridley headbutts his opponents into Samus's gunship; as the gunship flies off, Ridley shoots it down with a laser that engulfs both the ship and the target in an explosion. The gunship can be seen crashing in the background of the stage afterwards.

On-screen appearance[edit]

  • Swoops down at an angle, before landing and letting out a roar.


  • Straightens up his body as if noticing something, before easing up. His body lets out a noticeable crackle as he stands upright.
  • Roars and strikes a menacing pose, flapping his wings rapidly.
  • Spins in a circle, finishing in a celebrating pose.

Victory poses[edit]

  • Faces away from the screen while clawing at the ground forcefully, before glancing back towards the camera with a smirk.
  • Skids into frame, then turns around and does a pose.
  • Flies off of the ground, does a somersault while roaring, and then lands back on the ground striking a pose [1].

Alternate costumes[edit]

Ridley Palette (SSBU).png

A costume resembling Meta Ridley appears in Ridley's introduction video. It was not present in the Ultimate demo at E3 2018.

The Meta Ridley costume.

Reveal trailer[edit]


Character Showcase Video[edit]


  • Ridley’s model appears to be based on his Super Metroid sprite with additional details and embellishments, some of which loosely resemble his design in Metroid: Other M. His size is significantly reduced to that of his appearance in the NES Game Metroid, where his hunched posture is only slightly taller than Samus.
  • Previously, Sakurai did not want to include Ridley in Super Smash Bros. as a playable fighter due to various reasons, including believing that reducing his power to playable levels will undermine his presentation, and, most infamously, his size being too big to properly integrate into the universe, the latter to the point it has widely been considered an internet meme.
    • His fighter tagline, "Ridley Hits the Big Time!", likely references the size debacle.
  • Since this is his playable Smash Bros. debut, this also marks the first time Ridley has been made playable in any Nintendo game.
  • Ridley's pose in his official artwork resembles the pose Bowser makes in his official art for SSB4, only mirrored.
  • His animated reveal trailer is the first time since Ridley's role in the Metroid manga where Ridley has displayed a sense of humor, playfully twirling the hat of a defeated Mario when revealing himself to Samus with something of an inhuman grin.
  • The moment Ridley appears in his introductory trailer resembles his appearance in Metroid: Zero Mission, just before his fight. This includes the way Samus looks at the screen, Ridley's entrance animation, and music timing.
  • Ridley is the second Smash Bros. boss character to become playable in the series after Giga Bowser and the only boss character to be playable at all times, as Giga Bowser is limited to Bowser's Final Smash.
    • Ironically, Giga Bowser's playable status was heavily downplayed in Ultimate, with him throwing a single punch of devastating power from the background rather than behaving like a proper fighter.
  • Ridley has a unique victory theme: an intense version of the Metroid Item Acquisition theme that ends in a more sinister tone [2].
  • There is an error on Ridley's page on the Latin American and Canadian French version of the Smash Bros. website. Instead of playing Ridley's reveal trailer, Mario Tennis Aces gameplay from the official Nintendo of Japan YouTube channel is played instead, and on the Canadian French version, a gameplay trailer is shown [3][4].
  • Ridley is the first playable character from the Metroid universe to not be a variation of Samus Aran.
    • As such, he's the only Metroid fighter to be male, and not have "Samus" as part of his name.

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