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This article is about Master Hand's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For general information, see Master Hand.
Master Hand
Master Hand SSBU.png
Master Hand's render in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
A boss in Ultimate
Universe Super Smash Bros.
English voice actor Xander Mobus

Master Hand returns in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, playing a role in Adventure Mode: World of Light.


In Adventure Mode[edit]

In the mode's introductory cinematic, an army of many Master Hands is seen attacking the fighters alongside new foe Galeem. The Master Hands transform into glowing, energy-like forms which are absorbed by Galeem before he unleashes a blast of light that destroys the fighters. Master Hand can also be seen on the mode's overworld map, interfering with the player's path by creating force fields and destroying bridges.

Provided that the player has reached the true ending's requirements, Master Hand and Crazy Hand themselves appear to create a giant rift in the map, which Master Hand enters, leading to the penultimate level where Master Hand himself is made into a playable character, engaging in a Mob Smash against 50 light and dark false characters.

In Classic Mode[edit]

Master Hand appears as a boss in Classic Mode. For the first time since the original Super Smash Bros., Master Hand has the ability to face to other direction. Also for the first time in the series since Brawl's Boss Battles, Master Hand no longer has a stamina HP indicator, instead having a health bar akin to bosses from Subspace Emissary. This is beneficial, as Crazy Hand has his separate health bar as well, meaning that they no longer share the same pool of HP as they did in Smash 4.


  • Master Hand, in the sole instance where he is playable, has 700 HP. This is the most HP he has in the series thus far, since he had merely 360 HP at maximum difficulty in Melee and Brawl.
  • In the opening cinematic of Adventure Mode, Marth estimates that each fighter will need to take down about ten Master Hands, implying that there are at least 740 Master Hands in Galeem's army.

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