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Not to be confused with Galleom.
Galeem SSBU.png
Official artwork of Galeem in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
A boss in Ultimate
Universe Super Smash Bros.
Gender Male[1]
Console of origin Nintendo Switch
Location The Light Realm
The Final Battle

Galeem (キーラ, Kiila) is one of the two main antagonists of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Adventure Mode: World of Light. He is described as "Lord of Light" and the "ultimate enemy" in the World of Light. His goal is to recreate the universe in his own image. His dark counterpart is named Dharkon, who tries to achieve the same thing as Galeem.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Role in World of Light[edit]

Galeem with his shield up

Galeem is first seen accompanied by an army of Master Hands, approaching the cliff where the fighters are situated. As the fighters prepare for battle, every Master Hand surrounding Galeem slowly disintegrates into a glowing, blue streak of light that ends up being absorbed by the winged being. As the fighters prepare for the glowing orb’s next move, Shulk suddenly envisions the downfall of his comrades at Galeem's hands and immediately looks at them all in shock and despair, but perhaps foresees Kirby's escape. The singularity between Galeem and the now-absorbed life force of his Master Hand army creates a black hole, which soon collapses, unleashing an array of beams of intense light. He uses this attack to not only vaporize every fighter that was situated on the cliff (with the sole exception of Kirby, who just barely manages to escape the onslaught with the help of his Warp Star), but he also uses the aforementioned beams of light to atomize every non-playable character, leaving them as nothing more than spirits.

From this point onward, the planet in its entirety becomes engulfed by Galeem's light, with said light slowly expanding throughout the galaxy, engulfing and vaporizing multiple planets. Eventually, the deadly light produced by the deity-like being erases the entire universe, leaving nothing in its wake. The planet on which the ordeal started is now left as nothing more than a barren wasteland, with its remains currently inhabited by the now-hostile souls of non-playable characters. Kirby, who has ended up becoming the sole survivor of Galeem's onslaught upon the universe, makes a rough emergency landing into a nearby canyon. As he recovers from his crash-landing, he looks towards a vast landscape consisting of various areas, some of which are recognizable as coming from the fighters' old worlds. The landscape, constructed by Galeem, is none other than the World of Light.

Shortly afterward, it is also revealed that Galeem is the creator of the puppet fighters, who are unleashed upon Galeem's new world with the purpose of stopping Kirby from freeing his comrades. After Galeem's first defeat, Dharkon appears along with his army of Crazy Hands, driving Galeem away. Galeem later returns when Dharkon is defeated and flees into a dark portal, with Galeem in pursuit.

In the final world, Galeem wages war with Dharkon, while also seeking to destroy the fighters. If only Dharkon is defeated, Galeem destroys Dharkon's army and strikes him down, killing him by engulfing the world in light, resulting in one of two bad endings. If Galeem is defeated, Dharkon impales him and corrupts the world, resulting in one of two bad endings.

The true ending can be obtained by defeating both Galeem and Dharkon in the final stage. Both Galeem and Dharkon are finally defeated by the fighters, sinking into the ocean and exploding thereafter.

Galeem also appears in Sephiroth's reveal trailer. While facing the fighters with his army of Master Hands, he is attacked by surprise by Sephiroth, which slashes him in half cleanly using his sword Masamune, at which point his core turns black while the army of Master Hands disintegrates.


Galeem's core is the only place it can be damaged. He can be stunned, which drops the core on the stage for several seconds. Once his health drops below half, Galeem's core will constantly emit a bright shine.

Note that many attacks' characteristics, such as number of projectiles fired, vary depending on both Galeem's health and which battle it is. Also, certain attacks are never used in certain battles.

During the final battle with Galeem and Dharkon, both bosses will target both the player and each other, and are capable of dealing damage to each other; if one is stunned, the other will seize the opportunity to take a potshot. Regardless, only the player can deal the final blow.

Note: All numbers are listed as if the player is not using Spirits or Adventure Skills and is in the second or final battle. Galeem deals roughly ×0.848 damage in the first battle.

Move Damage Description
Time Bomb: Cross-Type (時限爆弾十字タイプ) hit 1 21% (close), 15.7% (mid), 10.48% (far)
hits 2-6 10.48%
hit 7 21%
Galeem creates three to six small objects that explode in plus-shaped beams of light like X Bombs. These can be destroyed before their detonation to stop the attack. After he loses half his HP, he often creates more. Despite their appearance, they inflict aura damage.
Penetrate (つきぬける) 100.95% Galeem's wings ravel into two to five drill-like objects which slam through the ground. At low health, it will up to six drills instead (enough to fully cover the stage when combined) and perform the attack twice in a row. This attack is a meteor smash to aerial characters.
Massive Laser (大量レーザー) 119.4% A crisscrossing mass of small purple lines appear on the screen, marking the position of powerful laser beams that fire a second later. The beams deal heavy damage but can be avoided with careful positioning to stay in the gaps between the beams or with dodging. When Galeem is at low health, more beams are created and the attack is done twice in a row.
Exploding Straight Shot (炸裂直進弾) 62.1% (large orb contact)
19.4% (small orb contact)
38.8% (small orb, fast), 23.3% (small orb, slow)
Galeem produces a large blue sphere of light, which breaks apart into three to six smaller spheres that attempt to home in on the player. When Galeem is at low health, twice as many orbs will appear and will re-aim partway through their attack.
Stationary Turret (固定砲台) 11.6%, 7.8% (late) Galeem's core splits into three yellow spheres of light, which fire a barrage of smaller projectiles. The projectiles can be reflected or absorbed.
Intimidation (威嚇) 124.65% Galeem releases two to four orbs that produce powerful, slow-moving shockwaves that resemble Tabuu's Off Waves. Like the Off Waves, these cannot be shielded against, and despite not being an OHKO, they require careful dodging to avoid taking significant damage and knockback. This is only used in his second phase in his second battle only.
Torrent of Light (光の奔流) 5.14% Galeem covers two sides of the screen with waves of light that provide a small, ever-shifting gap of safety between them. At higher difficulties, the waves will move erratically at the horizontal axis, and on hard difficilty the waves will move erratically on all directions to a point. The attack cannot be shielded against and deals damage every 3 frames while the player is in it. If Dharkon is present, each will contribute one wave to the attack. If Dharkon is stunned, only one part of the screen is covered.
Energy Bullet (エネルギー弾) 13.1% (loop), 42% (explosion) Galeem fires a single projectile that strongly homes in on the player, eventually detonating in a large explosion if it hits the player, the ground, or stays in the air for too long.
Light Fighter (光のファイター) N/A Galeem vanishes and his wings expand, producing two (three on higher difficulties) light false characters to support him. These eventually self-destruct after a period of time and their explosion, while not terribly powerful, has wide range. If dark false characters are present, they will fight each other.
194.1% If Dharkon is stunned, Galeem turns his wings into a spear that impales Dharkon's core and deals significant damage. The player will also be damaged if too close but otherwise is not in any danger.


Galeem's spirit can be obtained after beating both Galeem and Dharkon in World of Light.

No. Image Name Type Class Slots Base Power Max Power Base Attack Max Attack Base Defense Max Defense Ability Series
Galeem spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
★★★★ 0 5456 13640 2480 6200 2480 6200 Bane of Darkness Super Smash Bros. Series


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese キーラ, Kiila From キラキラ (onomatopoeia for "shine") and キラー ("killer")
UK English Galeem From "gleam" and possibly Galgalim, a type of angel appearing under the form of wheels
France French Kilaire From killer and luminaire ("luminary")
Germany German Kyra Transliteration of Japanese name
Spain Spanish Lúmina Latin for luminous
Italy Italian Kiaran From the Japanese name and chiaro ("bright")
China Chinese 吉拉, Kiila Transliteration of Japanese name
South Korea Korean 키라, Kiila Transliteration of Japanese name
Netherlands Dutch Galeem
Russia Russian Сиян From сиять, "to shine"


  • Galeem's theme is mostly comprised of the second and third verses of Lifelight, the main theme of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • His appearance as an ethereal being of light with eight wings resembles Seraphim.
    • In the Abrahamic religions, the appearance of a Seraph in the mortal realm signifies the end of the world. This reflects Galeem's role in World of Light as the one who attempted to destroy everyone in existence, turning them all (except for the fighters) into spirits.
  • Galeem and Dharkon are the only two bosses not to appear in Classic Mode as bosses, since they are the antagonists of the World of Light.


^ Galeem is referred to using neutral pronouns when he is introduced, but with masculine pronouns in the game's How to Play tutorial and on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate website.[1]