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Fighting Polygon Team

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Fighting Polygon Team A Fighting Polygon's head in SSB. These can only be seen in Stage 12 on the top-right corner.
All twelve Polygons. From SSB64's debug menu.
Symbol of the Smash Bros. series.
The Fighting Polygon Team as they appear in SSB.
Universe Super Smash Bros.
Level(s) appears in Race to the Finish
Duel Zone

The Fighting Polygon Team (謎のザコ敵軍団, Mysterious Small Fry Enemy Corps), also known as Dummy Corps, is a team of purple polyhedrons in Super Smash Bros. who are modeled on the playable characters in the game. They appear only in the single player mode, in Race to the Finish and the "Fighting Polygon Team [vs.30]" battle, the two stages prior to the Master Hand battle. Their shape and name is likely an exaggeration of the Nintendo 64's simple polygonal graphics.

The Fighting Polygon Team is the predecessor of the Fighting Wire Frames in Melee, the Fighting Alloy Team in Brawl, and the Fighting Mii Team in SSB4 and Ultimate, sharing the same original Japanese name with those groups.


Each member of the Polygon Team is modeled after one of the twelve fighters, sharing their target's standard moveset and physical properties (e.g. number of jumps). The Polygon Team clones cannot, however, use any special moves, impairing their recovery, and they also cannot grab. Other than that, their characteristics are identical to the Japanese versions of their playable counterparts. They have the appearance of a blocky, shiny purple substance that mostly retains the shape of the target, with various differences:

  • The Mario and Luigi polygons have elf-like heads, with pointed noses and ears. They appear almost exactly alike, using the same model, but their animations differ.
  • Ness's polygon also has an elfish appearance, except with a different head shape.
  • Donkey Kong's polygon has an asymmetrical head and a clear gap where its elbows should be.
  • Link and Samus's polygon weapons both become triangular spikes; Link's shield is also much smaller.
  • Kirby's polygon has a large jewel-shaped bulge on its head.
  • Jigglypuff's polygon has a vertical spike instead of a hair tuft.
  • Pikachu's polygon has a much thinner head and only a short, stubby tail, causing it to more resemble a Sandshrew or real-life mouse.
  • Yoshi's polygon has a pointed face and visible teeth, resembling a real-life dinosaur such as a Deinonychus or Velociraptor.
  • Fox's polygon lacks ears, and the polygon has a thinner tail than Fox's.
  • Captain Falcon's polygon lacks shoulder pads.


Fighting Polygon Team[edit]

Ness prepares to fight the Fighting Polygon Team.

In the 10th stage in 1P Game, the player must defeat a team of thirty Polygons, fighting at most three at any one time. The only way to play as these fighters is through via hacking with a GameShark. Instead of being fought in a given order, all Polygons, including those modelled on characters that haven't yet been unlocked, have an equal chance (1/12) of being the next one to appear. In general, they are relatively passive on all difficulties, spending most of their time just walking around the various platforms of the stage, rarely following the player, and very rarely using attacks. Due to player-inaccessible Handicap values reserved for them, ranging from 0x14 (Very Easy) to 0x18 (Very Hard), they are fairly light and deal very little knockback, as well as their hard limitations of having no special moves or grabs, but they will pick up items. Normally, they will use a throwing item as soon as they have picked it up, instead of making any sort of tactical decision. They can use battering items, though, and even on the hardest difficulty setting, they are not as effective with them as a high-level CPU player in a normal game. Due to their low weight, they can usually be defeated in a single blow, but the Polygons get heavier and stronger at higher difficulty levels, and at the highest difficulty level the Polygons approach the weight and strength of normal opponents, though they are still relatively easy to KO.

Race to the Finish[edit]

The aim of Race to the Finish is to reach the door at the end of the level within a set time limit, avoiding obstacles that try to slow the player down. The Polygons are among these obstacles, and slow the player down by attacking them, but the fully-enclosed nature of the stage means that neither can they be defeated nor can they KO the player. They are much more aggressive on this stage, chasing the player as far as possible, and attacking whenever they are within reach.


  • If playing as one, their entrance animation is standing and facing the camera before "snapping" to their idle animation when the match starts.
  • Polygon Yoshi uses an ordinary shield as opposed to an egg.
  • They're able to taunt, with their taunts being identical to their playable counterparts, but never will during normal play.