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Cracker Launcher

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Cracker Launcher
It's the cracker launcher.
Symbol of the Smash Bros. series.
Artwork from Brawl.
Universe Super Smash Bros.
Appears in Brawl
Item class Shooting

The Cracker Launcher (クラッカーランチャー, Cracker Launcher) is a shooting item that appears exclusively in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


An image showing the 15th and 16th shot of a Cracker Launcher.
A regular shot and the last shot have been fired by the Cracker Launcher. Notice the smoke on the last shot and the white circle.

The Cracker Launcher allows the user to rapidly launch firecrackers, which bounce off walls and explode on impact with a floor or enemy. The character using it can aim the launcher at different angles by tilting the control stick up or down. It is also possible to move forwards and backwards, while turning around is done by tapping the control stick sideways. It could be said to be the shooting equivalent of the Hammer, as it is the single most powerful weapon of its type, but it can still be reflected. It is also like the Hammer in that, while holding it, a character is limited to a single jump and no other attacks (aside from dropping or throwing it). Cracker Launchers will be dropped if the holder flinches, even slightly. When used near a wall, the character will lose the launcher and take damage with strong knockback.

Aiming the Cracker Launcher can be hard to do and turning can be a hassle, but it can easily be used to take out large groups of enemies. Each Cracker Launcher can fire 16 shots before running out. The blast radius makes it easy to damage others, but the shots themselves can be difficult to get the first hit with. The last shot is distinguished by a grey trail of smoke, a different shooting noise, and is more powerful than the rest.[1]

When CPU players use a Cracker Launcher, they usually shoot all of the fireworks at once while aiming up and down. This makes CPUs very lethal, as doing this makes the fireworks hard to dodge. However, should it rebound, it will deal damage to the user if it makes contact with them.

Interestingly, the longer the character has held the Cracker Launcher for, the farther the shots will go. The shot speed reaches its cap after around 4 seconds. Dropping the Cracker Launcher and re-grabbing it will not reset this time, even if another player grabs it.

Damage table[edit]

Lucas with a Cracker Launcher © Nintendo
Lucas with a Cracker Launcher.

In Brawl, the momentum of a projectile will affect the damage a character will receive; these are recorded in bounces.

Action Fresh Bounce 2nd Bounce
Cracker 14% N/A N/A
Last cracker 19% N/A N/A
Cracker explosion 9% N/A N/A
Falling 13% N/A N/A
Drop 11%-12% 6%-8% 4%
Forward tilt throw 14% 9% 6%
Up tilt throw 13%-15% 7% 4%-5%
Down tilt throw 14% 8%-9% 4%
Forward smash throw 17% 11% 6%
Up smash throw 18% 7% 4%
Down smash throw 18% 11% 3%
Aerial forward tilt throw 16% 9%-10% 5%
Aerial up tilt throw 15% 9% 4%
Aerial down tilt throw 16% 9% 6%
Aerial forward smash throw 16% 9% 6%
Aerial up smash throw 15% 8% 4%
Aerial down smash throw 16% 7% 3%

*Note: Since the player cannot dash with the Cracker Launcher, no dash throw could be recorded. Also, the Cracker Launcher cannot be dropped in mid-air; it will just act as a forward tilt throw.


While the design of the Cracker Launcher is original to the Smash series, it is functionally similar to many real life fireworks. It bears particular resemblance to the Roman candle, which is also a hand-held tube that launches several explosive shells.


Cracker Launcher trophy from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
Cracker Launcher's trophy in Brawl
Cracker Launcher
A portable launcher you can carry under your arm. Fire it to launch HUGE missiles... Well, OK, actually it just launches flashy fireworks. You can adjust the barrel angle to change your shot trajectories to blast those in front of you and even above you. It's a great item to have around. When holding it, turn by tapping the direction opposite where you're facing.
Wii: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese クラッカーランチャー, Cracker Launcher
UK English Cracker Launcher
France French Lance-Pétards
Germany German Feuerwerkskanone
Spain Spanish Lanzapetardos
Italy Italian Lanciapetardi
South Korea Korean 크래커 화염포, Cracker Launcher


  • Unlike the Ray Gun or Super Scope, the Cracker Launcher appears to have no trigger in which to set it off. It seems instead to utilize a glowing blue touch pad (which features a nearby arrow to demonstrate the direction of fire).
  • The Cracker Launcher can clash with other attacks, sometimes resulting in lag, as seen here.
  • The Cracker Launcher functions very similarly to the fireworks item in Kirby Air Ride.
  • This is the only item introduced in Brawl to be cut from Super Smash Bros 4.

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