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Star Rod
Kirby holds the Star Rod.
Universe Kirby
Appears in SSB
Item class Weapon/Projectile
Article on Wikirby Star Rod
With the A Button and the Control Stick, you can shoot 20 stars at your opponents. This can also be used as a Clobbering Item.
Super Smash Bros. instruction manual

The Star Rod (スターロッド, Star Rod) is an item that has appeared in all five Super Smash Bros. games. Originating from the Kirby universe, the Star Rod acts as an unusual combination of both battering and projectile items.


The Star Rod seen on top of the Fountain of Dreams in Kirby's Adventure

The Star Rod has so far only appeared in Kirby's Adventure and its remake Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, though it did make a brief cameo in Kirby Super Star. In its original appearance, the Star Rod acts as the primary power source of the Fountain of Dreams, and without it, people are unable to properly sleep or dream. Although initially broken into seven shards by King Dedede, Kirby restores the Star Rod, only to discover that Dedede had shattered the Star Rod in order to prevent the main villain of the game, Nightmare, from taking over the Fountain of Dreams; directly after this, Kirby is then tasked with using the Star Rod in order to defeat Nightmare, which he successfully performs.

As a weapon in Kirby's Adventure, Kirby is officially stated to have the "Star Rod" Copy Ability, though Kirby does not need to actually swallow the object to gain the ability. While wielding the Star Rod, Kirby is not only able to utilize the Star Rod as a battering item not unlike Sword Kirby, but also as a projectile weapon that shoots stars, similar to Laser Kirby.


Captain Falcon's unusual Star Rod swing, from Melee

As a battering item, combatants can use the Star Rod to directly hit opponents up close. Using either smash attacks or tilts, however, cause the Star Rod to shoot out long-range stars that can hit opponents from a distance; in close ranges, a direct hit from the Star Rod can potentially hit opponents directly into the resultant star. Particularly powerful variants are found with the forward smashes of Captain Falcon, Marth, Sheik, Pit and Ike; due to their non-standard forward smash animations with items, the five can fire off more than one shot at a time with a single smash attack, with Falcon's attacks shooting off 5 stars and Sheik's firing off 2 stars. The item, however, has only sixteen stars, and using either of the two aforementioned characters can cause the item to quickly deplete its ammunition. This mechanic has been removed in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

As the stars are considered projectiles by the game, they can be reflected by a variety of moves; in addition, they can also be absorbed.

If the Star Rod runs out of stars to shoot, combatants can still use it to directly hit opponents. A more practical option, however, is to throw the item towards enemies; the Star Rod, when thrown, produces a powerful semi-spike, which can potentially gimp recoveries or act as a general KO move. A thrown Star Rod cannot be powershielded. When a thrown Star Rod gets reflected, it does not travel far enough to hit the original attacker, unless they are close enough to the reflector's user.

Damage Table[edit]

In Brawl, the momentum of a projectile will affect the damage a character will receive; these are recorded in bounces.

Action SSB Melee Brawl Bounce 2nd Bounce
Star projectile 8% 8% 8% N/A N/A
Forward smash star projectile 12% 12% 8% N/A N/A
Standard attack 10% 10% 10% N/A N/A
Standard attack (Ice Climbers one Star Rod) N/A 10% 12%(10%+2%) N/A N/A
Standard attack (Ice Climbers two Star Rods) N/A 19% 20%(10%+10%) N/A N/A
Forward tilt 15% 20% 13% N/A N/A
Forward tilt (Pit) N/A N/A 17%(4%+13%) N/A N/A
Forward tilt (Ice Climbers one Star Rod) N/A 21% 20%(13%+7%) N/A N/A
Forward tilt (Ice Climbers two Star Rods) N/A 40% 26%(13%+13%) N/A N/A
Dash attack 16% 16% 15% N/A N/A
Forward smash 22% 30% 18% N/A N/A
Forward smash (charged) N/A 36% 25% N/A N/A
Forward smash (Marth) N/A 28% 23%(5%+18%) N/A N/A
Forward smash (Marth charged) N/A 34% 32%(7%+25% N/A N/A
Forward smash (Captain Falcon) 30% 20%(10%+10%) N/A N/A
Forward smash (Captain Falcon charged) N/A 29% 28%(14%+14%) N/A N/A
Forward smash (Sheik) N/A 39% 36%(18%+18%) N/A N/A
Forward smash (Sheik charged) N/A 45% 50%(25%+25%) N/A N/A
Forward smash (Pit) N/A N/A 25%(7%+18%) N/A N/A
Forward smash (Pit charged) N/A N/A 35%(9%+26%) N/A N/A
Forward smash (Ike) N/A N/A 26%(18%+8%) N/A N/A
Forward smash (Ike charged) N/A N/A 36%(25%+11% N/A N/A
Forward smash (Ice Climbers one Star Rod) N/A 30% 27%(18%+9%) N/A N/A
Forward smash (Ice Climbers one Star Rod charged) N/A 36% 39%(25%+14%) N/A N/A
Forward smash (Ice Climbers two Star Rods) N/A 57% 36%(18%+18%) N/A N/A
Forward smash (Ice Climbers two Star Rods charged) N/A 69% 50%(25%+25%) N/A N/A
Drop 3% 8% 8%-14% 6% 5%
Forward tilt throw 11% 13% 13% 10% 8%
Up tilt throw 12% 9% 12%-14% 9% 6%
Down tilt throw 9% 15% 14% 10% 6%
Dash throw 15% 15% 15% 12% 9%
Forward smash throw 15% 16% 16% 12% 10%
Up smash throw 15% 12% 17% 12% 10%
Down smash throw 9% 19% 14% 10% 6%
Aerial drop 5% 13% 12% 7% 6%
Aerial forward tilt throw 13% 14% 13% 10% 8%
Aerial up tilt throw 15% 12% 12% 8% 6%
Aerial down tilt throw 14% 15% 12% 8% 4%
Aerial forward smash throw 16% 14% 13%-15% 10% 7%
Aerial up smash throw 16% 12% 12%-14% 8% 4%
Aerial down smash throw 16% 15% 12% 9% 7%
  • Note Captain Falcon's smash attacks with the Star Rod are only 10% instead of 18% in Brawl.


Melee trophy[edit]

This magic wand holds 16 star shots and sends foes flying at a low angle when thrown. It's most powerful when Captain Falcon or Sheik performs a Smash Attack while holding it. In Kirby's Adventure, the Star Rod is the secret power behind the Fountain of Dreams. King Dedede steals the Star Rod in order to seal away the nasty Cloaked Nightmare.

  • Kirby's Adventure, 05/93

Brawl trophy[edit]

A magic wand. Perform a standard attack with it, and it's a battering weapon. Perform a strong or smash attack, and it fires a barrage of star shots. Throw it at a foe, and that opponent will get sent flying sideways. In the Kirby series, the Star Rod is the power source of the Fountain of Dreams. King Dedede once stole it to imprison the Nightmare Wizard.

NES: Kirby's Adventure
SNES: Kirby Super Star

Smash 4 trophy[edit]

ntsc Swung normally, this item will deal a regular physical attack. But if you charge up the blow, it becomes a magic wand that launches stars! The Star Rod is the source of power for the Fountain of Dreams in Kirby's Adventure. Using the rod, Kirby was able to defeat Nightmare.

pal Attack normally and you may as well just be swinging any old stick around, but if you deliver a hefty blow with it, this magic wand will launch a shooting star! The Star Rod powers the Fountain of Dreams, and Kirby once used it to defeat the evil Nightare when he appeared from the fountain in Kirby's Adventure.

NES: Kirby's Adventure (05/1993)
GB Advance: Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land (09/2003)



  • When shooting a star (whether charged on not) into a small upward slope (like the slight slopes on Battleship Halberd's main platform) the star will hit the slope, spin in place for a second, and then disappear.

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