Cloaking Device

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Cloaking Device
The Cloaking Device from Perfect Dark.
Universe Perfect Dark
Appears in Melee
Item class Effect

The Cloaking Device (スパイクローク, Spy Cloak) is a transformation item exclusively appearing in Super Smash Bros. Melee that renders the user invisible and unable to take damage.


A player using a Cloaking Device in Perfect Dark.

The Cloaking Device made its first appearance in Perfect Dark, acting as an item that used a refractive field to make its user invisible. While invaluable if the player wishes to use stealth, using any weapons while using the device causes the player to turn visible again. Contrary to its depiction in Melee, players who are damaged while cloaked will still take damage; in addition, the device's effects are permanent as long as the player does not fire a weapon.


The Cloaking Device in Melee
Kirby and Peach, cloaked

The Cloaking Device turns the user invisible. If playing with a name, the tag will also disappear, and any "props" that a character uses, such as Mario's Cape or Link's Hookshot, will also become invisible (though any held items will remain visible). In addition, a cloaked fighter is immune to damage, and recoil damage is negated. However, cloaked fighters still take any hitstun or knockback inflicted on them.

While standing completely still will make the player completely invisible, movement of any sort disrupts the device's powers. While walking or jumping, the background behind the player will appear to "bend" in their shape, and faster movements, such as midair jumps or dashing, will cause the "bends" to become even more visible. While attacking, the player can even become temporarily visible for a brief moment. Regardless of movement, the effects of the cloaking device become more unreliable in the last second of its use.

The cloaking device's effects wear off after ten seconds.

As a Special Melee option[edit]

Within Melee's Special Melee mode, Invisible Melee forces every player to be under the effects of the Cloaking Device; contrary to its usual specifications, however, players still take damage in the mode. Like the item itself, names are also not displayed in the mode (aside from Melee)

While the item does not return for Brawl, for Wii U and Ultimate, a "Clear" modifier is available in the revamped Special Brawl/Smash mode, acting identically to Invisible Melee. Boo, a Smash Tour item, allows the player to start a fight with similar effects to a Cloaking Device. In certain Spirit Battles in Ultimate, Spirit Battle conditions cause the opposing puppet fighter or all fighters to become temporarily or permanently invisible.

In Event Matches[edit]

Event 23: Slippy's Invention in Melee pits the player's character against Fox and Falco on Venom, both of whom are under the effects of a permanent Cloaking Device, albeit more similar in function to Invisible Melee. At the start of the match, Slippy Toad says, "How's the cloaking device I invented?"; as the description of the match also says "Slippy: With my new device, you guys'll be invisible!", the match implies that Slippy invented the Cloaking Device that is used in Melee.

Brawl itself features Co-Op Event 6: Unwanted Suitors, which acts similarly to Slippy's Invention. In the match, two players, as either Zelda or Zero Suit Samus, need to fight against Luigi and Captain Falcon, both of whom are under the effects of the "Clear" modifier.

Trophy in Melee[edit]

The Cloaking Device trophy in Melee.
Cloaking Device
This state-of-the-art camouflage device bends light rays in such a way that players using it appear almost invisible. The device fosters confusion, and players using it will not take damage while cloaked. This does not mean, however, that players become invulnerable, so they can still be sent reeling or flying across the screen, depending on their damage percentages.
N64: Perfect Dark (In Japan)
TOP SECRET (International releases)

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