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Recoil damage

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Judge dealing recoil damage.

Recoil damage (also known as self-damage) is direct damage taken by a character when certain attacks are used. Recoil damage is constant regardless of any other factors; it is not affected by stale-move negation, and it occurs even if the user is invincible or intangible. Recoil damage does not cause knockback to the user. Being damaged by one's own explosive is not considered recoil damage, as it does not directly deal damage to the character, and it can also be prevented by invincibility or intangibility.

Recoil damage can only be negated by Super Smash Bros. Melee's Cloaking Device item. In addition, the All-Star Rest Area in Super Smash Bros. 4 prevents any recoil damage from harming the player's character. While damage taken will fill the Final Smash Meter greatly in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, recoil damage does not fill it.

In Ultimate, the 1.2× damage bonus applied during one-on-one fights also applies to recoil damage. It is not, however, affected by the 0.85× short hop damage multiplier, or multipliers from sources such as Inkling's ink, or from spirits.

List of moves with recoil damage[edit]