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For the Training Mode enemy mode, see CPU mode.

The aim of a match in the Super Smash Bros. series is to attack the opponent so that they are knocked back beyond the "blast lines", resulting in a KO. The types of attack which can be performed are:

  • Neutral attacks (officially known as standard attacks), attacks performed by pressing the button(s) assigned to the attack function (the A button in most control schemes) while one's character is standing still and the control stick or d-pad is in a neutral position.
  • Tilt attacks (formerly officially known as strong attacks), ground attacks performed by lightly pushing and holding, or "tilting", the control stick or D-pad in a direction and pressing the attack button. Attacking while the character is walking also results in a tilt attack.
  • Smash attacks, first chargable in Melee are attacks performed by holding the attack button, then "tapping" the control stick/D-pad as the button is released. In Brawl, the control stick can be pushed in order to execute an immediate smash attack in any of the four regular directions.
  • Aerial attacks (officially air attacks or midair attacks), any attack performed in midair (using the A button) that is not a special move.
  • Dash attacks, any non-special attack performed while the character is running.
  • Throws, attacks where a character who has grabbed an opponent ends the grab by propelling the opponent away, and pummels, attacks where a character who has grabbed an opponent inflicts damage on the opponent without ending the grab.
  • Get-up attacks include floor attacks, which are attacks performed when a character is sitting or lying on the ground, and edge attacks, which are attacks performed while recovering from an edge hang.
  • Special moves, whereof some are special attacks, which are attacks activated by pressing the special move button (the B button in most control schemes) along with a direction. Note that not all special moves are attacks.