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Pikachu's Quick Attack in SSB.
Pikachu's up special in Super Smash Bros.

The up special move, commonly referred to as up B, is a special attack performed by pressing the special move button while holding the control stick upwards.

Up special moves are usually the main aspect of a character's recovery (except for Yoshi's Egg Throw prior to Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Jigglypuff's Sing); using them typically covers the most vertical distance (and sometimes horizontal distance) out of any of the character's abilities, but also usually renders the character helpless. Most up specials are designed to damage and disrupt opponents going for an edgeguard. Some Up specials behave differently depending on if the character is grounded or airborne, such as Link's Spin Attack and Bowser's Whirling Fortress. As with up smashes, up specials can be used out of shield, where some of them (such as Whirling Fortress) are highly effective.

List of up special moves[edit]

Character Move Description
Banjo & Kazooie Shock Spring Jump Banjo & Kazooie launch themselves into the air with a Shock Spring Pad. The move does not cause helplessness, allowing them to act immediately after.
Bayonetta Witch Twist Bayonetta spirals upwards through the air attacking multiple times. Though the distance traveled upwards is short, Witch Twist can be used again following a double jump. Holding the button lets her fire bullets as well. This move contributes to her great aerial combo game in conjunction with her side special.
Bowser Whirling Fortress Bowser retracts into his shell and quickly spins horizontally. The move has fairly high damage and knockback, and quite a bit of horizontal distance, being a very useful out of shield move.
Bowser Jr. Abandon Ship! Bowser Jr. leaps out of his Junior Clown Car, covering a great vertical distance. The Junior Clown Car explodes upon touching something. He also wields a Hammer (or, in Ultimate, a wand if used by the Koopalings) though it is different from the Item.
Byleth Sword of the Creator Byleth whips the sword upward, and if it hits an opponent, he reels them in and kicks them. At above 50% damage, it becomes a meteor smash. It also functions as a tether recovery at the edge and can also attach to walls, allowing Byleth to jump off afterwards.
Captain Falcon Falcon Dive Captain Falcon is given a quick boost upwards and forwards, and anything within his target area is pulled to him, given a blast of fiery energy, and launched away. If it connects, it sends Falcon backwards, but also removes the helplessness state, allowing him to perform the move again. This move acts as a grab, so it can hit enemies that are shielding. The range at which the enemy is latched on to Captain Falcon is much greater in Smash 64 than in Melee or Brawl.
Charizard Fly Charizard flies upward while spinning.
Chrom Soaring Slash Functions similarly to Ike's Aether, but Chrom rises with his sword in hand instead of throwing it first.
Cloud Climhazzard Cloud slashes his Buster Sword upwards while rising quickly. If the peak of Climhazzard's ascent isn't hit, Cloud can execute a follow-up attack which causes him to fall rapidly with his sword drawn in front of him. If Limit Break is active, the attack power on the ascending hit, the height, and the distance gained increase drastically upon using it (Limit Break does not affect the descending part of the move).
Corrin Dragon Ascent Corrin grows wings and leaps upwards. A multi-hit move that can be angled by approximately 45°. It covers a moderate amount of distance and deals enough knockback to KO at 140%.
Daisy Daisy Parasol Identical to Peach's Peach Parasol.
Dark Pit Power of Flight Identical to Pit's Power of Flight, but Dark Pit glows different colors instead during the move.
Dark Samus Screw Attack Identical to Samus's Screw Attack.
Diddy Kong Rocketbarrel Boost This move can be charged, but holding it too long will cause it to come off and land on the stage. If Diddy gets hit while using this move, the barrel can possibly fly off and hit any enemies in the way. He takes 5% damage when using this move under a floor. The move can also meteor smash opponents in Brawl. In Smash 4, the move can be aimed more easily.
Donkey Kong Spinning Kong Donkey Kong extends both of his arms out, sometimes with his hands balled into fists, and spins quickly horizontally. Like Bowser's Whirling Fortress, this attack has very good horizontal recovery, decent damage and knockback, but poor vertical recovery distance. It is worth noting that the most damaging hitboxes are in Donkey Kong's fists, and his legs vulnerable to projectiles while he is recovering. Has invincibility frames at the beginning in Smash 64. Useful gimp move in Smash 64, high power KO special in Melee, approach option in Brawl, and combo tool in Smash 4.
Dr. Mario Super Jump Punch Similar to Mario's, though it travels less distance, and Dr. Mario's punch consists of one powerful hit that gets weaker over time (Smash 4 and Ultimate only), as opposed to hitting multiple times while emitting coins. It can be cancelled in Melee (extremely difficult, known as Coin Cancelling or up special cancelling).
Duck Hunt Duck Jump The duck grabs the dog, and starts to fly upwards. Decent height, but rather poor horizontal movement.
Falco Fire Bird Falco stops in midair with flames gathering around him, then erupts like a rocket, flying quickly in one direction. This direction is chosen by moving the control stick in any direction during the point where flames are gathering. While flying through the air, the Fire Bird deals decent damage and knockback to any who are caught in the trajectory. It is technically a finishing move in Melee, as it can be used after hitting an opponent with Falco's shine.
Fox Fire Fox Behaves similarly to Falco's Fire Bird, except for a few small changes: Fire Fox deals slight damage to any enemy who comes into contact with Fox while he is still gathering flames (except in Smash 64), and the distance traveled is significantly longer. The flaming dash also hits once instead of multiple times.
Ganondorf Dark Dive Behaves almost identically to the Falcon Dive, except in Melee, it charges the enemy full of dark energy rather than fire, and deals much higher damage and knockback. It is also considerably slower. In Brawl, it can grab edge-hoggers and has poorer damage and knockback than Falcon Dive, and an uppercut is performed if the enemy is slightly out of the grab's range.
Greninja Hydro Pump Greninja uses water from its hands to send it flying upward. Greninja can change the direction of where it is going while using this move. Functions similarly to Pikachu's Quick Attack.
Hero Woosh/Swoosh/Kaswoosh The Hero uses wind magic to propel himself upward. Using the move normally uses Woosh, which sends him up a short distance with a tornado appearing under him. This move can be charged into Swoosh, which launches him further with a bigger tornado appearing under him, and Kaswoosh, which propels the Hero even higher, with two tornados appearing, spinning around each other.
Ice Climbers Belay Sends one of the Ice Climbers far into the air, with a cord attached to the other one, which pulls it up afterwards. This attack has the highest vertical recovery range of any up special move in Melee, but it can only be performed if both Ice Climbers are together. If they are separated or one is defeated, this move will do nothing but enter the Ice Climber into helpless mode. However, in Brawl, if used by a lone Ice Climber it will rise very slightly.
Ike Aether Ike throws Ragnell in the air, then jumps up, catches it, and falls back to earth. Ike has super armor in the frames after he throws Ragnell, but before he jumps up.
Incineroar Cross Chop Incineroar leaps into the air and rockets back downwards at an angle, causing an explosion upon impact. However, Incineroar can self-destruct if not used properly.
Inkling Super Jump Inkling leaps up in squid form, before falling back down. The angle of the move in midair can be controlled. Inkling can also damage opponents when initially leaping, as well as landing.
Isabelle Balloon Trip Functions similarly to Villager's Balloon Trip.
Ivysaur Vine Whip Ivysaur whips a vine diagonally upward. Functions as a tether recovery.
Jigglypuff Sing Pink waves and musical notes radiate out from Jigglypuff as it sings a short song. Any non-airborne enemy caught within these waves will be put to sleep for a short period of time. Like a grab, button mashing can cause the character to escape the sleep more quickly, but higher damage forces the opponent into sleep for longer. Attacking the sleeping character or nudging them off the edge will cause them to wake up. This is not a triple jump, does not at all aid in recovery, and does not put Jigglypuff into a state of helplessness.
Joker Grappling Hook / Wings of Rebellion Joker pulls out a grappling hook and fires it at either at an angle or upwards, depending on the input. This move deals no damage, but can pull enemies closer. When Arsene is summoned, he will instead use Wings of Rebellion, which allows Joker to fly either at an angle or upwards. This move also deals no damage, but makes Joker invincible to damage during start-up.
Kazuya Devil Wings In his devil form, Kazuya flies straight up. He can move forward or back while doing so. It produces an extremely damaging hitbox at the start of the move, but becomes weaker afterwards.
Ken Shoryuken Functions similarly to Ryu's Shoryuken, but hits multiple times and travels further horizontally. Ken can also execute a Heavy Shoryuken with a flame effect.
King Dedede Super Dedede Jump King Dedede takes a great leap into the air and lands with tremendous force. However, when he lands, he is left vulnerable to attack. In addition, one can cancel the jump by tapping the control stick downwards on the controller. However, if one does this right when he's about to land or hits a ceiling in the middle of the jump, it will leave King Dedede vulnerable for even longer. The direction can be changed by holding the control stick before King Dedede jumps.
King K. Rool Propellerpack King K. Rool activates a backpack with a small helicopter blade and uses it to ascend.
Kirby Final Cutter Kirby extends a blade and launches straight up into the air, then proceeds to fall at a very fast speed. This attack does not normally cause helplessness. If Kirby uses it in midair and does not land on a platform or edge, he will unavoidably fall to his death. However, if the platform he lands on disappears, such as in Pictochat, he will become helpless. While moving up and down, Kirby can catch enemies with the extended blade. When Kirby hits the ground, it shoots a wave forward along the ground, also dealing damage.
Link Spin Attack Link extends his sword horizontally and spins, shooting slashing energy slightly beyond the length of the blade. It gains good vertical distance in midair, but not a significant amount of horizontal distance. In the air, any enemy caught deep inside the spin will be hit several times. Enemies caught at the outside area of the spin will be hit with a fairly sizable knockback. Starting in Brawl, when on the ground, Link can charge this move.
Little Mac Rising Uppercut Little Mac jumps while rising and spinning with his fist upwards. Not very useful for recoveries, but is very strong.
Lucario Extreme Speed Pauses very briefly then moves very quickly. While moving, Lucario can change its angle up to 90 degrees. Afterwards, if it touches a wall, it can wall cling. Deals no damage in Brawl, though there is a weak hitbox at the end since Smash 4. Can be cancelled on the ground to allow Lucario to attack out of it.
Lucas PK Thunder Shoots an electric bolt out of Lucas's head. While it is in the air, the bolt can be controlled by moving the control stick (Lucas will remain stationary, or fall if he is in midair). Hitting the bolt into an opponent will cause damage. The bolt will not disappear after hitting an opponent. If the PK Thunder is steered into Lucas himself, it launches him in the opposite direction from the one he was hit at. While being launched, Lucas is invulnerable for a large period of time and can cause significant damage and knockback to anyone hit by his body. Even if this attack is not used to launch Lucas, it will cause helplessness when used in midair.
Lucina Dolphin Slash Functions similarly to Marth's Dolphin Slash.
Luigi Super Jump Punch Luigi jumps straight up while punching, then falls down on his head. Differs from that of Mario and Dr. Mario in that it does not send Luigi forward at all except in Smash 64 (making it much worse for horizontal recovery). The hit at the outside of the hitbox only deals 1% and makes one coin, and has no knockback at all. However, if the enemy is far inside the hitbox, rather than racking up multiple coins, it performs a "Fire Jump Punch", accompanied with a ping and dealing much higher damage and knockback.
Mario Super Jump Punch Sends Mario upwards and slightly forwards. Any enemy hit while performing this attack will be pulled upwards with Mario, and coins will fly out. If enemies are very close when it is used, this can hit several times for multiple coins and higher damage. If they are at the edge of the hitbox, it will only hit for 1 or 2 percent (and coins).
Marth Dolphin Slash Marth flies quickly upwards, blade extended vertically. Provides decent vertical recovery, but very little horizontal recovery (a bit more horizontal recovery in Brawl). It's also a good KO move if hit during the beginning. Can be reversed (called simply a Reverse Dolphin Slash) which, interestingly enough, has higher knockback.
Mega Man Rush Coil Mega Man bounces off of Rush, jumping high into the air. He jumps even higher if he bounces off Rush a second time.
Meta Knight Shuttle Loop Leaps into the air with sword drawn, and then backflips 270 degrees and goes into a glide, which puts him into helpless mode if it is cancelled. It can be used as an offensive move if hit just after he starts to use it. One of Meta Knight's best ground KOing moves. (This move does not allow Meta Knight to glide in SSB4.)
Mewtwo Teleport Mewtwo vanishes and appears a fair distance away in any direction. Does not cause any damage. Overall possibly the best recovery in Melee due to its low cooling time, speed, and distance.
Mii Brawler Soaring Axe Kick (default) The Mii flips into the air, then hits opponents with an axe kick.
Mii Gunner Lunar Launch (default) The Mii releases an explosion beneath himself/herself, flying upwards.
Mii Swordfighter Stone Scabbard (default) The Mii slashes upwards while rising, then stabs downwards while falling.
Min Min ARMS Jump / ARM Hook On the ground, Min Min launches into the air, and goes higher if the button is held. It does not cause helplessness. In the air, she reaches upward with her left arm, acting like a tether recovery.
Mr. Game & Watch Fire Mr. Game & Watch launches quickly upwards, propelled by a duo of Game & Watch characters with a fireman's trampoline who then disappear. High vertical distance but minimal horizontal distance. Adjusted in Brawl to include a parachute at the end of the propulsion by the firemen, making it easy to get additional horizontal distance, while in Melee he becomes helpless after using it. Causes a powerful gust of wind at the beginning of the move in Brawl. In Ultimate, it has had its windbox removed and now has a hitbox on frame 3 that covers both sides and can be combo'd into his aerials, making it almost universally considered as the best out of shield option in the entire game.
Mythra Ray of Punishment / Chroma Dust When Ray of Punishment is used, Mythra slashes upwards, before leaping into the air and firing off a projectile. If the button is pressed or held before the projectile is fired, the move will become Chroma Dust, and instead turn into a fan of five smaller projectiles.
Ness PK Thunder Shoots an electric bolt out of Ness' head. While it is in the air, the bolt can be controlled by moving the control stick (Ness will remain stationary, or fall if he is in midair). Running the head into an opponent will cause damage, but it will cause the bolt to disappear. Slight damage can also be caused by hitting an opponent with the tail of the attack, and this will not cause the attack to disappear. If the PK Thunder is steered into Ness himself, it launches him in the opposite direction from the one he was hit at. While being launched, Ness is invulnerable for a large period of time and can cause significant damage and knockback to anyone hit by his body. Even if this attack is not used to launch Ness, it will cause helplessness when used in midair. PK Thunder can be used to edgeguard and reverse Ness ("PK Tailwhip").
Olimar Pikmin Chain Super Smash Bros. Brawl The Pikmin currently following Olimar form into a chain that Olimar uses to latch onto a ledge, performing a tether recovery. The number of Pikmin following Olimar at the time drastically affects the distance this move can cover. Can be stopped by a player grabbing the ledge, therefore making Olimar unable to grab the ledge with this move. Moderately useful combo move.
Winged Pikmin Super Smash Bros. 4Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Summons two Winged Pikmin to carry Olimar and whatever Pikmin is following him. The amount of Pikmin following Olimar when he summons the Winged Pikmin affects the recovery ability of this move, the less Pikmin that Olimar has in his lineup, the greater the move's recovery potential becomes.
Pac-Man Pac-Jump Pac-Man produces a trampoline from the Namco arcade game Mappy. The trampoline can be bounced on by Pac-Man and other characters up to three times. After each bounce, it changes color from blue to yellow to red. If the trampoline is jumped on when it is red, it will break, and the character who jumped on it will enter a helpless state. The trampoline will remain stationary even in midair, and will vanish after a set amount of time or after it breaks.
Palutena Warp Palutena disappears, then invisibly teleports in one of the directions and reappears. It does not do any damage, but Palutena is immune to damage while the move is in progress. It is similar to other specials that teleport to another location.
Peach Peach Parasol Peach pulls out her parasol and opens it, greatly reducing her fall speed and increasing her horizontal recovery range. As she is pulling it out, she is given a vertical boost. The parasol stays extended, reducing fall speed until Peach either hits the ground or presses down on the controller. Pressing down will cause Peach to go into helplessness and fastfall, but uniquely, pressing up in this state will resume the Parasol attack. Additionally, the top of the Parasol deals slight damage and upwards knockback, allowing skilled players to juggle several hits of this, especially against low % and fastfalling characters (much more useful in Melee). It is possible to continuously do this against an edgeguarding opponent with a bad vertical recovery to gimp them (called an umbrella gimp).
Pichu Agility Pichu performs a quick teleport-like action in any direction. Inputting another direction during this first teleport allows Pichu to immediately perform a second teleport upon finishing the first. Pichu will also be dealt 1% in recoil damage for the first teleport then 3% for the second. If the control stick is released during the second teleport, it will get slightly more distance. It moves more smoothly than Pikachu's Quick Attack, and travels further as well. This move does no damage.
Pikachu Quick Attack Behaves like Pichu's Agility, except does not deal recoil damage and any enemy caught at the mid or the endpoint of these teleportations will be dealt slight damage (except in Smash 64). Can QAC in Brawl. Widely considered to be the best recovery in the original Smash 64, it remains one of the overall top recoveries of any Smash game due to its multiple invincibility frames and range, with particular invincibility in Smash 64. However, it lacks a hitbox in said game.
Piranha Plant Piranhacopter Flies back to the stage by spinning its leaves.
Pit Wings of Icarus Super Smash Bros. Brawl Wings of Icarus allows Pit to fly freely for a while. Pit can attack out of this move. If Pit is hit while using the move, he is unable to use it again until he lands. Can be used in a Brawl technique known as Wing Dashing, which allows Pit to move around the screen quickly.
Power of Flight Super Smash Bros. 4Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pit charges up and flies in a direction chosen by the player, similar to the up specials of the Star Fox characters.
Pyra Prominence Revolt Jumps while performing an uppercutting slash with the Aegis Sword set ablaze, followed by a downwards stab while falling, creating a pillar of fire as Pyra lands.
Ridley Wing Blitz Ridley pauses in midair and then lunges forward in a straight line. The move can be angled.
Richter Uppercut Identical to Simon's uppercut.
R.O.B. Robo Burner R.O.B. uses a rocket thruster to boost himself into the air. Offers both vertical and horizontal recovery. It is possible to stop the move, use an attack or other move, and then resume hovering. After landing, R.O.B. must remain on the ground for 1.5 seconds before the move will be fully recharged.
Robin Elwind Robin fires two waves of razor-sharp wind magic downwards, propelling upward.
Rosalina & Luma Launch Star Rosalina flies upwards with a rainbow-colored Launch Star with an adjustable trajectory.
Roy Blazer Similar to Marth's Dolphin Slash, except it sets the enemy character on fire, and hits multiple times. If the control stick is held left or right during the initiation of the move, it will increase horizontal distance at the expense of vertical distance. There is no equivalent to the Reverse Dolphin Slash due to the hitbox and sweetspot layout of Roy's blade being different than Marth's. The grounded version grants Roy super armor.
Ryu Shoryuken Ryu attacks using a powerful uppercut. It travels higher if the attack button is held. If the original Street Fighter command inputs are used instead of the up special input, the move becomes more powerful and has reduced landing lag.
Samus Screw Attack Samus quickly rolls up into a ball and launches upwards, spinning. Any enemy caught at any point within the attack will be pulled up to the top and hit multiple times for some damage. In all games, it can be used as an out-of-shield move. It can be DI'd out of in Smash 64 and Melee.
Sephiroth Blade Dash / Octaslash A quick dashing strike. When charged, it becomes a series of eight quick slashes.
Sheik Vanish Sheik stays in one place (or, if in the air, jumps upward slightly), then disappears with a puff of flame. Any enemy caught in that flame will be dealt damage and shot straight upwards. Sheik will then reappear a short distance in any direction from where she disappeared, but will have a much longer than usual lagtime upon hitting the ground.
Shulk Air Slash It works in a similar vein to Marth's Dolphin Slash, using the Monado to propel Shulk upwards with an airstrike. By pressing the attack button at the end of the move, Shulk can follow up with a second slash, like in Xenoblade Chronicles.
Simon Uppercut Simon rises upward in a set arc, delivering multiple slashes to opponents.
Snake Cypher Grabs his flying reconnaissance camera and uses it to fly upward. Can be re-used by hurting himself with his C4. Upon use in the air, Snake will fall for a short distance as he grabs the Cypher. Snake has a unique type of knockback resistance while hanging on to the Cypher, and will not flinch from an attack that deals exactly 7% or less.
Sonic Spring Jump A classic spring from the Sega Genesis-era Sonic the Hedgehog games appears below Sonic, propelling him upward with a powerful bounce. The spring can stay in the ground and, if the opponent moves quickly enough, they can also utilize this spring, bouncing equally as high. If used in the air, the spring will fall and damage opponents who touch it.
Sora Aerial Sweep A series of spinning, inward slashes while jumping. Can be canceled into Sonic Blade before the peak of the move.
Squirtle Waterfall Squirtle rides upward on a wave of water.
Steve Elytra Steve fires a firework rocket as he opens an elytra, using the explosion to propel him into the air. He can glide a considerable distance before the move runs out.
Terry Rising Tackle Terry rises and spins with his feet upwards and arms to the side. By holding down on the ground briefly before using this move, Rising Tackle will gain invincibility frames and increased height and damage.
Toon Link Spin Attack Identical to Link's variation, except it gives much longer recovery distance, is a bit shorter in range, and hits multiple times on the ground.
Villager Balloon Trip Villager floats upwards with the Balloon Fighter's helmet. The balloons can be popped by enemies, ending the move prematurely and forcibly making them helpless.
Wario Corkscrew Wario spins and moves vertically slightly. He goes much higher when he is Wario-Man.
Wii Fit Trainer Super Hoop Wii Fit Trainer rises up while hula hooping. Mashing or rhythmically tapping the special button gives the move much more vertical range.
Wolf Fire Wolf Somewhat similar to Fox's Fire Fox and Falco's Fire Bird. It sends Wolf into the air horizontally almost immediately after it is used. The control stick can be used to determine the direction upon activation. Unlike Fire Fox, the attack deals multiple hits, carries the enemy it catches with it, has no fire effect, and ends with a knockback-dealing kick.
Yoshi Egg Throw Yoshi launches an egg upwards in an arc, which can be angled along a variety of trajectories, hitting anywhere from far horizontally in front of Yoshi to slightly behind and above Yoshi. The egg explodes upon contact or after moving along for a set air-time. It is fairly unique in that it is not a true triple jump, does not noticeably aid in recovery, and does not put Yoshi into a state of helplessness. In Brawl, the move actually moves Yoshi upwards very slightly.
Young Link Spin Attack Identical to Toon Link's, but it travels further, and the final hit of the grounded version deals less knockback.
Zelda Farore's Wind Zelda flashes for a second, then invisibly teleports a long distance in one of the 8 main directions. This move has a long recovery range, but is very limited in its options as to direction, making it possible to overshoot stages or platforms, or get caught under stage lips, like in Battlefield. In Brawl and SSB4, opponents near where she reappears are damaged. Can be canceled on the edge in Brawl for a surprise KO such as combined with a down aerial or up aerial.
Zero Suit Samus Plasma Wire Super Smash Bros. Brawl Zero Suit Samus flicks her whip upwards, catching enemies midair. If it connects with a ledge, it results in a tether recovery. Can technically combo grounded into down smash.
Boost Kick Super Smash Bros. 4Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Zero Suit Samus kicks upwards with her jet boots engaged, hitting multiple times while rising and concluding with a kick that appears to have decent power behind it.

List of custom up special moves[edit]

In Super Smash Bros. 4[edit]

Characters introduced into this game through post-launch downloadable content - Mewtwo, Lucas, Roy, Ryu, Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta - were not given custom special moves.

Character Default Special Move Custom Special Moves
Bowser Whirling Fortress Custom 1: Flying Fortress
Custom 2: Sliding Fortress
Bowser Jr. Abandon Ship! Custom 1: Meteor Ejection
Custom 2: Koopa Meteor
Captain Falcon Falcon Dive Custom 1: Falcon Strike
Custom 2: Explosive Falcon Dive
Charizard Fly Custom 1: Rising Cyclone
Custom 2: Fly High
Dark Pit Power of Flight Custom 1: Striking Flight
Custom 2: Breezy Flight
Diddy Kong Rocketbarrel Boost Custom 1: Rocketbarrel Attack
Custom 2: Rocketbarrel Kaboom
Donkey Kong Spinning Kong Custom 1: Chopper Kong
Custom 2: Kong Cyclone
Dr. Mario Super Jump Punch Custom 1: Super Jump
Custom 2: Ol' One-Two
Duck Hunt Duck Jump Custom 1: Duck Jump Snag
Custom 2: Super Duck Jump
Falco Fire Bird Custom 1: Fast Fire Bird
Custom 2: Distant Fire Bird
Fox Fire Fox Custom 1: Flying Fox
Custom 2: Twisting Fox
Ganondorf Dark Dive Custom 1: Dark Fists
Custom 2: Dark Vault
Greninja Hydro Pump Custom 1: High-Capacity Pump
Custom 2: Single-Shot Pump
Ike Aether Custom 1: Aether Drive
Custom 2: Aether Wave
Jigglypuff Sing Custom 1: Hyper Voice
Custom 2: Spinphony
King Dedede Super Dedede Jump Custom 1: Rising Dedede
Custom 2: Quick Dedede Jump
Kirby Final Cutter Custom 1: Wave Cutter
Custom 2: Upper Cutter
Link Spin Attack Custom 1: Shocking Spin
Custom 2: Whirling Leap
Little Mac Rising Uppercut Custom 1: Tornado Uppercut
Custom 2: Rising Smash
Lucario Extreme Speed Custom 1: Ride the Wind
Custom 2: Extreme Speed Attack
Lucina Dolphin Slash Custom 1: Crescent Slash
Custom 2: Dolphin Jump
Luigi Super Jump Punch Custom 1: Fiery Jump Punch
Custom 2: Burial Header
Mario Custom 1: Super Jump
Custom 2: Explosive Punch
Marth Dolphin Slash Custom 1: Crescent Slash
Custom 2: Dolphin Jump
Mega Man Rush Coil Custom 1: Tornado Hold
Custom 2: Beat
Meta Knight Shuttle Loop Custom 1: Blade Coaster
Custom 2: Lazy Shuttle Loop
Mii Brawler Soaring Axe Kick Custom 2: Helicopter Kick
Custom 3: Piston Punch
Mii Gunner Lunar Launch Custom 2: Cannon Uppercut
Custom 3: Arm Rocket
Mii Swordfighter Stone Scabbard Custom 2: Skyward Slash Dash
Custom 3: Hero's Spin
Mr. Game & Watch Fire Custom 1: Heavy Trampoline
Custom 2: Trampoline Launch
Ness PK Thunder Custom 1: Lasting PK Thunder
Custom 2: Rolling PK Thunder
Olimar Winged Pikmin Custom 1: Winged Pikmin Jump
Custom 2: Mighty Winged Pikmin
Pac-Man Pac-Jump Custom 1: Power Pac-Jump
Custom 2: Meteor Trampoline
Palutena Warp Custom 1: Jump Glide
Custom 2: Rocket Jump
Peach Peach Parasol Custom 1: Parasol High Jump
Custom 2: Light Parasol
Pikachu Quick Attack Custom 1: Meteor Quick Attack
Custom 2: Quick Feet
Pit Power of Flight Custom 1: Striking Flight
Custom 2: Breezy Flight
R.O.B. Robo Burner Custom 1: Robo Rocket
Custom 2: High-Speed Burner
Robin Elwind Custom 1: Soaring Elwind
Custom 2: Gliding Elwind
Rosalina & Luma Launch Star Custom 1: Launch Star Plus
Custom 2: Launch Star Attack
Samus Screw Attack Custom 1: Screw Rush
Custom 2: Apex Screw Attack
Sheik Vanish Custom 1: Gale
Custom 2: Abyss
Shulk Air Slash Custom 1: Advancing Air Slash
Custom 2: Mighty Air Slash
Sonic Spring Jump Custom 1: Double Spring
Custom 2: Springing Headbutt
Toon Link Spin Attack Custom 1: Sliding Spin Attack
Custom 2: Flying Spin Attack
Villager Balloon Trip Custom 1: Extreme Balloon Trip
Custom 2: Balloon High Jump
Wario Corkscrew Custom 1: Widescrew
Custom 2: Corckscrew Leap
Wii Fit Trainer Super Hoop Custom 1: Jumbo Hoop
Custom 2: Hoop Hurricane
Yoshi Egg Throw Custom 1: High Jump
Custom 2: Timed Egg Throw
Zelda Farore's Wind Custom 1: Farore's Squall
Custom 2: Farore's Windfall
Zero Suit Samus Boost Kick Custom 1: Impact Kick
Custom 2: Lateral Kick

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Character Default Special Move Custom Special Moves
Mii Brawler Soaring Axe Kick Custom 2: Helicopter Kick
Custom 3: Thrust Uppercut
Mii Gunner Lunar Launch Custom 2: Cannon Jump Kick
Custom 3: Arm Rocket
Mii Swordfighter Stone Scabbard Custom 2: Skyward Slash Dash
Custom 3: Hero's Spin