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Duck Jump

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Duck Jump
Duck Hunt Up B SSBU.gif
Duck Hunt using Duck Jump in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
User Duck Hunt
Universe Duck Hunt

Duck Jump (ダックジャンプ, Duck Jump), known as Duck Jump Duo in the PAL version of Super Smash Bros. 4, is Duck Hunt's up special move.


The duck carries the dog upwards a reasonable distance before becoming fatigued and falling. The duo will continually travel in the direction they face, which could potentially leave the pair stuck under the bottom of a stage if not used properly. The direction of the pair's flight can be changed, but interrupts their speed, and potential horizontal distance. Once this move is initiated, it cannot be stopped by the player unless the dog grabs the ledge. The standard variation of this move cannot deal damage, and is exclusively a means of recovery. After the move is performed, Duck Hunt will fall into a helpless state.

In Ultimate, the ascending portion of the move can be acted out of with an attack or a dodge, after which Duck Hunt will enter a helpless state.

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List DuckHuntHeadSSBU.png Flies into the air with nostalgic flapping sound. Can attack or dodge after a short time.


Special Move customization was added in Super Smash Bros. 4. These are the variations:

1. Duck Jump 2. Duck Jump Snag 3. Super Duck Jump
"Use the duck's wings to fly. You can control which direction you fly in." "The duck flies and the dog bites nearby fighters. You can't fly for long, though." "Fly high into the air, causing a gust of wind that pushes opponents aside."
  1. Duck Jump: Default.
  2. Duck Jump Snag: The amount of time the duck flies is reduced, shortening both horizontal and vertical recovery. However, the duck will fly faster, carrying the pair faster. If their direction is changed, the pair will completely stop moving horizontally. Additionally, the dog's mouth has a small vortex effect to signify him biting. Anyone touching this vortex is continually damaged and trapped, being inflicted a total of 7% damage. The last hitbox deals low knockback.
  3. Super Duck Jump: The duck flaps its wings, and the pair hovers in midair. After a short time, the pair flies straight up a great distance, increasing vertical recovery while lowering horizontal recovery. Upon flying upward, a powerful wind is created, creating a strong push effect.


The duck carrying the dog is original to Smash, but in Duck Hunt, instead of jumping, the ducks fly all over the stage, until they escape or if the player shoots them.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese ダックジャンプ, Duck Jump
UK English Duck Jump
France French (PAL) Envol emplumé
Quebec French (NTSC) L'envol du canard
Germany German Entenflug
Spain Spanish Aleteo
Italy Italian Salto in coppia
China Chinese (Simplified) 鸭子跳跃
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 鴨子跳躍
South Korea Korean 덕 점프, Duck Jump
Netherlands Dutch Eendenvlucht
Russia Russian Утиный прыжок


  • When the move is over and Duck Hunt is falling, the same sound effect that plays when a duck is shot down in Duck Hunt can be heard.