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Clay Shooting

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Clay Shooting
Duck Hunt Side B SSBU.gif
Clay Shooting being performed in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
User Duck Hunt
Universe Duck Hunt

Clay Shooting (クレー射撃, Clay Shooting) is Duck Hunt's side special move.


In Super Smash Bros. 4[edit]

When the move is activated, the dog throws a Clay Pigeon from the Duck Hunt games. The Clay Pigeon glides slowly through the air, inflicting 2% damage every time it connects, and it will eventually fall down to the ground if the player does not perform another input. The player can press the B button for the NES Zapper to take 3 consecutive shots at the Pigeon, with the third one shooting it down. Each of its shots also deal damage to opponents with low knockback. If all shots connect, the attack deals a total of 10% damage. The angle that the Pigeon is thrown changes if the input is done as a Smash input. The Clay Pigeon, however, can be easily destroyed by most damaging hitboxes.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

In Ultimate, the move has been reworked. Rather than pressing the B button to take 3 shots at the Pigeon, with the third shot destroying it, pressing the B button instead makes only 1 shot, with further shots being activated by further presses of the button. Whether or not a given shot destroys the Pigeon depends on how quickly it is moving, with the shots only connecting if the Pigeon is moving slowly enough. Thus, it only takes a single shot to destroy the Pigeon if it has already hit an opponent, slowing it down, while the button must be pressed multiple times when attempting to shoot it down too quickly. Additionally, the explosion of the Pigeon now hits multiple times, rather than the explosion and the shot which hits the Pigeon hitting once each, with the final hit dealing more knockback.

Like with Trick Shot and all of Duck Hunt's smash attacks, the color of the target circle changes depending on Duck Hunt's player or team color.

If Clay Shooting and Trick Shot are simultaneously active, a B press will result in a shot aimed for the Clay Pigeon. Like with Trick Shot, this shot is possible even while Duck Hunt is grabbing, being grabbed, or incapacitated in some other way.

Instructional Quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List DuckHuntHeadSSBU.png Tosses a clay pigeon, which breaks apart into damaging shards when shot. A second button press shoots.


Special Move customization was added in Super Smash Bros. 4. These are the variations:

1. Clay Shooting 2. Rising Clay 3. Clay Break
"Toss a clay pigeon. Press the button again to fire a volley of three shots at its position." "Toss a clay pigeon that can't be shot. The farther it goes, the more it hurts." "Toss a clay pigeon that's harder to shoot, but the shots deal more damage."
  1. Clay Shooting: Default.
  2. Rising Clay: The clay pigeon rises higher into the air, giving it more air time. Pressing B again has no effect.
  3. Clay Break: The clay pigeon can be shot at three times. Each shot is inaccurate, and may or may not hit the clay pigeon. The only accurate shot is the final shot, which always hits the clay pigeon. These shots are much stronger than the standard variation.


Clay Pigeon's trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Clay Pigeon
NTSC A small, white disc used as a target in the Clay Shooting mode in Duck Hunt. In Smash Bros., Duck Hunt's default side special launches a clay pigeon through the air. It doesn't do much damage if it hits, but you can press the button again to shoot at it. The first two shots will narrowly miss, but you know what they say: "third time's a charm!"
NES: Duck Hunt (10/1985)
PAL A small white disc used as a target in the Clay Shooting mode in Duck Hunt. In this game, Duck Hunt Duo's main side special launches a clay pigeon through the air. It doesn't do much damage if it hits, but you can press the button again to shoot at it. The first two shots might miss, but you know what they say: "third time lucky"!
NES: Duck Hunt (08/1987)


The Clay Shooting mini-game from Duck Hunt. Image was retrieved from Wikimedia Commons.
Clay Shooting mode in Duck Hunt

Clay shooting is a mode available in Duck Hunt. In this mode, the player must shoot clay pigeons as they are launched. Clay pigeons are launched in pairs, and the player has three shots to shoot them both down each time. Each round has ten clay pigeons; in order to advance, the player must hit enough clay pigeons per round.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese クレー射撃
UK English Clay Shooting
France French Pigeon d'argile
Germany German Tontäuber
Spain Spanish Tiro al plato
Italy Italian Tiro al piattello
China Chinese (Simplified) 飞碟射击
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 飛靶射擊
South Korea Korean 클레이 사격
Netherlands Dutch Kleiduiven Schieten
Russia Russian Стендовая стрельба


  • If Clay Shooting is used while the clay pigeon is near Duck Hunt, they will huddle down and the dog will comically cover his eyes before assuming their normal stance again.