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Wings of Icarus

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Wings of Icarus
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Wings of Icarus in Brawl.
User Pit
Universe Kid Icarus
Article on Icaruspedia Wings of Pegasus

Wings of Icarus (イカロスの翼, Wings of Icarus) is Pit's up special move in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


When performed, Pit's wings glow blue and he gains the ability to fly for approximately 3 seconds. This, combined with the fact that, during flight, he can move in any direction, makes this one of the most mobile recovery moves in the game. For a reference, Pit can pull off the Reverse Hyrule Jump using Wings of Icarus alone.

The initial "flash" is able to stop projectiles, but it'll interrupt the move. It also pushes enemies and items away. When used on the ground, it'll make Pit travel a slightly longer distance.

If the move's time limit is over, Pit will be put into a helpless state, although it can be canceled at any time with an aerial attack, which won't make him helpless.

The only downside to this move is that if Pit is hit while using it, he cannot use it again until he lands. This does not occur if the move is interrupted during the initial jump.

When Pit lands on the ground, he'll be able to use Wings of Icarus again. However, it'll take some time - approximately 2 seconds - until the move's "power" is restored. If it's used again before it's fully "charged", the total flying time limit will be shorter. The minimum limit is around 1 second.

Instructional quotes[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl instruction booklet PitHeadSSBB.png Fly around the stage with your wings. The effect will only last a short while.


Wing dashing[edit]

Wing dashing is an advanced technique discovered by kupo15 that can only be used by Pit. It is the input of four moves in rapid succession to produce a motion similar to that of wavedashing, although it is more difficult to make a wingdash go a similar distance.[1]

To wingdash, the player must input a short hop or a jump, then activate Wings of Icarus. While using Wings of Icarus, the player must press left or right based on the desired direction, then perform a down aerial. If done correctly, Pit will slide in a way akin to a wavedash with zero lag thanks to down aerial's autocancel. As a result, the technique can be used for spacing and movement quite effectively. Given the requirement to input a down aerial, this can also be used to pick up items without committing to any animations. It can also be used to escape some attacks.[2]

It's also possible to wingdash from a footstool, and the windbox from Wings of Icarus sends opponents a small distance away.[3] This can potentially be used for mixups.

Wing Landing[edit]

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Due to the properties of Wings of Icarus, it's possible to land immediately after using it from a grounded state.[4] This can be done by tapping up and immediately using down aerial. If done during the turnaround animation, there can potentially be no lag at all.


Official artwork for the Angel's Feather item in Kid Icarus.

The move is based on the Angel's Feather item from Kid Icarus, which allowed him to fly back up should he fall off the bottom of the screen, and the Wings of Pegasus, one of the Three Sacred Treasures, which allowed Pit to fly freely.



  • When Pit is in metal form, Wings of Icarus will only slow his fall, unless used directly from the ground. This also applies to his jumps, as it does to any metal character with multiple jumps.
  • While Pit can cancel out of this move by attacking, he cannot air dodge out of it.
  • This is the only non-tether up special to be changed in Smash 4.