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Three Sacred Treasures

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Three Sacred Treasures
Pit´s Three Sacred Treasures.jpg
User Pit
Universe Kid Icarus
Article on Icaruspedia Three Sacred Treasures

The Three Sacred Treasures (三種の神器, Three Sacred Treasures) is Pit's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. 4.


When used, Pit equips the Wings of Pegasus and the Mirror Shield while saying "Equipped!" ("装着!", Equipping!) or "Bye now!" ("ピット行きます!", Here goes Pit!), then proceeds to equip the Arrow of Light before firing off a series of enchanted arrows that rack up damage. Pit calls out "Three Sacred Treasures!" ("三種の神器!", Three Sacred Treasures!) before attacking. The Final Smash ends with Pit covering the entirety of the arena with showers of large pillars of light, knocking opponents away and possibly KOing them. The attacks he can use during the Final Smash are as follows:

  • The first barrage summons five orange arrows that spread in an arc in front of him: each do 2%;
  • The second barrage shoots three orange arrows that aim slightly towards the closest enemy: each do 4%;
  • The third barrage fires a large yellow arrow that homes in onto opponents and deals 12%;
  • The fourth barrage fires four green energy blasts that home in on the opponent's current location, each do 2%;
  • The final barrage has Pit shooting blue arrows into the sky, causing eight large pillars of burning blue light to shine down from the heavens and damage all those who get hit in the process; each pillar lasts for less than half a second, is randomly aimed (like Brawl's PK Starstorm) and deals 15% with high knockback.

The majority of the Final Smash is used to fire off the first four types of barrages, and the final barrage is designed to KO opponents with its high knockback; because of its unpredictability, however, the final barrage can miss opponents even if they are standing still, especially since the beams of light do not last for long at all, and the other barrages do very little knockback, designed to rack up damage.

The player does not control Pit for the duration, and Pit automatically aims at enemies as he fires, but cannot turn around. As such, the vast majority of the attack can be avoided simply by standing behind him.

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS case foldout PitHeadSSB4-3.png Unleash the power of the Three Sacred Treasures.

Trophy descriptions[edit]

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS[edit]

Three Sacred Treasures Trophy in for 3DS
Three Sacred Treasures
Ntsc The powerful treasures used to defeat Medusa, the Three Sacred Treasures include the Arrow of Light, Wings of Pegasus, and Mirror Shield. That reminds me of a bit of trivia: there are in real life Three Sacred Treasures in Japan, but they are a sword, a mirror, and a jewel.
Pal These treasures, once used to defeat Medusa, are the Arrow of Light, the Wings of Pegasus and the Mirror Shield. And now for some trivia: the Imperial Regalia of Japan are also known as the Three Sacred Treasures, but those those three are a sword, a mirror and a jewel.

In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

Three Sacred Treasures Trophy in for Wii U
Three Sacred Treasures
Ntsc The Arrow of Light, the Wings of Pegasus, and the Mirror Shield-three legendary artifacts that Pit once used to defeat the evil Medusa. When you activate Pit's Final Smash, he can use them in this game too! After firing a barrage of different bow attacks, his final shot will cause powerful light pillars to rain down on the battlefield.
Pal The Arrow of Light, the Wings of Pegasus and the Mirror Shield - three legendary artifacts that Pit once used to defeat the evil Medusa. And when you activate his Final Smash, he can use them in this game too! After firing a medley of different bow attacks, his final shot makes powerful light pillars rain down on the battlefield.


No. Image Name Type Class Slots Base Power Max Power Base Attack Max Attack Base Defense Max Defense Ability Series
Artwork used for the Three Sacred Treasures Spirit. Ripped from Game Files
Three Sacred Treasures
★★★ 3 2709 8131 1292 3877 1217 3652 Shooting Items Power ↑ Kid Icarus Series


Official artwork of Pit wearing the Three Sacred Treasures from Kid Icarus: Uprising.

The Three Sacred Treasures are said to be the strongest weapons within Angel Land. When combined they are said to have the ability to destroy any foe the wearer faces. The Three Sacred Treasures, by name, are: the Arrow of Light, the Mirror Shield, and the Wings of Pegasus.

In Kid Icarus: Uprising, the Three Sacred Treasures are stolen by Space Pirates. Upon being reclaimed by Pit, he uses them to confront Medusa. In gameplay, the Arrows of Light are the only weapon capable of damaging and killing Ornes, the Mirror Shield passively blocks attacks from Pit's right side, and the Wings of Pegasus allow Pit to fly for longer than five minutes. Pit turns to the Treasures once more later on against Hades, but Hades destroys them, forcing Pit to seek a greater weapon from Dyntos, the god of the forge. Once these chapters are completed, the player has the option of replaying them without the Treasures active.

The last barrage of the Final Smash is reminiscent of the bow's special attack during flight stages in Kid Icarus: Uprising, wherein Pit or Dark Pit fires into the sky and rains beams of light to clear the screen of most enemies.

In Uprising, when Pit equips the Three Sacred Treasures, he shouts "Equipped!", which is one of his possible lines in Smash 4.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese 三種の神器
UK English Three Sacred Treasures
Quebec French (NTSC) Trois trésors sacrés
Spain Spanish Tres tesoros sagrados


  • Interestingly enough, in Smash 4, Pit wields the Three Sacred Treasures on the opposite arms from that of his Uprising appearance. In Kid Icarus: Uprising Pit wields the Mirror Shield in his right arm and the Light Arrow Bow with his left hand. However, in Smash 4, the bow is in his right hand, and the shield is on his left arm.
    • However, this could be due to the fact in the Smash series, Pit wields his bow in his right hand (left eye dominance), while using it with his left in Uprising (right eye dominance).
  • A trophy about the Three Sacred Treasures also exists in the 3DS version of the game but makes no reference to their use in Pit's Final Smash.