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Triple Wolf

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Triple Wolf
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Terry's Triple Wolf in Ultimate.
User Terry
Universe Fatal Fury
For Terry's Super Special Moves, see Power Geyser and Buster Wolf.

Triple Wolf is Terry's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Upon activation, Terry will shout "Overheat!" and release a Triple Geyser, consisting of three consecutive Power Geysers. If an opponent is hit by one of these geysers, gameplay will transition into a cutscene, where Terry will perform a Power Dunk, shouting "Slam!", before charging his fist up, declaring "Here's the big one!" and performing a cinematic Buster Wolf while shouting “BUSTER WOLF!!”. If multiple opponents are hit by the Triple Geyser, only the first one will be subject to the full combo.

The Triple Geyser is capable of dealing a lot of damage to bystanders; the cinematic finisher can KO Mario at around 60% from the center of an Ω form stage, while the geysers themselves can KO at around 130% under the same conditions, though the latter is only relevant if the move strikes multiple opponents. Due to the move's massive range and ability to combo from a wide variety of Terry’s moves, it is an effective Final Smash against single opponents.


Terry can perform Triple Wolf out of most attacks, as part of his special-canceling mechanic. By pressing the special button after connecting with one of his standard attacks or most special moves (i.e. all except Power Wave and Power Geyser) while in standby, Terry will cancel the endlag of the attack and perform a Triple Wolf.

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List TerryHeadSSBU.png A powerful triple combo that starts with Triple Geyser, continues with Power Dunk, and ends with Buster Wolf. Triple Geyser can damage multiple opponents, but only the first opponent it hits suffers the full combo.


The move combines Power Dunk, a special move of Terry's, with Triple Geyser and Buster Wolf, two of Terry's Super Special Moves from the Fatal Fury series. Triple Geyser, an improved version of the Power Geyser, was first introduced in Fatal Fury 3, where it was a Hidden Super Desperation Move that required a hidden button combo pre-match to use (as Power Geyser was a Desperation Move). Later games in the King of Fighters series regulated it a Super Desperation Move available when Terry had a full super meter while having his health low enough to use a Desperation Move at will. Buster Wolf was introduced in Garou: Mark of the Wolves. The incorporation of Power Dunk in the Final Smash could be a reference to Real Bout Fatal Fury Special, where it is used as the first part of Terry's secret Desperation Move, High-Angle Geyser, or The King of Fighters XIV, where it is turned into a super move in the form of Star Dunk Volcano.

Terry's cries of "Here's the big one!" and "BUSTER WOLF!!" in this Final Smash are heavily inspired by his voice clips for EX Buster Wolf from The King of Fighters XIV.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese トリプルウルフ, Triple Wolf
UK English Triple Wolf
Quebec French (NTSC) Triple Wolf
Germany German Triple Wolf
Italy Italian Triple Wolf
Mexico Spanish (NTSC) Triple Wolf
Netherlands Dutch Triowolf


  • Using this move against Mr. Game & Watch will show his model in 3D.
  • When using Triple Wolf in the air, the motions that Terry does mimic his Real Bout Fatal Fury Special version of Triple Geyser instead of the normal animation, performing an uppercut for the second geyser instead of a pound with his opposing fist.
  • When Terry performs the Power Dunk during Triple Wolf on any character, he will hit them in the chest or stomach. The one exception to this is Min Min, in which Terry strikes her on the back of the head instead.
  • This is the only Final Smash used by a DLC fighter in Ultimate not to call upon other characters to aid the user.