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This article is about Min Min's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For the character in other contexts, see Min Min.
Min Min
in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Min Min
Symbol of the ARMS series.
Universe ARMS
Availability Downloadable
Final Smash ARMS Rush
Tier S- (16)
Min Min Arms Herself!
—Introduction tagline

Min Min (ミェンミェン, MinMin) is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. She is the seventh downloadable character in Ultimate and the first downloadable character of Fighters Pass Vol. 2. An ARMS character was announced to be playable as part of Challenger Pack 6 on March 26th, 2020 during a Nintendo Direct Mini. However, it was not revealed that it would be Min Min until June 22nd, 2020 during a Mr. Sakurai Presents. Min Min was released as part of Challenger Pack 6 on June 29th, 2020 (June 30th, 2020 in Europe and Asia), and is classified as Fighter #76.

Haruna Takatsu reprises her role as Min Min, with her portrayal from ARMS being re-purposed for Ultimate in all regions.

Min Min currently ranks 16th out of 82 on the Ultimate tier list, placing her in the middle of the S- tier. Min Min's greatest strength is the outstanding amount of melee range granted to her by her ARMS attacks — the type of which is traditionally reserved for attacks with projectile properties — giving her ample levels of safety to attack opponents from anywhere on the stage and pile on damage with very few interactions. This is complemented by her ability to move and jump while using her regular ranged attacks, making her a deceptively evasive character in neutral that can mix up her spacing and approaches. In addition, Min Min's ability to swap the individual traits of her ARMS-based attacks via ARMS Change gives her extensive neutral game and advantage state options, and also grants her some of the deadliest tech-chasing, edgeguarding, and ledgetrapping options in the game. Finally, Min Min also possesses several close-quarter attacks that have fast startup, high KO power and solid range, allowing her to stand a chance when fighting opponents up close.

However, Min Min does sport some flaws. Her primary weakness is her extremely fragile off-stage endurance, as a result of her slow air speed and the relatively short horizontal range of her tether recovery. These traits are compounded by a lack of reliable combo breakers, making her very ineffectual while she is in a disadvantaged state. Several of Min Min's attacks are also highly committal in spite of their fast startup, making her highly whiff punishable at certain ranges. In addition, Min Min's attacks rely on precision due to their hitbox placements being limited to the fist portion of her ARMS, and her relative lack of shield safety means she can struggle against faster characters that can close the distance easier.

Despite these drawbacks and game updates nerfing her in a few ways, Min Min's pros largely outweigh her cons, and she has consistently maintained strong representation at all levels of competitive play since her release. She is believed to be able to contend against many characters in the top tier echelon, and has seen notable tournament results courtesy of players such as Dabuz, Doramigi, and ProtoBanham.


Although Min Min's physique is athletic and slender, the ARMS she wields render her as a heavyweight that weighs as much as Link, Yoshi, Captain Falcon, and Mii Gunner. Her base stats are true to this weight class as well, with an average walking speed, the 20th slowest dashing speed, and the 6th slowest air speed. As an ARMS fighter, Min Min's playstyle can be considered a hybrid of Little Mac and Simon's, with an emphasis on both strong punches and keeping foes at a distance. Although her punches have the most melee range of any attack in the game, their hitboxes located strictly on her equipped ARMS, and do not cover her extendable ARMS. As a result, Min Min requires much stricter attack positioning to keep opponents away at a safe distance in comparison to other fighters dependent on spacing, such as Marth or Corrin.

Min Min's biggest strength is arguably the sheer versatility of her moveset. Her down special, ARMS Change, allows her to swap between a trio of ARMS which can be equipped to her right ARM: the Ramram, which is not as powerful as her other ARMS but can be angled in a wider arc; the Megawatt, which lacks in speed and range but compensates with high power; and the Dragon, which can fire a laser if the attack button for Min Min's respective ARM is held down. ARMS Change does not incur any ending lag, allowing her to swap her right ARM instantly as needed, allowing for a potential surprise attack. Min Min can uniquely attack with one ARM and use the other one mid-attack (and can do so in entirely different directions), as the A button triggers attacks with her left ARM, while the B button triggers attacks with her right.

This effect also applies to her forward smash attacks, granting her a distinctly high damage dispensing ceiling. While this effectively deprives her of any traditional neutral and side special moves, this gives her a very strong mix-up game: she can use both ARMS to catch foes off guard before attacking, as well as cover a myriad of tech chasing options. She can also jump mid-punch, giving her a decent ground-to-air game, although this is mostly effective when Ramram is active due to its vertical coverage.

In the air, Min Min's forward and back aerials retain the same function as they do on the ground, though she uniquely has the ability to perform forward smashes while airborne. This allows her to sport KO potential even in air-to-air engagements, as well as giving her additional unique landing options. Her neutral aerial spins Min Min's left ARM in a circular motion, which can be reliably spaced and used as a defensive option. Uniquely, her airborne neutral special is nearly identical to her neutral aerial, while utilizing her currently equipped right ARM instead of her left. Although the different ARMS sport different traits in terms of startup, speed and active frames, they all have the same amount of landing lag. The Megawatt version of Min Min's airborne neutral special is notably capable of KOing, while the Ramram version can combo into itself at low percentages, and lead into forward and back aerial combos, which in some circumstances may lead to early KOs.

One of Min Min's most atypical but valuable perks is her ability to keep pressure and potentially start combos far from harm's way. Being able to consecutively string multiple tilts and forward smashes into one another allows Min Min to hit confirm into extreme amounts of damage from afar with a comparatively few amounts of hits. With the right precision and spacing, Min Min can cause an onslaught of constant attacks that can combo into one another without any risk of retaliation, while continuously remaining in a position to do it again. This is especially dangerous when any character is offstage, as any who try to recover horizontally are at risk of being KO'd even at 0% thanks to the sheer range provided by Min Min's ARMS.

Although Min Min is afforded safety from on-stage against horizontal recoveries, the speed of Min Min's attacks in the air grant her plenty of opportunities in edge-guarding from off-stage as well, and ARMS Jump allows her to pursue and edge-guard opponents who recover high. Depending on the currently equipped ARM, Min Min can even beat out oncoming projectiles from characters attempting to pressure her from afar. The core of her security is from the inability to counter an ARM at mid-to-long range in any way that would put her at risk, and no ARM nor any of their effects can be reflected.

While punches comprise the bulk of her moveset, Min Min also has a handful of kicks that also have utility. Her down tilt is a sliding kick that, despite its meager damage output, allows her to approach foes reliably due to its speed and distance covered, and it can also start combos. Her dash attack gives her a solid burst option given her lack in mobility, can lead to follow-ups at low percentages, and is able to cross-up shields when used at close range. Her up aerial has a good horizontal range in front of her that makes it good for performing combos on landing, while her down aerial is decently strong and can function as a combo breaker if there is enough vertical distance.

Min Min's up smash and down smash have great power when sweetspotted, being very strong KO options. Both Min Min's up smash and up tilt have very fast startup, as well as great vertical range, giving her both a strong out of shield option and useful anti-air. Additionally, her up smash has the unique properties of sporting a reflector hitbox, which is active one frame before its attack hitbox, and has one persistent reflector hitbox in front of her for the duration of the move, as well as moving ones on her legs. Because of the reflector being applied to her up smash, she sports the fastest out of shield reflector in the game, and is able to cover both close-range approaches and point-blank projectile options.

Min Min also has a useful grab game; her grab has the second-longest range of all grabs in the game, and each of her throws have worthwhile utility. Her forward throw can force opponents offstage and set up easy tech chase combos at lower percentages, her up and back throws have strong KO potential, and her down throw, despite its inability to start combos reliably, can still follow up if the opponent does not react accordingly. Throwing also has the benefit of charging her left Dragon ARM; this charged up state lasts for ≈20 seconds (barring the sustaining of heavy knockback), and gives her a damage and knockback boost on any attack made with her left Dragon ARM, including its laser. However, one key flaw with her grab is that it has the longest startup of any grab in the game, and considerable end lag if missed, rendering it a risky option to use in neutral and largely saved for landing and whiff punishing.

Despite all of Min Min's unique perks, her moveset does come with weaknesses. As her ARMS' hitboxes are located on her "fists", foes can easily close in on her if she makes a mistake in spacing or timing her punches. While the Ramram's wide curving arc can somewhat alleviate this, its hitboxes are rendered inactive during the last few frames of retraction, requiring her to properly move, time and alternate between ARMS in order to offset her vulnerability, giving her a notably high skill floor. Since this problem is not shared with other range-dependent fighters (such as Shulk), this means that there are bound to be blind spots on Min Min's fist attacks, even against larger characters.

One downside to Min Min's more streamlined playstyle is her relative lack of variance between individual moves. Lacking a standard forward tilt and relying on her forward smash, forward aerial and neutral moves means that Min Min's main moves are far more prone to becoming stale compared to other characters. Even with the various ARMS to swap between, their counter-play remains relatively similar across all three. Many of her moves are meant for combat from much greater distances, and while she sports many close-range moves with fast startup as a last line of defense, they are generally plagued with notable end lag, making them highly committal and punishable if whiffed or blocked. This means that characters with fast mobility are particularly difficult for Min Min to fight, especially if they have high damage per second or KO potentials, as she lacks tools to handle them up close and any easy way to keep them at bay without committing to high vulnerability reads.

Min Min further suffers from her very poor disadvantage state. She has almost no moves to break out of disadvantage once she is in it, lacking any functional combo breakers outside of situational usage of down and neutral aerials. This, coupled with her slow fall speed, makes her prone to getting juggled. Her up special has a long range as a tether recovery, but will only work if Min Min is sufficiently close to an edge, which means that any stray aerial from any character may be enough to edge-guard and gimp her, even at surprisingly low percentages. This is compounded by her abysmal air speed, which makes both recovering and avoiding repeated attacks all the more difficult. Finally, while she has more range to control and threaten with than any other character, she can occasionally struggle with being conditioned by opponents in the neutral game.

Min Min's up smash, despite also doubling as a reflector, is highly committal, making it an inferior option against certain projectile users (such as Mega Man or the Links), as they can pressure her with multiple fast projectiles that her reflector is unable to account for. While her ARMS can beat out weaker projectiles, there are quite a few that either clank or have transcendent priority, which forces her to play aggressively and risk slipping into her poor disadvantageous state. This issue is exacerbated particularly against characters who have reflectors of their own, and are able to reflect their own projectiles back at her.

Overall, Min Min is a character well equipped with unique tools and traits that have her play a hybrid gameplay style, incorporating elements of zoning as well as the aggressive usage of long-ranged attacks. Her fast overall frame data, strong anti-aerial prowess, and ability to alternate between attacks while retaining mobility make for a character who maintains a strong pressure game that can discombobulate opponents, allowing her to mix up her play from multiple angles in deceptive ways. Her ability to switch the traits of her attacks also gives her unique frame trapping and tech-chasing capabilities, as well as a deadly edge-guarding game. This adds up to Min Min having a profound snowball effect whenever she gains advantage in battle. However, the combination of her precision-reliant hitboxes, subpar disadvantage state, punishable frame data on select key moves, and high learning curve collectively mean that Min Min's player has to possess the ingenuity to master precision, proper conditioning, and reads in order to combat opponents who are capable of rushing her down, playing a stronger defensive game, or taking advantage of her blind spots.

Update history[edit]

Aside from a glitch fix in update 8.1.0, Min Min received a mix of buffs and nerfs via game updates, but was nerfed overall. In update 9.0.0, neutral infinite's finisher received transcendent priority as part of a near-universal buff. Following this, update 11.0.0 nerfed Min Min in a few ways. Forward smash's holding charge duration was shortened significantly, and the Dragon ARM's KO potential was toned down slightly due to its laser's base knockback being decreased. Aside from these changes, Min Min's air dodge gained noticeably more ending lag; previously, it was the second fastest in the game, but is now approximately average compared to the rest of the cast's air dodges.

Update 12.0.0 marginally improved neutral infinite by slightly enlarging its hitboxes, yet nerfed Min Min in a few ways. Up smash is 1 frame slower overall, and its sweetspot's KO potential was toned down slightly due to its knockback growth being decreased. In addition, ARM Hook's tether detection was decreased by 2 frames, which causes Min Min to start her tether recovery slightly slower.

Lastly, update 13.0.1 adjusted Min Min's jab lock animation to be consistent with the rest of the cast. Technically, this counts as a buff, thanks to it making the window for jab locked punishes on Min Min less lenient. However, Min Min was yet again nerfed in a few ways: her neutral aerial's landing lag was increased by 2 frames, her forward tilt and forward smash deal less shield damage, and forward smash's Dragon laser has less active frames.

Overall, Min Min continues to achieve respectable results in tournaments, even in spite of her nerfs making some of her more dominant options being slightly easier to punish. As a result, she fares mildly worse than she did when she was first released.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 8.1.0

  • Bug fix Fixed the T-Pose glitch.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 9.0.0

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 11.0.0

  • Nerf Air dodge has more ending lag (FAF 40 → 51), matching the rest of the cast.
  • Forward smash:
    • Nerf Min Min cannot hold the charge as long after it is fully charged (120 frames → 30).
    • Nerf Has less base knockback for the dragon's lasers while using Dragon ARM (70 → 65).
  • Change Changed the length of vulnerability when crumpling to be consistent with other fighters.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 12.0.0

  • Buff Rapid jab's hitboxes are slightly longer (Y/Y2 offset: 5.5—11.5 → 5.4—11.6) and the farthest one is slightly bigger (5.5u → 5.6u).
  • Nerf Up smash has more startup lag (frame 7 → 8), and its reflector starts later (frame 6 → 7), with its total duration increased as well (FAF 53 → 54).
  • Nerf Up smash's sweetspot has less knockback scaling (80 → 77 (early)/76 (mid)/75 (late)).
  • Nerf ARM Hook cannot grab ledges as early (frame 5 → 7).

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 13.0.1

  • Buff The animation for jab resets was adjusted to no longer be much longer than the rest of the cast.
  • Nerf Neutral aerial has more landing lag (10 frames → 12).
  • Nerf Forward tilt deals less shield damage (0 (all) → -2.5 (Ramram/Dragon)/-3.5 (Megawatt).
  • Nerf Forward smash deals less shield damage (0 (all) → -4 (Ramram)/-6 (Megawatt)/-3.5 (Dragon).
  • Nerf Forward smash's Dragon laser has less active frames.


  • Min Min has an unorthodox control scheme for the Super Smash Bros. series: the attack (A by default) and special (B by default) buttons are designated to her left and right ARMS respectively, allowing her to attack while alternating between ARMS. Pressing these buttons simultaneously will have Min Min attack with each ARM one after the other, with a short pause in between. As a result of this unique control scheme, Min Min's special moveset technically consists of only an up special move (ARMS Jump / ARM Hook) and a down special move (ARMS Change).
    • She can move around and jump while performing the tilt version of said attacks and use the smash version in the air. Min Min can also punch behind herself when alternating punches, angle the attacks upward and downward when on the ground, and even crouch during the tilt version of these attacks. The arms lack hurtboxes, making them disjointed, with the ARMS being the actual hitboxes only when extending outward. The ARMS will bounce back upon hitting shields, walls, or floors.
  • Min Min's forward smash has a different charging animation depending on if she is punching forward or backward.
  • Min Min's right ARM can be swapped between three ARMS—the Ramram, the Megawatt and the Dragon—by using ARMS Change.
  • If Min Min charges a smash attack for ≈15 frames (grounded only, except for the Dragon ARM for aerial smash attacks), her ARM will generate additional effects. More details are mentioned below.
  • After throwing an opponent or while she has the Final Smash aura, Min Min's left ARM will be charged for ≈20 seconds. This is indicated by the ARM changing appearance, which also increases its damage and knockback (see below).

For a gallery of Min Min's hitboxes, see here.

Note: All numbers are listed as base damage, without the 1v1 multiplier.

  Name Damage Description
Min Min Dragon Dragon Plus Megawatt Ramram
Neutral attack Kung Fu Combo (カンフーコンボ) 2.5% Tapped: A mid-level roundhouse kick, followed by a legsweep, followed by a high-level roundhouse kick. When button mashed, Min Min performs a rapid series of low-, mid-, and high-level side kicks before concluding with a high-level side kick. The regular neutral attack can KO at very high percentages.

Held (Attack): Min Min performs a forward tilt with her left ARM. See below for details.

Held (Special): Min Min performs a forward tilt with her right ARM. See below for details.
0.5% (loop), 5% (last)
Forward tilt Punch (パンチ) 8% 9.2% 11% 5%, 2.5% (ring) Attack: Throws a single straight punch with her left ARM.

Special: Throws a single straight punch with her right ARM.

With either ARM, Min Min can move slowly and jump during this move, similarly to Mega Man's forward tilt. The attack can be angled so that it curves upward or downward.
Up tilt Wheel Kick (ホイールキック) 7% (clean foot), 5% (clean leg), 6% (late foot), 4% (late leg) A handstand version of the aú aberto, one of many cartwheeling kicks in capoeira. It has rather quick startup and respectable vertical range, but has noticeable ending lag. As a result, it is a useful anti-air attack, and can function as a decent out of shield option. Although situational, it is capable of KOing at very high percentages when sweetspotted, and it can combo into itself at very low percentages during its final frames.
Down tilt Slide (スライディング, Sliding) 7% (clean foot), 5% (clean leg), 5.5% (late foot), 3.5% (late leg) A baseball slide. It can low-profile many attacks, and can start combos at low-mid percentages, such as into neutral aerial, up aerial, or up smash. Her legs gain intangibility during frames 10-14. It is potentially a reference to one of Kid Cobra's abilities in ARMS, in which his charged dash is a slide that can enable him to evade incoming punches and close in on opponents.
Dash attack Jumping Kick (跳び蹴り) 10% (clean foot), 8% (clean leg/late foot), 6% (late leg) A flying kick. It covers a lot of distance, which is especially useful due to Min Min's slow ground speed. It can also cross up shields during its beginning frames.
Forward smash Punch (パンチ) 12% (close), 16% (mid), 13% (far), 7% (laser), 13.8% (charged close), 18.4% (charged mid), 14.95% (charged far), 12% (charged laser) 15% (close), 20% (mid), 16.25% (late), 12% (laser) 19% (close), 21% (mid), 19% (far), 21.85% (charged close), 24.15% (charged mid), 21.85% (charged far) 10% (close/mid), 12% (far), 2.5% (ring), 11.5% (charged close/mid), 13.8% (charged far), 4% (charged ring) Attack: Throws a single straight punch with her left ARM.

Special: Throws a single straight punch with her right ARM.

Additionally, pressing the attack and special buttons together leads to a unique smash attack that throws both her left and right ARMS, the latter coming very shortly after the former. Her forward smash is slightly stronger than most of her other punching moves and has more range. The attack can be angled so that it curves upward or downward. It is strongest when hitting right before full extension, and is weaker at the start and at maximum range. If the smash is charged for more than 15 frames (0.25 seconds), its base damage increases. In addition, the Dragon's laser becomes Plus, the Megawatt becomes electrified, and the Ramram becomes fiery. Interestingly, Min Min cannot be flipped around while charging her forward smash. As of update 11.0.0, Min Min can only hold a charged forward smash for half a second (30 frames) instead of the usual 2 seconds (120 frames).
Up smash Somersault Kick (サマーソルトキック) 16% (clean foot), 14% (clean leg/mid foot), 12% (mid leg/late foot), 10% (late leg)
1.8× (reflected projectiles)
A handstand bicycle kick. Grants intangibility in her legs (frames 5-7 for both legs, and 8-13 for her kicking leg) and can reflect projectiles. Unlike most reflectors, it can be used from out of shield effectively, aiding her defense. It also has respectable vertical range, but high ending lag. Her hurtbox is also raised due to the height she leaps during the kick, which may cause certain low- and mid-level attacks to miss her. It is based on her ability to deflect attacks with a kick in ARMS.
Down smash Two-Way Kick (両サイドにキック) 15% (feet), 13% (legs) A split kick. Grants her legs intangibility (frames 4-6). Has a sourspot located on her legs. Both sides have equal strength.
Neutral aerial   8.5% 9.775% 12% 6% Attack: Swings her left ARM around herself in a downward circular motion.

Special: Swings her right ARM around herself in a downward circular motion.

The Ramram variant is extremely fast and can be used in quick succession, allowing it to combo into itself without the need to land on the ground. The Megawatt variant is notorious for its high power, being able to KO under 100% near the top blast line. Lastly, the Dragon variant falls in between with a decent balance of speed and power, although it gains decent KO potential when powered up by a throw. One thing that all of the neutral aerial variants have in common is that they function as a versatile combo starter on landing; it can combo into down tilt, forward tilt/held neutral attack, dash attack, and even forward smash at low percentages. As of update 13.0.1, however, its higher landing lag makes these combos less consistent and thus riskier to perform. Due to its versatility, it is one of Min Min's most useful moves overall.
Forward aerial Punch (パンチ) 8% (tilted), 12% (smashed close), 16% (smashed mid), 13% (smashed far), 7% (smashed laser) 9.2% (tilted), 15% (smashed close), 20% (smashed mid), 16.25% (smashed late), 12% (smashed laser) 11% (tilted), 19% (smashed close), 21% (smashed mid), 19% (smashed far) 5% (tilted), 10% (smashed close/mid), 12% (smashed far), 2.5% (ring) Attack: Throws a single straight punch with her left ARM.

Special: Throws a single straight punch with her right ARM.

If performed using a smash input, the move will have more range and power but will be slower, with similar properties to forward smash. If using the smash input, Min Min will temporarily stall in the air, but only for her first input. Additionally, doing so will prevent her from being able to fast fall until she either uses a standard aerial or jumps. Unlike the grounded version of these attacks, this attack cannot be angled.
Back aerial Punch (パンチ) (same as forward aerial) Attack: Throws a single straight punch behind her with her left ARM.

Special: Throws a single straight punch behind her with her right ARM.

If performed using a smash input, the move will have more range and power but will be slower, with similar properties to forward smash, including the ability to be angled. If using the smash input, Min Min will temporarily stall in the air, but only for her first input.
Up aerial Midair Somersault Kick (空中サマーソルトキック) 6.5% (foot), 4.5% (leg) A bicycle kick. It cannot combo into itself without landing due to its slightly higher ending lag compared to similar up aerials. However, it is slightly stronger overall when sweetspotted, to the point that it can KO at around 130% while near the upper blast line.
Down aerial Dive Kick (急降下キック) 11% (clean), 9% (late), 3% (landing) A diagonal flying kick. It can meteor smash at the start of the move. Due to its status as a stall-then-fall, it can be used to break out of disadvantage, although it is can be reacted to easily with proper prediction.
Grab   Extends her ARMS to clinch the opponent. Min Min has an extended grab, which is identical to her grab in ARMS, albeit unable to reach the same range as her punches. By far the slowest startup of any grab in Ultimate, but it makes up for this by having the second-longest range of all grabs in the game (with only the Grapple Beam surpassing it). While it has extreme range, it is merely an extended grab, not a tether grab, much like how the Hookshot and the Grapple Beam function in SSB. As a result, it does not function as a grab aerial and, by extension, cannot be used as a tether recovery.
Pummel   1.5% A knee strike.
Forward throw   5% (hit 1), 4% (throw) A side kick. It puts opponents into an unfavorable position offstage, and most notably, it can lead into a forward smash at low-mid percentages. While it isn't a true combo, the opponent has very few options to escape afterwards, most of which Min Min can react to. The move also resembles her grab's throw in ARMS.
Back throw   14% (hitbox), — (throw) A German suplex. It functions almost identically to Incineroar's back throw, albeit with less base knockback and a slightly different animation. It is Min Min's strongest throw, and can KO at around 120% while near the edge. However, it is very susceptible to DI because of its diagonal angle, making it KO later if DI'd correctly. Nearby opponents will take damage as well.
Up throw   2% (hit 1), 8% (throw) A stretch kick. It has an extreme amount of ending lag, to where it could be unsafe on hit at low percentages. However, to make up for this, it has above-average KO potential for an up throw; it can KO Mario at around 150% on Final Destination. It is almost identical to Ninjara's throw in ARMS.
Down throw   4% (hit 1), 4% (throw) Pins the opponent down and performs a somersault axe kick. Despite heavily resembling Sheik's down throw, Min Min's lacks combo potential due to its high ending lag. As a result, its only purpose is to initiate tech-chasing on platforms.
Floor attack (front)   7% Gets up and swings her left ARM around herself.
Floor attack (back)   7% Gets up and swings her left ARM around herself.
Floor attack (trip)   5% A sweep kick.
Edge attack   9% A sliding low-level roundhouse kick. It has decent range.
Neutral special Punch (see neutral attack above) (see neutral aerial and forward tilt above) Tapped (Ground): Identical to her tapped neutral attack (see above for details).

Held (Ground): Identical to her forward tilt (see above for details).

Air: Identical to her neutral aerial (see above for details).
Side special Punch (see forward tilt, forward smash, forward aerial, and back aerial above) Ground: Identical to her forward tilt and forward smash (see above for details).

Air: Identical to her forward aerial and backward aerial (see above for details).
Up special ARMS Jump / ARM Hook 9% (ARM Hook) 10.35% (ARM Hook) ARMS Jump: On the ground, Min Min uses her ARMS to springboard herself into the air. It can be charged, which increases her height and can be angled horizontally. It also grants intangibility as she begins to ascend (frames 8-13 on her whole body if uncharged; 8-17 on her ARMS and 18-25 on her whole body if charged). However, it cannot be used if either of her ARMS is extended. Despite its lack of a hitbox, its intangibility makes it a decent out of shield option to escape shield pressure and reset the neutral game.

ARM Hook: In the air, Min Min uses her left Dragon ARM as a tether recovery. The tether will retract once pressing up or any button. ARM Hook is difficult to use as an attack due to its vertically diagonal trajectory, but its decent horizontal knockback enables it to KO around 110% while near the edge and 95% while powered up.

Down special ARMS Change Swaps between three different ARMS (see section below), each of which have a different effect on her ARM-based moves. She cannot swap while attacking or while unable to move. Swapping is active on frame 1, and ARMS can attack instantly with a changed ARM.
Final Smash ARMS Rush 10% (punch), 0.8% (hits 1-18), 15% (ending) Min Min punches forward with a powered-up left Dragon ARM. If this punch connects with a fighter, a cinematic will play in which six ARMS fighters (Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Ninjara, Twintelle, Mechanica, and Master Mummy) will attack the fighter with a barrage of punches. Min Min then uses her left Dragon ARM's laser to blast the opponent against a gong to finish the Final Smash. Unlike most Final Smashes, ARMS Rush can only affect one target, as any additional bystanders hit by the first punch will simply be launched away.


Min Min's ARMS, as shown via Move List.

Min Min uses her standard ARMS from ARMS, which can be switched freely using ARMS Change. Only her right ARM (which is controlled with the special button) can be switched, whereas her left ARM (which is controlled with normal inputs) is always the Dragon ARM. Every switch is accompanied by a unique sound effect.

Right ARM:

  • Ramram: Min Min's default right ARM. It is her fastest ARM, but also the weakest. While attacking with Punch, it throws out a chakram that is flung in an upward circle before returning to her. It can be angled to slightly change its trajectory. If charged for more than 15 frames during her forward smash, the chakram will be set aflame, inflicting flaming damage to enemies. The chakram does not stop moving when it strikes an opponent, and it cannot be reflected.
  • Megawatt: A meteor hammer-like weapon that is her strongest ARM, but also the slowest. Every blow from the Megawatt emits a "heavy" hit sound effect, similarly to moves used by super heavyweights (such as Ganondorf). If charged for more than 15 frames during her forward smash, the Megawatt will become electrified, inflicting electrical damage to enemies.
  • Dragon: A dragon head-shaped energy cannon that acts as Min Min's fixed left ARM. It is the middle ground of her ARMS, sporting average damage, knockback and speed. If the attack button is held during a forward smash, the Dragon will fire a laser beam, which has slight homing capabilities and will attempt to aim at an opponent. If charged for more than 15 frames during her forward smash, the Dragon will change appearance and generate a stronger yellow laser beam that is encircled with a teal laser beam that inflicts more damage and knockback. This laser beam can also be generated via her aerial smash attacks, unlike the Ramram or Megawatt. Both versions of the laser beam inflict flame damage.

Left ARM:

  • Min Min's left ARM will always utilize the Dragon and, unlike her right ARM, it has the ability to become charged after throwing an opponent, much like in ARMS. The charge is indicated by flames billowing from the Dragon ARM, as well as her extendable ARM changing to look like a dragon's body. When powered up, the Dragon ARM's punch and laser will be stronger for ≈20 seconds, and the laser will take the appearance of its charged variation. Min Min's left ARM also becomes powered up after she gains her Final Smash.

Much like Incineroar's enhancement via Revenge, if Min Min's charged ARM will instantly revert to normal is she is grabbed during her charged ARM state (including other moves with grabboxes, such as Falcon Dive). The Dragon ARM's charged state will also be lost instantly if Min Min is frozen, stunned, crumpled, paralyzed, buried, falls asleep, or if she fails to tech a ground landing.

Announcer calls[edit]

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On-screen appearance[edit]

  • Jumps onto the stage while corkscrewing, assumes the Gai Bù (a stance in wushu) upon landing, and then assumes the Jin Ji Du Li (a stance in wushu).


  • Up Taunt: Performs a left-legged roundhouse kick followed by a right-legged side kick, during which she says, "哈!耶!" (an onomatopoeia). No matter what direction she faces, she always kicks first with her left leg. The finishing stance, particularly when facing leftward, is a reference to official artwork in ARMS, which is used as Min Min's fighter spirit artwork.
  • Side Taunt: Performs the Jǐ and Àn movements from 24-form tai chi chuan, then assumes the Jin Ji Du Li stance. The stance is similar to her official render in ARMS, albeit facing the camera. During the taunt, she says, "拉麺!" (Ramen!)
  • Down Taunt: Sways her ARMS in alternating circles before assuming the Tūn Bù (a stance in wushu).

Idle poses[edit]

  • Min Min hops on both feet and briefly brandishes her left ARM above her whilst her other ARM is held behind her.
  • Min Min raises her left ARM and lowers it in front of herself in a fighting stance.

Crowd cheer[edit]

Cheer (English) Cheer (Japanese/Chinese) Cheer (Italian) Cheer (Dutch) Cheer (French)
Description Min Min! *claps 3 times* Min Min! *claps 3 times* Min Min! *claps 3 times* Min Min! *claps 3 times* Min Min! *claps 3 times*
Cheer (German) Cheer (Spanish) Cheer (Russian) Cheer (Korean)
Custom combination of the flags of Canada, the USA, and Mexico.

Source, tweaked to fix rendering issues
Description Min Min! *claps 3 times* Min Min! *claps 3 times* Min Min! *claps 3 times* Min Min! *claps 3 times*

Victory poses[edit]

  • Left: Raises her left ARM in the air, whilst simultaneously swaying her hips towards her right. Afterwards, she waves both her ARMS in alternating circles, and then assumes the Fú Hǔ Bù (a stance in wushu) while saying "我愛拉麺!" ("I love ramen!") Based on one of Min Min's two victory animations from ARMS. Her right ARM is equipped with the Ramram, and her left Dragon ARM is powered up.
  • Up: Performs a butterfly twist, followed by a right-legged wheel kick, followed by a left-legged roundhouse kick in which she keeps her left leg outstretched afterwards. During this pose, Min Min says "謝謝!" ("Thank you!") Almost identical to one of Min Min's two victory animations from ARMS, albeit with her smiling instead of scowling. Her right ARM is equipped with the Megawatt.
  • Right: Performs a roundhouse kick before assuming the Chā Bù (a stance in wushu). This is based on the animation that plays after Min Min wins a round in ARMS. Her right ARM is equipped with the Dragon.
A short flourish from the ARMS Grand Prix Official Theme Song, combined with the vocals from Ribbon Girl's stage Ribbon Ring.

In competitive play[edit]

Most historically significant players[edit]

See also: Category:Min Min players (SSBU)

Tier placement and history[edit]

As a result of her very unique traits and polarized advantage and disadvantage states, the initial reception toward Min Min was mixed; some players (such as ESAM and Dabuz) believed she could be one of the best fighters in the game because of her excellence at pressuring, zoning, tech-chasing and edge-guarding, whereas other players (such as Marss) pointed out her susceptibility against faster, aerial-oriented fighters. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic being at its peak around the time of her release, especially in the west, much of the analysis of Min Min's qualities remained mostly theoretical for a long time. In Japan, where the offline metagame managed to persist in spite of the pandemic, Min Min achieved more positive impressions, courtesy of in-person tournament results from players such as Himo, Terra, and Mao.

A notable turning point for Min Min came when ProtoBanham adopted her up as a co-main to great success, most notably using Min Min to have near-dominant results in Japan in 2021. Although his dominance waned in 2022, ProtoBanham has continued to achieve success in tournaments while retaining Min Min as a co-main, as evident by him winning two overseas major/supermajor tournaments in a row. In addition, many other Japanese Min Min players began to rise prominence, most notably Doramigi, Oi, George, and Omuatsu, all of whom achieved several top 32 placements at majors and scored wins over top Japanese players. Eventually, Min Min also found success in the west thanks to the efforts of players such as Dabuz and Justice; Dabuz, in particular, used Min Min to achieve top 3 placements at multiple majors. These strong results led many players to believe that Min Min was a high tier fighter at worst; this perception was later confirmed for the most part via Min Min's current placement on the tier list, where she is ranked 16th and thus placed near the bottom of the top tier.

Classic Mode: ARMS at the Ready[edit]

Min Min's congratulations screen.

In reference to ARMS, all but one of Min Min's opponents are analogous to various characters featured in her home game. This theme is further reinforced by each Round playing a song from ARMS (regardless of what universe the stage originates from).

Round Opponent Stage Music Notes
1 MiiBrawlerHeadSSBU.png Mii Brawler (×2) Spring Stadium (Ω form) Spring Stadium Mii Brawler Combinations:

The Mii Fighters represent Spring Man and Ribbon Girl.

2 LittleMacHeadSSBU.png Little Mac Boxing Ring Sparring Ring Little Mac represents how ARMS is a combat sport similar to boxing, while the stage and its music reference Springtron.
3 SamusHeadGreenSSBU.png Samus and MegaManHeadGreenSSBU.png Mega Man Frigate Orpheon DNA Lab Samus and Mega Man represent Dr. Coyle, while the stage and its music reference the DNA Lab.
4 Giant DonkeyKongHeadWhiteSSBU.png Donkey Kong Kongo Jungle Mausoleum Donkey Kong represents Master Mummy.
5 ROBHeadYellowSSBU.png (×5), ROBHeadBlueSSBU.png (×1) R.O.B. Spring Stadium (Battlefield form) Scrapyard Horde Battle.
The R.O.B.s represent The Cell from 1-on-100 mode, while the music references Mechanica. Their alternate costumes also resemble the color schemes of Mechanica and Byte & Barq.
6 MinMinHeadSSBU.png Min Min Spring Stadium Ramen Bowl If the player uses Min Min's default costume, the CPU Min Min will use her MinMinHeadCyanSSBU.png cyan alternate costume instead.
Bonus Stage
Final Galleom Base ARMS Grand Prix Final Battle Galleom represents Max Brass while he is forcibly controlled by Hedlok during the Grand Prix's Grand Finale.

Credits roll after completing Classic Mode. Completing it as Min Min has ARMS Grand Prix Official Theme Song accompany the credits.

Role in World of Light[edit]

The message that appears after unlocking Min Min on World of Light.
The message that shows Min Min's availability in World of Light
Min Min's spirit in World of Light.
The Min Min spirit in World of Light

Despite her status as downloadable content, Min Min does have a legitimate role in World of Light, as she appears in the base version of Ultimate as a spirit that can be found in The Light Realm. She is one of the two spirits the player can defeat to gain access to Lucas, which indicates that she was vaporized by Galeem prior to becoming a fighter. Defeating this spirit does not unlock Min Min as a fighter; rather, she is unlocked after downloading her and defeating at least 10 other fighters under Galeem's control, just like the other DLC fighters.


Min Min's fighter spirit can be obtained by completing Classic Mode. It is also available periodically for purchase in the shop for 300 Gold, but only after Min Min has been downloaded. Unlocking Min Min in World of Light allows the player to preview the second spirit below in the Spirit List under the name "Min Min (Fighter)". Her fighter spirit has an alternate version that replaces it with her artwork in Ultimate.

Additionally, Min Min has an Attack-type primary spirit as part of the base version of Ultimate.

In Spirit Battles[edit]

As the main opponent[edit]

Spirit Battle parameters
No. Image Name Series Enemy Fighter(s) Type Power Stage Rules Conditions Music
SSBU spirit Kid Cobra.png
Kid Cobra ARMS Min Min MinMinHeadPinkSSBU.png
8,700 Fourside (Battlefield form) •Move Speed ↑
•Item: Bumper
•The enemy has increased move speed when the enemy's at high damage
•The enemy starts the battle with a Drill
Snake Park

Alternate costumes[edit]

Min Min Palette (SSBU).png
MinMinHeadSSBU.png MinMinHeadCyanSSBU.png MinMinHeadRedSSBU.png MinMinHeadYellowSSBU.png MinMinHeadBlueSSBU.png MinMinHeadGreenSSBU.png MinMinHeadPinkSSBU.png MinMinHeadBlackSSBU.png


Series announcement Trailer[edit]

Character Introduction Trailer[edit]



From this video, Versus splash screen for Min Min dittos in Ultimate; this is image is uploaded to contextualize the UI shows her name as a single word in the Japanese version.Versus splash screen for Min Min dittos in the Japanese version of Ultimate, showing her name as a single word.
Part of the MediaWiki software. For use in {{ImageCaption}}Part of the MediaWiki software. For use in {{ImageCaption}}
A comparison of the versus splash screen showing
two Min Mins in the English version (left) vs. Japanese
version (right).
  • Min Min is referred to within the game files with the codename "tantan", which comes from the Japanese pronunciation of Dandan noodles (担々麺), a type of ramen noodles.
  • Similarly to Meta Knight, Ice Climbers, Mr. Game & Watch, and Zero Suit Samus in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the UI shows Min Min's name as a single word ("MINMIN") when the game's language is set to Japanese.
  • According to Super Smash Bros. series creator Masahiro Sakurai, Min Min was originally going to lack any special moves. However, he reconsidered this and instead created the unique special moves for her in the spirit of ARMS.[1][2]
  • Min Min is the first:
    • Fighter representing a new universe who is neither the poster character nor the default player character of their respective series.
      • According to Masahiro Sakurai, he had narrowed the choices of an ARMS fighter down to Min Min and Ninjara. Min Min was chosen at the request of ARMS lead producer Kosuke Yabuki, with her being his favorite ARMS character.[3] Yabuki elaborated on this selection by stating that "every fighter in ARMS is a protagonist".
        • Coincidentally, Min Min became the Party Crash Bash Champion (even winning six Party Crashes overall), with Ninjara being the runner-up.[4]
    • Fighter to speak a real-life language other than English or Japanese in all regions, that being Mandarin Chinese.
    • DLC newcomer in any Super Smash Bros. game that originates from a first-party series that did not have a fighter before DLC.
    • Fighter to lack a unique side special since Super Smash Bros.
  • Min Min is the third character to speak while being star KO'd, shouting "哎呀!" (Oh no!). The first is Pit ("I never learned how to read!") and the second is Byleth ("My battle ends here!"). Unlike them, Min Min says her star KO line in all versions of the game instead of just the English version.
  • Min Min is the only fighter from a fighting game who does not automatically face an opponent in a 1-on-1 battle.
  • Min Min appears at the beginning of her trailer in a waitress uniform, without her mask and with normal human arms and eyes. This design is completely unique to the trailer.
    • In ARMS, human fighters with the ARMS ability are never depicted without a mask. Additionally, they are always shown with spiral-shaped eyes, and their ARMS retain their coiled appearance even when contracted into a human shape. While removing the mask returns the coiled ARMS into normal arms,[5] doing so can cause the ARMS to switch forms unwillingly and become difficult to control,[6][7] which is not depicted in the trailer.
    • Min Min, Inkling, Terry, Pyra, Mythra, and Kazuya are the only newcomers in Ultimate to have received a SSB4-style character poster to promote their inclusion as a playable character.
  • Min Min has unused animations copied from Captain Falcon; specifically, the aerial and grounded Falcon Kick.[8][9] This implies that she was developed using Captain Falcon as the basis, similar to Little Mac. Coincidentally, Captain Falcon appears in Min Min's reveal trailer.
    • Additionally, her dash attack has an unused reflection hitbox, in a similar vein to her up smash.[10]
  • Each in-game render of Min Min features her with a different ARM equipped on her right arm: her primary spirit, fighter spirit, and fighter render feature the Megawatt, Dragon, and Ramram ARMS, respectively.
  • If Min Min picks up an Assist Trophy whilst walking, she can continue walking with it until she stops. She shares this trait with Mega Man and Steve. Min Min can also jump and continue walking with an Assist Trophy if she lands during a forward or back aerial.