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This article is about the Hero's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For the character in other contexts, see Hero.
in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Universe Dragon Quest
Availability Downloadable
Final Smash unnamed
The Hero Draws Near!
—Introduction Tagline

The Hero (勇者, Hero) is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the second third-party representative from Square Enix following Cloud. He was announced during the E3 Nintendo Direct alongside Banjo & Kazooie on June 11th, 2019 as the third DLC fighter and is the second downloadable character from the Fighters Pass. The Hero's default costume is the Luminary from Dragon Quest XI, but he has alternate character skins based on three other protagonists of previous titles in the series: Erdrick from Dragon Quest III, Solo from Dragon Quest IV, and Eight from Dragon Quest VIII. The Hero will be released around Summer 2019 and is classified as Fighter #72.


  • The Hero's shield can block incoming projectiles, akin to Link, Young Link and Toon Link. His crouch also resembles the aforementioned characters.
  • He has a Fighter ability known as an "MP Gauge", which depletes with each spell that he uses.
    • The maximum amount of MP is 100.
  • Slime appears in some capacity, possibly as part of the Hero's taunts.
  • Just like Cloud and Bayonetta, his weapons will change depending on the alternate costume.
    • Luminary uses the Supreme Sword of Light and Erdwin’s Shield.
    • Erdrick uses the Sword of Kings and Shield of Heroes.
    • Solo uses the Zenithian Sword and Shield.
    • Eight uses the Dragovian King Sword and Dragovian shield.

Known moveset

The Hero has a plethora of attacks shown off in his trailer, which include:

  • A three-hit neutral attack, with the first two hits being slashes going straight up and straight down and the final hit having him swipe his sword inward.
  • A jumping slash attack similar to Link's. This is presumably his dash attack.
  • A two-hit attack, a back-handed shield bash followed up by an outward slash. This is presumably his forward tilt. The shield bash resembles Blockenspiel.
  • An attack where he performs a two-handed downward slash in front of him, resembling Ike and Ganondorf's forward smashes, as well as Flare Blade. This is presumably his forward smash.
  • A single, strong upward arc slash. This is presumably his up tilt.
  • An attack where he kicks forwards while leaning on the ground with his arm. This is presumably his down tilt. Resembles Leg Sweep.
  • A single upward thrust, which resembles Marth's up smash. This is presumably his up smash.
  • An aerial attack where he swings his sword around him, resembling Ike's neutral aerial.
  • An aerial attack that is a sword swipe behind his back, which resembles Toon Link's back aerial. This move appears to completely turns around the Hero in midair after use, much like Marth's back aerial.
  • An attack where he performs an upward kick, presumably his up throw or up aerial. Somewhat resembles Ken's up aerial.
  • At least one of his special moves has the Hero choose between a variety of spells from a menu, even standing in a "thinking" position.
  • In conjunction with his new MP Gauge, the Hero has a plethora of magical attacks:
    • Frizz, a fireball that can be charged up to become Kafrizzle, a stronger variant.
    • Kaswoosh, an attack that creates tornadoes beneath the Hero and launches him upward. It is presumably chargeable.
    • Zap, an electric bolt that the Hero shoots from his sword. Can be charged up to become Zapple, a stronger variant.
    • An unnamed attack possibly related to Oomph (which costs 18 MP) where the Hero's smash attacks become extremely powerful, triggering a Special Zoom.
    • Snooze, which is a projectile that sends opponents to sleep if it connects. Costs 16 MP.
    • Bounce, which reflects projectiles. The move lingers for a little while.
    • Kacrackle Slash, which is a physical slash that freezes opponents.
    • Kaclang, which encases the Hero in metal and prevents him from taking knockback. It is unknown if he can be grabbed during it or how damage will be affected, but it is presumably nullified as well.
    • Zoom, which allows the Hero to fly up vertically.
    • Kamikazee, which has the Hero self-destruct, doing massive knockback to nearby opponents. It appears to be unblockable and also appears to make the Hero intangible during the move's startup.
    • Sizzle, a move seen in the selection menu. The effect is unknown. Costs 20 MP.
    • Psyche Up, a move seen in the selection menu. The effect is unknown. Costs 17 MP.
  • The Final Smash appears to contain the other seven Dragon Quest heroes who are not playable, charging the Hero's sword with bolts of electricity for what is presumably Gigaslash.
  • A taunt where the Hero raises his sword vertically into the air.
  • A taunt where the Hero fumbles in place as a Slime meanders in front of him.

Alternate costumes

Hero Palette (SSBU).png

Reveal trailer



  • The Hero is the only DLC and third party character to also have other characters appear as alternate costumes.
    • Additionally, the Hero's fourth and eighth alternative costumes are the first and so far only alternative costumes to feature a separate character that is not part of the default costume. In this case, it is Munchie.
  • The Hero and Pokémon Trainer are the only characters to have a generic "descriptor" name while representing nameable characters that have optional canon names. Both the Hero and Pokémon Trainer also represent multiple individuals with different canon names via their alternate costumes.
    • It is worth noting that no Dragon Quest Hero has had an official canonical name used in a game, however, whereas Red and his female counterpart Leaf have appeared as named NPCs in the Pokémon series.
    • While Ice Climbers also use a generic name in-game, their actual names are recognized in the tips.
  • Kamikazee is the only move that instantly KOs its user, rather than the opponent.
  • The Hero's reveal trailer is the first and currently only reveal trailer to make references to World of Light, due to the presence of Dharkon.
    • The reveal trailer is also the first of a DLC character to be 3D CGI-animated, as all previous DLC character reveals were done with the game engine or 2D animation.
  • In Hero's reveal trailer, spirit versions of Meta Knight and Marth are seen teaming up. This is a reference to the Subspace Emissary, where the two characters are prominently featured in the level The Battlefield Fortress.
  • The Hero's reveal trailer makes multiple references to the Dragon Quest games.
    • The scene where Luminary rides a Gogoat is a reference to the horse riding mechanic in Dragon Quest XI.
    • The scene where Luminary, Zero Suit Samus, and Zelda are sitting at a campfire references the camping mechanic in Dragon Quest XI.
      • Zero Suit Samus and Zelda also reference the party members Jade and Serena respectively.
    • The scene where Eight walks through poison to pick up the Beam Sword is referencing that players will often times have to walk through poison in dungeons and on the overworld to obtain items in the Dragon Quest games.
      • The Beam Sword could also be a reference to the Dragovian King Sword, a powerful sword (usually being the ultimate one) that appears in multiple games and is also the sword that Eight uses as his weapon in Smash.
    • The introductory tagline, "The Hero Draws Near!", refers to the text that appears when the Hero encounters an enemy in battle.
    • The scene where Luminary throws a barrel upward to reveal a Franklin Badge references the Mini Medal, a collectible item that serves as the currency for particularly rare and powerful items.
  • The Hero's CGI trailer features a slight rendering issue: when the Luminary falls on the ground causing some Slimes to scatter, one of them appears in transparency on the Hero's hair for a few frames despite being behind a pillar itself being behind the Hero.
  • The Hero's artwork pose in the panoramic banner is similar to Young Link's pose in his official render, but mirrored.
    • As such, Luminary's artwork greatly resembles Young Link's Fighter Spirit, which is his artwork from Ocarina of Time, although the sword and shield switched places.
  • The Hero's spell menu differs depending on the language the character is played in. If the game is played in Japanese, the menu is silver, whereas internationally, the menu is brown. This is based on the English localization of Dragon Quest XI, where the menus, text boxes, etc. were changed in color.
  • In the trailer, the Hero only calls out the names of the spells in the Japanese version.
  • The Hero is the third playable character to feature a non-playable character in the panoramic artwork with them, featuring Slime alongside him. The first two are Olimar and Joker who feature Mr. Saturn and Morgana with them respectively.
  • Eight is the second playable swordfighter to use a katana after Mii Swordfighter.

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