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Hero using Frizz, Frizzle, and Kafrizz.
User Hero
Universe Dragon Quest

Frizz (メラ, Mera) is Hero's neutral special move.


The move functions like an auto-charge special, which switches between three types of projectiles depending on the charge level. A projectile can only be fired if the Hero has enough MP; if not, the move will fail, though no MP will be used.

Uniquely, the move has to be charged from the beginning if the Hero cancels it halfway (though it will retain any charge). The charge level also cannot be lost through a failed use, forcing the player to either wait till they have enough MP to fire the respective charge, or get KO'd. Unlike most other chargeable moves, Hero can drift left or right slightly while charging in the air.

The first use of the move in the air will cause the Hero to hover slightly. An aerial Kafrizz will also push him back slightly.

The charge levels are as follows:

  • Frizz costs 6 MP and is unleashed with little or no charging. It fires a small, weak fireball forward that travels half the distance of Final Destination. It travels rather slowly, has almost no KO potential, and deals less damage after it travels half its maximum distance (9% close, 6% far), while also losing speed at the end. However, it has fast startup, making it useful as a niche burst option and to catch reckless opponents. Its weak vertical knockback can lead into aerial followups depending on the opponent's reaction.
  • Frizzle (メラミ, Merami) costs 16 MP and is unleashed after some charging, denoted by the Hero's hand flashing. It fires two intertwined fireballs that travel faster and further than Frizz, and also do not lose speed while traveling. Unlike most projectiles, each fireball counts as a separate projectile, both dealing 9% (18% if both connect). It deals good horizontal knockback, allowing it to KO.
  • Kafrizz (メラゾーマ, Merazoma) costs 36 MP and is unleashed after a full charge. It is a large sphere of flames that explodes upon connecting with an opponent, dealing multiple hits and high damage (31%). It picks up speed after it is initially fired and deals excellent knockback, allowing it to KO as early as 60% near the edge of Final Destination. If the fireball hits a wall, it will explode as well, allowing it to be used for edgeguarding.

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List HeroHeadSSBU.png Unleashes fireballs that grow stronger the longer you charge them. You can store the charge by shielding while charging.


Veronica using Kafrizz in Dragon Quest XI

Frizz is a weak offensive spell introduced in Dragon Quest III, depicted as a fireball that attacks enemies. The move only attacks a single target, and is often learned at a low level.

Frizzle and Kafrizz are stronger versions of Frizz that are learned at a higher level. These moves are depicted as larger fireballs, with Frizzle also being introduced in Dragon Quest III, and Kafrizz being introduced in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker. In Smash, the move is primarily based on the spell's appearance in Dragon Quest XI.

In their home series, Erdrick and Solo can learn Frizz, while the Luminary can learn all three of Frizz, Frizzle, and Kafrizz. Other combinations of access to these spells are new for Ultimate.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese メラ / メラミ / メラゾーマ, Mera / Merami / Merazoma
UK English Frizz / Frizzle / Kafrizz
France French Flamme / Superflamme / Mégaflamme
Germany German Fauch / Zeschel / Zisch
Spain Spanish Miniataque ígneo / Ataque ígneo / Megaataque ígneo
Italy Italian Fiamma / Flammasfera / Megafiamma
China Chinese (Simplified) 美拉 / 美拉米 / 美拉佐玛
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 美拉 / 美拉米 / 美拉佐瑪
South Korea Korean 메라 / 메라미 / 메라조마, Mera / Merami / Merazoma
Netherlands Dutch Frizz / Frizzle / Kafrizz
Russia Russian Жар / Ужар / Кажар


  • Kafrizz and Zapple are the only spells Hero has that originated from a Dragon Quest spin-off, that being Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker.
  • According to the Dragon Quest XI S launch livestream, Sakurai had difficulty coming up with how to separate the Frizz and Sizz families of spells to the point where he had to look up how they worked in the original game.[1]