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Woosh / Swoosh / Kaswoosh

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Hero using Woosh, Swoosh, and Kaswoosh
User Hero
Universe Dragon Quest

Woosh (バギ, Bagi) is the Hero's up special move in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Much like Zap, this move is a charge special that cannot be stored. It involves the Hero generating small tornadoes to boost himself upwards for recovery. There are three charge levels, each with different MP values and recovery distances. The Woosh spells grant excellent vertical distance especially when charged, but low horizontal recovery; combined with the Hero's already lackluster air speed, this makes Hero's recovery moves generally effective when near and below the stage.

Hero will become helpless after every use of the move. The Woosh spells can also fail if he has insufficient MP, which generates no tornadoes and only grants him a slight upward lift (much like Robin's Elwind when depleted). This also occurs if Hero tries using a higher level of charge without enough MP (eg. attempting Kaswoosh with 5 MP).

Though the move is generally used for recovery, the tornadoes themselves can be used for limited combat, as they will stay in place for a short moment after use and launch enemies skywards. However, they are considered projectiles, which can be devastating during recovery if against opponents that possess reflection abilities.

The charge levels are as follows:

  • Woosh costs 5 MP and is unleashed with little or no charging. It is a small, quick tornado that has the fastest startup and lowest MP cost, but the lowest travel distance, making it a decent emergency recovery option when low on MP. While it has passable recovery distance, it is surprisingly effective out of shield due to it coming out at frame 7 while having a decent hitbox size, though it will never KO due to it having set knockback and low damage (7%). Overall, Woosh gives Hero a much needed "get-off-me" option due to the sluggishness of his moveset.
  • Swoosh (バギマ, Bagima) costs 9 MP and is unleashed after some charging. It generates a larger tornado that swirls left and right while launching the Hero upwards. The tornado hits multiple times for a total of 13%. Compared to the other charge levels, Swoosh grants the highest horizontal momentum out of all charge levels (though it is still rather low) and is the most MP-efficient distance wise, making it the best for most situations. Like Woosh, Swoosh is mediocre as an actual KOing move.
  • Kaswoosh (バギクロス, Bagicross) costs 18 MP and is unleashed after a full charge. It generates two tornadoes that spin around each other while launching the Hero an large distance upwards. This version uses the most MP but grants an impressive vertical recovery, allowing the Hero to recover while near the bottom blast line, though its horizontal distance is low. While difficult to use in combat due to its charge time, it is also capable of KOing as the tornadoes deal 19% total and can KO at 155% from center stage. Conversely, Kaswoosh is dangerous against opponents who have reflectors, as a reflected Kaswoosh will harm Hero for ~26% and can cause an easy stage spike or KO. Kaswoosh is particularly dangerous against another Hero with Bounce active, as the effect is nearly guaranteed to break and leave the Hero stunned.

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List HeroHeadSSBU.png Summons a tornado to lift you upward. The wind will cut through surrounding enemies. You can rise up higher when charged.


Serena using Kaswoosh in Dragon Quest XI.

The Woosh line of spells made their debut in Dragon Quest II. The spells use the element of wind. Swoosh and Kaswoosh are the stronger variations that are learned at higher levels introduced in Dragon Quest III. In Smash, the moves are mainly based on the Dragon Quest XI versions. The heroes however cannot learn these moves in the Dragon Quest series with them being learned by their companions instead. Erdrick and the Luminary, however, can use Kaswoosh by using the Sword of Kings as an item.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese バギ / バギマ / バギクロス, Bagi / Bagima / Bagicross
UK English Woosh / Swoosh / Kaswoosh
France French Tornade / Supertornade / Mégatornade
Germany German Säusel / Saus / Braus
Spain Spanish Minitornado / Tornado / Megatornado
Italy Italian Vento / Bufera / Tornado
China Chinese (Simplified) 巴基 / 巴基玛 / 巴基克罗斯
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 巴基 / 巴基瑪 / 巴基克羅斯
South Korea Korean 바기 / 바기마 / 바기크로스, Bagi / Bagima / Bagicross
Netherlands Dutch Woosh / Swoosh / Kaswoosh
Russia Russian Жух / Вжух / Кавжух