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User Hero
Universe Dragon Quest

Gigaslash (ギガスラッシュ, Gigaslash) is Hero's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


In this Final Smash, Hero performs an upward slash. Up to three opponents will be trapped in place as a cutscene plays where the remaining non-playable protagonists of the Dragon Quest series (in order of appearance — II, V, VI, VII, X, IX and I) appear and gather their weapons together, shooting energy upwards into the air, with the energy charging Hero's sword, who then attacks with an outward slash to launch the opponent. The game cannot be paused for the duration of the move.

The Final Smash is comprised of two hits, with the second hit only being activated if the first hit manages to hit a player. The first hit of the move is a ranged sword swing with an electric effect, dealing 7% damage to any opponents that have taken damage from the hit. The second hit activates after the cutscene finishes and deals 33% damage with immense knockback. On Final Destination, the attack can KO Mario at 15% at the ledge and 40% at the center (Percentages are from damage dealt with the Smash Ball variant of the Final Smash). According to the cutscene, the second hit is the result of a powerful electric slash from the sword that the Hero wields. Likewise, the second hit of Gigaslash will have an electric effect, similar to the first.

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List HeroHeadSSBU.png The hero swings his sword forward. If it hits an opponent, the hero calls upon the power of past protagonists. This attack can hit up to three fighters and will launch them all at the end of the move.


Eight using Gigaslash in Dragon Quest VIII.

Gigaslash is a powerful, recurring ability in the Dragon Quest series - first introduced in the manga Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai (as "Gigabreak" and its variant "Giga Strash") before entering the main series in Dragon Quest VI. Despite its name suggesting a physical attack, the move is a magical attack; it deals immense Zap damage on a single group of enemies. The heroes channeling lightning also resembles Kazapple, a magic spell that draws MP from the entire party to activate.

Eight, the Hero from Dragon Quest VIII, can learn Gigaslash as a sword-only technique after fully investing 100 skill points into either the "Sword" or "Courage" skills, while the Luminary, the Hero from Dragon Quest XI, will learn Gigaslash for 25 points in his Swordmastery skill tree. However, both Solo, the male Hero from Dragon Quest IV, and Erdrick, the male Hero from Dragon Quest III, can not learn Gigaslash due to its late introduction into the series, even in their ports and remakes on other hardware after the release of Dragon Quest VI but the former however, can learn Gigasword in the Dragon Quest IV remake on DS which is similar to Gigaslash.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese ギガスラッシュ, Gigaslash
UK English Gigaslash
France French Gigentaille
Germany German Gigahieb
Spain Spanish Megaestocada
Italy Italian Mega fendente
China Chinese (Simplified) 光刃斩
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 光刃斬
South Korea Korean 기가 슐래시, Gigaslash
Netherlands Dutch Gigaslag
Russia Russian Гигаслеш


  • The Hero from Dragon Quest V is the only Hero that is not depicted wielding a sword. He instead wields a staff.
  • Gigaslash is one of four Final Smashes to incorporate a pre-rendered cinematic, along with All-Out Attack, House of Boom, and Supernova.
    • The art assets used for said cinematic appear to be recycled from Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road Victory.
    • Like these Final Smashes, Gigaslash's cutscene plays at 30 frames per second, as opposed to the rest of the game running at 60 frames per second. It's likely this was done as a space-saving measure.
    • However, unlike those Final Smashes, Gigaslash does not show the person being attacked.
  • At around 7 seconds, Gigaslash had been the longest duration out of any cinematic Final Smash, with Supernova now being the longest at around 8 seconds.
  • The appearance of the Hero from Dragon Quest X in this Final Smash marks the second time the character has appeared outside of Japan, with the first being Dragon Quest XI. This is due to Dragon Quest X currently being the only main series game to have never been released outside of Japan.
  • Ultimate's depiction of Gigaslash was later referenced in the arcade game Dragon Quest: Scan Battlers.[1] The name translates to Ultimate Gigaslash.
  • If the player returns to the Switch home screen during the cinematic, the animation of Hero swinging his electrified sword will be out of sync with the cutscene and cut to white early.
  • A glitch can occur with 3 players: when one player uses a Bomber and a Hero uses Gigaslash at the right time on the opposing player, the cutscene will be slowed down and the Hero's model will be out of sync.
    • This can also occur with All-Out Attack and House of Boom.