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Sealing the Keyhole

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Sealing the Keyhole
Sora Final Smash SSBU.gif
Sealing the Keyhole in Ultimate.
User Sora
Universe Kingdom Hearts
Article on Kingdom Hearts Wiki Keyhole

Sealing the Keyhole (鍵穴の封印, Sealing the keyhole) is Sora's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Sora shouts "Let's go!" and shoots a beam from his Keyblade. Up to three opponents can be caught in this beam or the keyhole-shaped portal that manifests at its end, which turns into a large, white door with the Smash logo on the front. The door closes and Sora shoots a second beam into a keyhole on the door, then twists his Keyblade as if he is locking the door. Sora then turns around, striking a pose, facing the screen and laughing triumphantly (or saying "どうだ?", "How's that?" if the language is set to Japanese) as the door explodes behind him.

The Final Smash does roughly 41-50% damage in total. Enemies with over 100% damage at the end of the Final Smash are instantly KO'd; otherwise, they take average knockback.

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List SoraHeadSSBU.png Hit opponents with a beam and launch them toward a Keyhole. Up to three opponents can be affected by the Keyhole, and if their damage is high enough, they'll be instantly KO'd.


Sora and Mickey sealing the Door to Darkness, an inspiration for Sora's Final Smash.

The Final Smash references the Keyblade's ability to seal Keyholes. Throughout Kingdom Hearts, Keyholes can be found in various worlds, and Sora is required to use his Keyblade to seal each one of them in order to prevent the Heartless from destroying the heart of that world. After the final boss battle, Ansem, Seeker of Darkness finds and opens the Door to Darkness, a doorway that acts as a portal to Kingdom Hearts and demands he be filled with the darkness he believes is behind it. However, light is behind the door, obliterating Ansem. Darkness starts spilling out soon after, and Sora and friends try to close the door to prevent the darkness from escaping. They achieve this with Sora, Donald, and Goofy pushing one end, while Riku and Mickey pulling on the other. With Sora using his Kingdom Key and Mickey using his Kingdom Key D, they successfully manage to close and seal the door, but end up separated as a result.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese 鍵穴の封印
UK English Sealing the Keyhole
France French Sceau de Serrure
Germany German Schlüssellochsiegel
Spain Spanish Sellar la cerradura
Italy Italian Sigillare la serratura
China Chinese (Simplified) 封印钥匙孔
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 封印鑰匙孔
South Korea Korean 열쇠 구멍의 봉인
Netherlands Dutch Sleutelgatverzegeling
Russia Russian Заключение


  • This is one of two cinematic Final Smashes capable of performing Finish Zoom if under 100% damage, the other being House of Boom. This is likely because of Sora's unique Finish Zoom sequence in Stamina Mode.
    • As a result, if the Final Smash activates Finish Zoom, the Instant KO will not be performed.