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This article is about Sora's neutral special. For other uses, see Magic (disambiguation).
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Magic in Ultimate.
User Sora
Universe Kingdom Hearts
Article on Kingdom Hearts Wiki Magic

Magic (まほう, Magic) is Sora's neutral special move in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Sora will use one of three magic spells, cycling through them in that order after each use. The current spell is shown in the command icon above his fighter portrait. Whenever the spell cycles, the tip of Sora's Keyblade briefly flashes in the color of the next spell.

Firaga (ファイガ, Figa): The spell Sora always starts the match with, in which he shouts "Fire!" (燃えろ!, Burn!) and fires a straight fireball from his Keyblade. The input can be tapped continuously to perform consecutive shots.

Thundaga (サンダガ, Thundaga): Sora lifts his Keyblade upwards and shouts "Thunder!" (雷よ!, O' Lightning!) to summon three continuous clouds that shoot out a lightning bolt, dealing electric damage to the opponent up to three times. The hitboxes of this move behave in such a way that an opponent hit by a lightning bolt will be hit into the next lightning bolt in most circumstances. When used in mid-air, its range is decreased. The spell can still miss smaller opponents within range if they are situated between two lightning bolts.

Blizzaga (ブリザガ, Blizzaga): Sora shouts "Freeze!" (凍りつけ!, Freeze!) and shoots out a stream of short range ice projectiles that do decent shield damage and instantly freeze the opponent if used at close range, similar to Blizzard.

All three moves can be reflected, absorbed, or pocketed. Thundaga specifically will be reflected vertically upward and will shoot downward when unpocketed. Only one shard of Blizzaga can be pocketed, making it relatively weak. The move will not switch to the next spell unless the spell is actually cast. If Sora is interrupted in any way during any spell's startup, the spell that was about to be used will remain queued up until casted out. Additionally, this move is extremely punishable if whiffed, regardless of the spell, with Sora being unable to move during the casting and well after the spell is completed, with every one of them having long ending lag.

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List SoraHeadSSBU.png Each time you unleash Firaga/Thundaga/Blizzaga, the magic used next will change.


Sora using Firaga in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories.

In the Kingdom Hearts series, magic is a type of skill learned by warriors of light for offensive or supportive purposes based on the limited amount of MPs used in gameplay. Some support abilities like MP Rage and MP Haste are used in combat. The best magic user is Donald Duck, Sora's companion, who has a selection of many spells on his disposal throughout the series. Donald is even the one to give Sora access to the Fire spell in the original Kingdom Hearts, the first of his learned spells, though Thunder has the honor of being the first spell seen in the game (where Donald uses it on a sleeping Goofy to wake him up). Magic comes in three different tiers, denoted by the suffix added to the end of the spell: Level one is simply the element's name (Fire), level two adds "-ra" or "-ara" to the end (Fira), and level three adds "-ga" or "-aga" to the end (Firaga). All three spells shown here are cast at level three. The naming convention itself originates from the Final Fantasy series, where it is standard.

Fire, Thunder, and Blizzard are the three most basic offensive spells and appear in every Kingdom Hearts game, though their effects vary from series to series. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the spells mostly seem to take after their iterations in the original Kingdom Hearts - however, in Smash, Firaga doesn't have a homing capability, simply flying straight ahead similarly to 358/2 Days's Fira spell, and Thundaga launches multiple bolts in a straight line, like the same game's basic Thunder spell. Blizzaga is shown as a flurry of ice, rather than the icy projectiles often seen in the series, though its short-ranged spread shot acts similarly to the original Kingdom Hearts's iteration of the spell, and other Kingdom Hearts games have given Blizzard spells the ability to freeze their targets, as the spell can in Ultimate.


Names in other languages[edit]


Language Name
Japan Japanese まほう
UK English Magic
France French Magie
Germany German Magie
Spain Spanish Magia
Italy Italian Magia
China Chinese 魔法
South Korea Korean 마법
Netherlands Dutch Magie
Russia Russian Магия

Spell List[edit]


Language Name
Japan Japanese ファイガ, Figa
UK English Firaga
France French Brasier X
Germany German Feuga
Spain Spanish Piro++
Italy Italian Firaga
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 大火焰
South Korea Korean 파이가
Netherlands Dutch Firaga
Russia Russian Фирага


Language Name
Japan Japanese サンダガ, Thundaga
UK English Thundaga
France French Foudre X
Germany German Blitzga
Spain Spanish Electro++
Italy Italian Thundaga
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 大雷電
South Korea Korean 선더가
Netherlands Dutch Thundaga
Russia Russian Тундага


Language Name
Japan Japanese ブリザガ, Blizzaga
UK English Blizzaga
France French Glacier X
Germany German Eisga
Spain Spanish Hielo++
Italy Italian Blizzaga
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 大暴雪
South Korea Korean 블리자가
Netherlands Dutch Blizzaga
Russia Russian Близзага