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Sonic Blade

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Sonic Blade
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Sonic Blade in Ultimate.
User Sora
Universe Kingdom Hearts
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Sonic Blade (ソニックレイヴ, Sonic Rave) is Sora's side special move.


Sora dashes forward with a quick thrusting attack of his Keyblade while saying "Take this!" (受けてみろ!, Take this!). If the player makes no further input, the move ends. Inputting any direction causes Sora to do another dash in that direction, for a total of up to three dashes, though its range is decreased with each use. Pressing or holding the special button instead has Sora move directly towards the nearest opponent within range, indicated by the opponent having a blue targeting reticle on their person, regardless of what direction the stick is in. This homing dash does slightly more damage than the regular dash. Sora goes into helpless when the move is complete. Unlike many similar moves, Sonic Blade will not stop at ledges, making it easy to self destruct if not careful.

When using it for recovery, holding the special button will cause the final charge to home in on the nearest ledge. It can also be canceled out of Aerial Sweep at the peak of the move, although the reverse is not possible.

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List SoraHeadSSBU.png You can enter up to two inputs while charging forward. Directional inputs send you that way, while the special-move button sends you toward opponents.


Sora executing the move against Stealth Sneak in Kingdom Hearts

Sonic Blade is a recurring ability in the Kingdom Hearts series. It was introduced in the original game as one of Sora's special abilities, in which he dashes at enemies up to 6 times before finishing them off with a final thrust. Cloud Strife also uses Sonic Blade in his battle against Sora in Olympus Coliseum.

Sora obtains this ability by speaking to Cloud after defeating Cerberus in Olympus Coliseum's Preliminary Tournament. In later games and in the HD 1.5 ReMIX version, it is implemented as a Reaction Command. Early incarnations of the ability can only be executed on the ground, but its iterations from Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and Kingdom Hearts III can be performed in mid-air, like in Ultimate.

Lock-On is a targeting mechanism in the series, allowing the user to permanently target a single enemy or attackable object.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese ソニックレイヴ, Sonic Rave
UK English Sonic Blade
France French Aquilon
Germany German Perforieren
Spain Spanish Estocada veloz
Italy Italian Incrocio sonico
China Chinese (Simplified) 音速连击
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 音速連擊
South Korea Korean 소닉 레이브, Sonic Rave
Netherlands Dutch Supersonisch Zwaard
Russia Russian Звуковой клинок