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King Dedede using Dede-Rush in Ultimate.
User King Dedede
Universe Kirby
Dedede slams an opponent into a chain-link cage with his hammer before unleashing missiles. He then transforms into Masked Dedede and launches the opponent. If you miss the first swing, the move doesn't activate.
—Description from Ultimate's Move List

Dede-Rush (デデラッシュ, Dederush) is King Dedede's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


King Dedede hits in front of him with his hammer about 47 units. The first opponent hit will be flung into a caged ring and hit with a barrage of missiles, before Dedede uses his mask to become Masked Dedede and revs up his hammer and spins towards them, launching them with one final hit, dealing 71.5 damage in total. Anyone else in the vicinity of the initial swing will not be caught, but will still take 8% base damage from the hit.


Artwork of Masked Dedede from Kirby Super Star Ultra.

During the Final Smash, King Dedede dons his mask to become Masked Dedede, his upgraded form from Kirby Super Star Ultra. The caged ring is reminiscent of the arena in which Kirby fights Masked Dedede, and Dedede's Super Dedede Hammer is used to fire missiles and perform Hammer Swing, both attacks used during his boss fight.


No. Image Name Type Class Slot Ability Series
Masked Dedede Spirit.png
Masked Dedede
★★★ 2 No Effect Kirby Series