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Negative Zone

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Negative Zone
User Luigi
Universe Mario

Negative Zone (ネガティブゾーン, Negative Zone) is Luigi's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


In the Final Smash, Luigi dances, and a large void with a greenish-tint surrounds him. Inside the void, the colors of the environment, including the colors of other characters inside the void and Luigi himself, become inverted. Opponents caught in the void fall victim to all sorts of afflictions given out randomly to opponents. Luigi dances and chants for the first few seconds of the Final Smash, but is unaffected by the Negative Zone (except a minor decrease in speed but still being faster than most other characters) when he finishes dancing. Even if Luigi is KO'd, the Final Smash does not immediately end. Using this move while over the edge may result in an SD, as Luigi slowly falls (and the zone sinks with him) until Luigi's dance is finished, and no actions can be inputted while he is dancing. Fire Jump Punch can be used to a great extent, and easily KO'ing characters in the zone. Even after the Final Smash ends, the effects will still linger, such as opponents being slow, flowered, or dizzy and sustaining slightly more damage. Unlike other Final Smashes, Luigi's Final Smash can pierce invincible opponents with no effort. If the player with Luigi was under Manaphy's Heart Swap and switches back, the player with Luigi will be affected by Negative Zone and the other opponent won't be affected.

One can escape the Negative Zone simply by rolling out, although the victim must still be careful to not get hit by Luigi.

List of effects[edit]

Two of the many ways that the Negative Zone can affect a character.
  • Drastically reduced attack power
  • Weight reduction, therefore greater launch distance when hit, making a lot of Luigi's moves (such as his Smash attacks and Fire Jump Punch) effective finishers even at very low percentages
  • Increased likelihood of tripping
  • Flower growth on head, which causes damage
  • Dizziness as if their shield broke (this can happen to aerial characters, which may KO them if they are not above a platform)
  • Uncontrollable taunting
  • Sudden sleepiness
  • Timeslow effect

(The invincibility from respawning and a starman do not stop the effects from taking place)

Characters inside the Zone are not guaranteed to be affected. Because of this, some opponents can get lucky and easily walk or jump out.


The Negative Zone trophy in Brawl
Negative Zone

Luigi's Final Smash. As exotic music plays, he performs a dance befitting a sorcerer's incantation. A barrier envelops him, negatively impacting all in his area. Random effects include getting launched, sleeping, moving in slow motion, tripping, fainting, and losing attack power. This technique is a reflection of the dark side he embraced in his brother's shadow.

Wii: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Note that in the PAL version, the last line reads: In contrast to the oddness of the dance, this is a terribly powerful Final Smash.


The Negative Zone is one of the Final Smashes that can be affected by the Bridge of Eldin. Using it where the gaping hole is right when the bridge reappears has a small effect on the move. The Final Smash will activate, but Luigi fails to do the dance done in the first half of the duration of the move. This can provide an advantage to Luigi, as the player will be able to control Luigi the whole time and have more time to attack opponents and deal damage.


The move is unique to Super Smash Bros. Brawl. However, the name may be a reference to Luigi always being in his brother's shadow (as mentioned in the move's trophy description), Luigi being originally just a palette swap of Mario's color scheme, the inverted overworld in Super Mario Bros. 2, or every color viewed through the bubble being changed into its negative color.


  • If one faces a CPU Luigi and he uses Negative Zone, he will almost always spam his Fireballs, even if his AI is set to Level 9. The CPU will start to use different attacks after the circle begins fading out.
  • Like many Final Smashes, Luigi isn't affected by water terrain while dancing. However, if he starts to sink into the water, the Negative Zone follows him.
  • If a character is Star KO'd or Screen KO'd while under the slow motion effect, the animation will be slowed down as well.
  • The tumbling effect can be lethal on stages like Bridge of Eldin, where the revival platform may not appear over a platform a character can stand on. Characters affected will fall to their deaths.
  • Although this Final Smash does not return in later games, Ashley's Assist Trophy effect functions in a similar way.

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