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Min Min Final Smash SSBU.gif
Min Min using ARMS Rush in Ultimate.
User Min Min
Universe ARMS
Article on ARMS Institute Rush

ARMS Rush (ARMSラッシュ, ARMS Rush) is Min Min's Final Smash.


ARMS Rush as shown by the Move List in Ultimate.

When the Final Smash is activated, Min Min will say "龙来!" (Come, Dragon!) and punch forward with her left ARM in its Dragon form. The first opponent hit will be taken into a cutscene where other ARMS fighters will join together and use their ARMS to attack the opponent, before Min Min fires a laser from her Dragon ARM to strike the opponent against a gong to end the attack and launch the opponent. If the first punch misses, the move fails. The first punch can damage multiple opponents, but only the first opponent hit will be taken into the cutscene, and other opponents hit by the punch will take minor knockback (this knockback scales with damage, as with normal rules, but starts KOing middleweights in the center of an Ω form stage at around 200%).

While on standby, Min Min's Dragon ARM is permanently powered up.

The ARMS fighters that appear in this Final Smash are Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Ninjara, Twintelle, Mechanica and Master Mummy.

Instructional quotes[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List MinMinHeadSSBU.png One opponent will be caught up in an attack from the left ARM as it transforms into Dragon, and from numerous ARMS fighters who swoop in to deal damage and send the opponent flying.


Spring Man landing a Rush on Master Mummy in ARMS.

In ARMS, each character has a Rush ability, which is filled up by the Rush Gauge as matches progress. Once the gauge is full, the player can activate their Rush, which is a flurry of punches (of varying appearances, depending on the ARMS used). Spring Man's role as an Assist Trophy utilizes the Rush as well, albeit more faithfully to its appearance in ARMS.

The fighters involved in the Final Smash all utilize their first default ARM and are as follows:

  • Spring Man: Toaster, a red boxing glove with the Fire attribute.
  • Ribbon Girl: Sparky, a yellow boxing glove with a black lightning bolt printed on the back and the Electric attribute.
  • Ninjara: Chakram, a black and green arcing chakram projectile with the Stun attribute.
  • Master Mummy: Megaton, a large, purple pegged sphere with no attribute.
  • Mechanica: Revolver, a gray and yellow, revolving tri-shot with the Electric attribute.
  • Twintelle: Chilla, a white and blue boxing glove with the Ice attribute.

The Final Smash also looks similar to Ninjara's segment of Min Min's reveal trailer, where a bunch of different ARMS bombard him all at once. It could also be a resemblance to the ending segment of the initial trailer for ARMS, where Spring Man is falling down as a bunch of ARMS are being shot into the sky.

The gong that the opponent is launched into resembles the gong on Min Min's stage in ARMS, Ramen Bowl, which can be chimed if hit by a fighter's punch.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese ARMSラッシュ, ARMS Rush
UK English ARMS Rush
France French Offensive ARMS
Germany German ARMS-Ansturm
Spain Spanish Avalancha ARMS
Italy Italian Combo ARMS
China Chinese ARMS猛攻
South Korea Korean ARMS 러시, ARMS Rush
Netherlands Dutch ARMageddon
Russia Russian ARMS-раздача


  • Using this move against Mr. Game & Watch will show his model in 3D, as with The Mighty Jinjonator, Triple Wolf, and Supernova. This is likely because their cinematics manipulate the Z-axis in such a way that it disregards the model flattening effect on Mr. Game & Watch.
  • Byte & Barq, Kid Cobra, and Helix are the only playable characters in the base game of ARMS that are not featured in this Final Smash.
  • The seven characters in ARMS Rush (including Min Min) make up the first seven fighters in ARMS.
  • The ARMS characters showcased in ARMS Rush are 2D images, much like Sothis during Byleth's Final Smash. However, the various ARMS in the cutscene (along with the gong at the end of the move) are fully modeled, likely due to them actually interacting with the victims during the Final Smash.[1]
  • The ARMS casts' voice clips during ARMS Rush are fused into one voice clip; this is easier to notice when the game speed is slowed down in Training Mode.
    • Their voice clips are not present in the Sound Test, unlike with other characters whose Final Smashes involve other characters, such as Shulk and Joker. Additionally, their voice actors are not credited.
  • This is the second Final Smash in the series where an Assist Trophy character (in this case, Spring Man) makes an appearance, the first one being Chain Attack.
  • Regardless of which ARM is currently equipped on the right, Min Min will always have the Megawatt during the cinematic.