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Min Min using Punch in Ultimate.
User Min Min
Universe ARMS
Article on ARMS Institute Punch

Punch (パンチ, Punch) is Min Min's held neutral attack, forward tilt, forward smash, forward aerial, back aerial, held neutral special move, and side special move in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Min Min, unlike all other fighters, does not have a conventional neutral or side special move; instead, her moveset has her left ARM mapped to the A button, and her right ARM mapped to the B button. She is able to use both ARMS in either direction, as by flicking the control stick back, she is able to fire an ARM in the opposite direction she is facing. This continues into her aerials, as her respective ARM simply circles around her.

When the special move button is tapped, Min Min instead does the Kung Fu combo, identically to her tapped neutral attack. It is, however, impossible to perform her dash attack with the special move button, instead doing a right arm side tilt.

Kirby's Copy Ability[edit]

In contrast to Min Min, Kirby gets a conventional neutral special move as a Copy Ability after copying Min Min. Kirby's leading hand assumes the same form as one of Min Min's ramen ARMS with the Dragon ARM equipped, and he delivers a long-ranged punch, which can fire a laser when the special move button is held down for additional range and power. Unlike Min Min's corresponding move, Kirby's Punch Copy Ability cannot be angled at all, and Kirby is unable to walk forward or backward when using it on the ground, but the move can be B-reversed and wavebounced.

Instructional quotes[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List MinMinHeadSSBU.png The attack button controls the left ARM, and the special-move button controls the right. Flick the stick to the side and press a button to make it a smash attack. You can also hold the button on the ground to charge up!


Punching is the central game mechanic of "ARMS", where characters are able to attack each other with stretchy limbs independent from each other. Just like in Smash, these punches can be executed on a standstill, or while moving or jumping, and their trajectories can be influenced by tilting the Joy-Cons or by using the Control Stick. They can also have different properties depending on the types of ARM equipped, also independent from each other.

Though ARMS is famous for its specified "thumbs-up grip" Joy-Con controls (where one holds the Joy-Cons upright and moves them forward to punch), the game also allows for button-only controls, where one uses the A and B buttons to control their character's ARMS instead. Controls are customizable in ARMS, but the default scheme has the B button control the left ARM, and the A button control the right; this is reversed in Smash.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese パンチ, Punch
UK English Punch
France French Coup de poing
Germany German Schlag
Spain Spanish Puñetazos
Italy Italian Pugno
China Chinese (Simplified) 拳击
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 拳擊
South Korea Korean 펀치, Punch
Netherlands Dutch Slaan
Russia Russian Удар рукoй


  • Punch is the only move in Ultimate to be color-coded yellow in the Move List. This is because Punch's description spans the space where a character's neutral and side specials would be separately described, color-coded red and blue respectively.
    • Yellow is also the primary color used to represent ARMS itself.
    • Despite the appearance of Punch in the Move List, in words of Nintendo, the move is technically a part of Min Min's standard moveset, as implied by the title of its associated tip lacking the command it initiates; in the Japan-only August 6, 2020 issue of The Cat Mario Show, it was clarified that Punch is indeed a standard move.
  • The usage of this move is similar to Mega Man's Mega Buster, which he shares as his neutral attack, forward tilt, and neutral aerial; both can be used while moving and jumping.