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ARMS Jump / ARM Hook

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ARMS Jump / ARM Hook
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Min Min using ARMS Jump and ARM Hook in Ultimate.
User Min Min
Universe ARMS

ARMS Jump (アームジャンプ ) and ARM Hook (アームフック, Arm Hook) are two variations of Min Min's up special move in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


When used on the ground, Min Min will slam her fists on the ground in order to then leap into the air. Much like Shock Spring Jump and Kaswoosh, the height reached by the move depends on how long the player holds the button. It also grants brief intangibility from frame 8-13, allowing it to be used as a somewhat slow escape option.

When used in the air, Min Min will instead reach up with her left ARM. If she is close to a ledge, her ARM will act as a tether recovery. It can be used as an attack and deals respectable damage and knockback on its own (being able to KO past 120% near the upper blast line), though it is difficult to use in combat due to its fixed angle and relatively specific hitbox.

Instructional quotes[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List MinMinHeadSSBU.png On the ground, the ARMS boost the jump. In the air, the ARMS extend upward to attack or to grab on to an edge.


One of Spring Man’s victory animations, which ARMS Jump seems to be inspired from.

While not specific techniques in the home series, ARMS Jump bears a resemblance to a similar high jump in one of Spring Man's victory poses and ARM Hook is a standard punch at a higher angle. During the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 trailer, a girl who is playing Ribbon Girl can be seen doing a move similar to what Min Min does to evade a man playing Spring Man's punch.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese アームジャンプ / アームフック, Arm Jump / Arm Hook
UK English ARMS Jump / ARM Hook
France French Saut à propulsion / bras-grappin
Germany German Arms-Sprung / ARMS-Haken
Spain Spanish Salto elástico / Gancho elástico
Italy Italian Salto ARMS / Gancio ARMS
China Chinese (Simplified) ARM跳跃 / ARM钩
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) ARM跳躍 / ARM鉤
South Korea Korean ARM 점프 / ARM 후크, ARM Jump / ARM Hook
Netherlands Dutch ARMS-sprong / ARMS-haak
Russia Russian ARMS-прыжoк / ARMS-хук