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Pikachu wavebouncing after a wall jump off the lip of Final Destination to steer onto the stage while using Thunder so that it covers the area just next to the edge offstage to edgeguard.

B-reversing, or B-reversal, refers to the act of performing a special move and changing the direction the character is facing at the same time. This is possible in all games depending on the special move, but it can also be accomplished by changing the control setup to use the C-Stick for special moves in games that allow it: this is known as B-sticking. B-Sticking provides a simpler way to perform a Recoil Special, a technique that allows a player to jump forward and start a special move while bouncing backwards. However, this technique can be done similarly with standard controls. Performing Recoil Specials is also sometimes referred to as "Wavebouncing".

As mentioned above, special moves can be reversed without using the above configuration. In Smash 64, reversing a special simply involved using the move while holding the control stick in the opposite direction the character is facing. In Melee with the introduction of side special moves, reversing was a little more difficult to pull off, especially on the ground. Most neutral special moves are automatically reversed depending on the user's momentum. For example, Falco will reverse the direction in which he fires his Blaster shots if he has jumped backwards. In Brawl, all special moves can be reversed (except for Mario's F.L.U.D.D.) by pressing the B button and immediately pushing the control stick in the direction opposite whichever one the character is facing. While Captain Falcon's and Ganondorf's neutral special moves, the Falcon Punch and Warlock Punch respectively, can be reversed normally, doing a slightly delayed reverse will have an animation of them actually turning around to perform the punches, dealing even more damage and knockback, but performing them slower as a result. The punches are officially known as reverse Falcon/Warlock punches, and the term "reverse" is often used by players in general, especially when referring to up specials (this is also the case in Melee). Reversing special attacks can help with movement, especially in the air, as some characters carry momentum when they change direction (such as R.O.B. with his Gyromite and Diddy Kong with his Peanut Popgun, which upon reversing can be canceled if the shield button is held).

In Brawl, grabs that are reversed are called pivot grabs.


B-Sticking requires that the player be using the GameCube, Classic, Classic Pro or Wii U Pro Controller or the Wii U GamePad with a custom name. The player must then go in to the Options →Control Settings and change the controls for the controller for their name. The primary change that needs to be made is that the C-Stick must be changed so that instead of performing smashes, it executes Specials. This also gives B-Sticking its name, since the player is using the C-Stick to perform special moves.

Performing a Recoil Special[edit]

To perform a Recoil Special[1] with the B-Stick setup, jump forward and immediately move the C-stick in the opposite direction of travel. This will perform the Side Special in midair, and immediately bounce the fighter backwards. This can add some range to the Side Special while spacing the fighter further away from their opponent. Up specials and down specials can also be performed like this, by moving the C-Stick between that direction and the diagonal direction behind the direction of travel. That is, between up and up-left diagonal for an up special if moving right, for example. The Standard Special can also be performed by moving the C-Stick directly diagonal in the opposite direction of travel (eg. a Standard Special while moving right, the C-Stick must be moved up-left or down-left). Note that this will only perform a Special move as if the B button were tapped once. To continue to hold the attack (to charge it or to have an attack like Din's Fire move further), it is recommended that L, R, or Z be assigned to perform specials. This way, while the thumb is being used to hit the C-Stick, one of the fingers can press and hold the assigned trigger, allowing the special to continue.

To perform this technique without the c-stick, the player must jump forward, do a special backwards, then immediately smash the control stick or D-pad forward. This will make the character turn twice, and will create the bound.

Reverse Neutral Special Move[edit]

Mewtwo using a Reverse Shadow Ball in midair.

A reverse neutral special move allows a character in mid-air to use a neutral special in the opposite direction that they're facing. This requires a different method than simply holding backward and pressing the special button, as this would turn around and activate a side special move. Instead, one must tap the control stick in that direction and allow it to return to its neutral position before pressing the special button.

In Melee and Brawl, the player can perform a reverse neutral special move by tapping the control stick in the opposite direction he/she facing right after the special button is pressed. In the latter game, this is often more apparent as certain reversed special moves possess an actual animation where the character turns around during their execution, as opposed to quickly facing the opposite direction like with using side specials.

In Brawl, this can be done on the ground as well. The technique is also pulled off in the same way as the reverse Falcon/Warlock Punch. It has a smaller window than in Melee, thus is a bit harder to perform consistently.

In Brawl, when performed in the air, some characters will get a bounce in the direction the player tapped the control stick in. Because of this, characters with neutral special moves that cancel their momentum will not get the bounce, but will turn around. Other characters will only get a small, almost invisible bounce, in which the turn around-effect is also the only profit. This bounce is often called wavebouncing. It is, however, performed in a different way than regular wavebouncing, which requires the player to use the C-stick for specials. Reverse neutral special moves can also be reversed while running to attack behind the character without having to stop or turn around, most characters will also receive a small boost to whichever way the character ends up facing, some characters will also receive a notably bigger boost then other characters when turning around, namely Marth and Ike. A good example of a reverse special move and the two most popular are the Reverse Falcon Punch and Reverse Warlock Punch.

In Smash 64, while reverse neutral special moves don't exist, it is possible to turn around while performing a neutral special move by simply tilting the Control Stick left or right, as side specials don't exist in this game.

Other uses of the setup[edit]

Dashing up special[edit]

Similar to how an up smash can be performed out of a dash, but with this setup, an up special can be performed much the same way. To do this, start to dash, and just before reaching the point where the player wants to perform the up special, press back on the joystick and then up on the C-Stick. The character should continue to slide forward and begin to perform their up special. This technique also works with down specials (such as the Luigi Cyclone).

Reverse Aerial Rush[edit]

The B-Sticking setup can be used to more easily perform a Back Aerial out of a dash by pressing the C-Stick backwards while running. This will cause the character to turn around and jump while still moving forward.

Characters who greatly benefit[edit]

The following characters have a very noticeable recoil on one or more of their specials with practical applications

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