Monkey Flip

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Monkey Flip
Diddy Kong Side B SSBU.gif
Diddy Kong using Monkey Flip in Ultimate.
User Diddy Kong
Universe Donkey Kong
Article on Super Mario Wiki Monkey Flip
Leap at a foe and latch onto his or her head, then go to town with any attack button.
Brawl's instruction manual
Jump and grab a foe. Press B in midair to attack.
Smash for 3DS's foldout
Leaps forward and grabs whomever he contacts. A second button press causes him to kick.
—Description from Ultimate's Move List

Monkey Flip (モンキーフリップ, Monkey Flip) is Diddy Kong's side special move.


When used, Diddy Kong leaps forward towards the enemy, latches onto their face, and remains there until the player presses the attack or special button to deliver a single smack attack via a headbutt (not unlike a pummel). The distance traveled can be changed depending on whether the Control Stick and special move button are pressed simultaneously or not. As the move sends him forward, it can be used as a recovery, and it can be used in conjunction with Rocketbarrel Boost, as it does not put Diddy into a helpless state afterwards. If the player presses an attack button during sideways momentum, Diddy Kong sticks a foot out, and will kick the opponent instead of latching on. However, this kick prevents him from using Rocketbarrel Boost and if Monkey Flip's kick is used far off the stage's edges, it is possible for Diddy Kong to become helpless with little chance of recovering back onto the stage, accidentally KO'ing himself. By pressing the jump button after latching onto an enemy, it is possible to jump onto the enemy's head and push them downwards, which performs a Footstool Jump. The Monkey Flip can also set up a Diddycide, although the Footstool Jump is almost always a better option. Like Chomp, this attack can block some characters' recovery in Brawl.


Special Move customization was added in Super Smash Bros. 4. These are the variations:

1. Monkey Flip 2. Back Flip 3. Flying Monkey Flip
"Leap forward to grab whoever you contact, or press the button again to kick." "A backward leap that switches to a flying forward kick if you press the button again." "A higher jump with a weaker kick, but the grab attack is stronger."
  1. Monkey Flip: Default.
  2. Back Flip: Leaps backwards instead of forwards. Press B again to perform a stronger, lunging kick. Cannot grab opponents.
  3. Flying Monkey Flip: Jumps higher with a stronger jump attack, but a weaker kick and grab attack.


While Diddy Kong has never used this move in any Donkey Kong game, Donkey Kong uses a similar move in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, where it was used to grab and pummel enemies. However, it seems to have inspired Diddy Kong's forward/backward Trick Shot in Mario Tennis Aces, which greatly resembles Monkey Flip and functions similarly.



  • If this move is used against Zelda using Triforce of Wisdom at the same time, Zelda will retain her Final Smash glow, but the environment will no longer be dim, and the game will be in a glitched state where Zelda is unable to use her Final Smash. Additionally, Smash Balls will not appear while in this state. KOing Zelda fixes the glitch.
    • With proper timing, the camera may even lock in its zoomed in state.
    • In training mode, the game will even be unable to be paused.