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This article is about Zero Suit Samus's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For the character in other contexts, see Zero Suit Samus.
Zero Suit Samus
in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
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Universe Metroid
Other Smash Bros. appearances in Brawl
in SSB4

Availability Unlockable
Final Smash Zero Laser
Although not as powerful as Samus, her speed is exceptional! Her Paralyzer not only has the ability to stun opponents, but it can also turn into a whip. For her Final Smash, she dons her suit and fires a powerful laser!
Super Smash Blog, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Official Site

Zero Suit Samus (ゼロスーツサムス, Zero Suit Samus) is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, officially confirmed on June 12th, 2018. Once again, Zero Suit Samus is unconnected to the standard playable Samus, although she temporarily transforms into the latter during her Final Smash. Zero Suit Samus is classified as fighter #29.

As in Smash 4, Alésia Glidewell's portrayal of Zero Suit Samus from Brawl was repurposed for Ultimate.

How to unlock[edit]

Complete one of the following:

With the exception of the third method, Zero Suit Samus must then be defeated on Brinstar.

Changes from Super Smash Bros. 4[edit]

Although being considered a dominating top tier character throughout the lifetime of SSB4 (6th out of 55 characters), Zero Suit Samus has received a mix of buffs and nerfs in the transition to Ultimate, noticably nerfing her directly, but making her one of the few SSB4 top-tier character to be only slightly nerfed overall thanks to the new mechanics. She has received some big direct and indirect nerfs, especially directly, and the most notable ones were to her outstanding combo and punish game, which while still potent, have been toned down overall. Her down throw has more knockback and more ending lag, and thus can no longer combo as reliably as in the previous game past very low percentages, losing almost all its combo potential, her up aerial has more ending lag and both her down smash and Flip Jump, especially the latter, have less hitstun and knockback, worsening several of her setup moves and making it more difficult to capitalize on them and on KO confirms. Furthermore, the changes to the knockback physics make it more difficult for her to string her moves into the other. Zero Suit Samus's recovery, previously one of the best in the game, was also nerfed, as Plasma Whip takes much longer to grab an edge and has reduced tether range. Lastly, her forward smash's new sourspot and nerfs to forward aerial's power, and back aerials and Boost Kick's hitboxes and the latter's reduced knockback, make it harder for her to score KOs, reducing her poor KO ability even further.

However, Zero Suit Samus does significantly benefit overall from the universal changes to gameplay mechanics. The faster movement speed further enhances her already excellent mobility (now possessing the fastest initial dash in the game and a usable dash-dance), improving her approach and as such, her "hit and run" playstyle. The reintroduction of directional air dodging improves her juggling capabilities, and the universally reduced landing lag allows her to retain some of her combo game while improving on her mediocre neutral game - one of her most notable weaknesses in Smash 4. She has also directly received some useful buffs: her down tilt, arguably her worst move in SSB4, has reduced lag that gives it newfound combo potential. Aside from her lost ability to string lengthy and devastating punishes off of a down throw, Zero Suit Samus' grab game has been improved as a whole; her grab, previously one of the laggiest in the game, has been sped up, making it less risky to use, and her up throw has increased knockback, granting her a new KO move, and forward throw can be used to set up tech-chasing. Finally, her special moveset has seen many improvements, as Paralyzer charges and fires shots faster, while Plasma Whip can now send opponents towards her for new setups if the button is held, and has restored some of its lost KO power from Brawl and SSB4'.

In the end, Zero Suit Samus remains a high-risk, high-reward character whose learning curve is even higher than in SSB4, with a wider and more intricate array of neutral, combo and punish options, as opposed to her more polarized kit in SSB4 that necessitated a more linear gameplan. Much like Mario, Fox and Sonic, and in contrast to how other former SSB4 top tier characters were nerfed much more dramatically, Zero Suit Samus continues to be an effective character; while Juice and even moreso Marss have been highly successful with ZSS in the Western tournament scene, her perception is even more favorable in Japan, with multiple players including Choco finding notable tournament success with her. Due to Marss' dominance with the character, Zero Suit Samus is widely regarded as a top-tier or upper high-tier character once again, and has been one of the most successful fighters in Ultimate relative to her low representation. This is taken even further in Japan, where she is frequently regarded as one of the best characters in the game, if not the best.


  • Change Due to the aesthetic used in Ultimate, Zero Suit Samus's model features a more vibrant color scheme. The material of her Zero Suit no longer looks homogeneous; her physique has been altered as well, with her figure now being leaner and more muscular and her bust being reduced. Most of her suit is now a lighter shade of blue with a matte texture, which matches her in-game design in Metroid: Samus Returns. Her eyes are a more vibrant green and less blue. Her skin is also paler.
  • Change Zero Suit Samus has a new idle animation. She now holds the Paralyzer in a high ready position, similar to one of her idle poses and victory animations, and no longer bounces in place.
  • Change Zero Suit Samus's walking and running animations have been altered slightly; she now bobs with each step.
  • Change Zero Suit Samus propels herself forward using her jet boots when performing a forward roll.
  • Change Zero Suit Samus now strikes a pose during her down taunt animation.


  • Change The changes to powershielding both help and hinder Zero Suit Samus. They make it easier for her to punish out of shield due to her quick attack speed, but also make her easier to be punished out of shield due to her reliance on landing aerials.
  • Buff Like all characters, Zero Suit Samus's jumpsquat animation takes three frames to complete (down from 4).
  • Buff Zero Suit Samus runs significantly faster (2.1 → 2.31).
    • Buff Zero Suit Samus's initial dash is significantly faster (1.7 → 2.42), now being the fastest in Ultimate.
  • Buff Zero Suit Samus walks slightly faster (1.4 → 1.47).
  • Buff Zero Suit Samus' air speed is slightly faster (1.2 → 1.26).

Ground attacks

  • Neutral attack:
    • Buff The first hit can lock, at least on an incline.
    • Nerf The entire move can no longer cross up shields, and its travel distance shortened.
    • Nerf Its first and last hits also have slightly more ending lag (FAF 21 (first hit)/32 (third hit) → 24/35).
    • Change The first two hits no longer have set knockback.
    • Buff The final hit has altered hitboxes (size: 4.2u/3u → 4u/3.5u, Z offset: 6/2 → 8/2), increasing its range overall.
  • Dash attack:
    • Buff The internal hitbox now extends downwards (Y offset: 10 → 5-10), and the late version is larger (4.1u → 4.5u), allowing it to hit downed opponents better.
  • Up tilt:
    • Nerf Up tilt no longer grants intangibility on her legs, and can now rebound with other moves, reducing its safety, especially against aerial attacks. This makes it much less effective as an anti-air.
  • Down tilt:
    • Buff Down tilt has less ending lag (FAF 36 → 30).
    • Buff It sends at a more vertical angle (60° → 70°). Coupled with the above change, this gives the move combo potential.
    • Change It has a different animation: Zero Suit Samus uses her left leg for her down tilt instead of her right. It also moves her forward a much shorter distance and returns her to her original position. This hinders its range and makes its effect as a pseudo-crawl negligible but improves its spacing potential.
  • Forward smash:
    • Buff Forward smash's second hit can be angled, allowing her to both hit characters in the air more reliably when angled up, and hit smaller characters easier when angled down.
    • Buff It has slightly less startup lag (frame 14 → 13).
    • Nerf Zero Suit Samus doesn't move forward as much, especially during the second kick. This makes it harder to hit opponents from further away.
    • Nerf The three hitboxes on Zero Suit Samus's leg have less knockback scaling (106/109 → 106/97), making them sourspots instead of sweetspots and hindering their KO potential.
    • Nerf It has slightly more ending lag (FAF 63 → 65).
  • Up smash:
    • Buff The last hit deals more knockback (70 base/145 scaling → 45/212), no longer being the weakest up smash in the game.
  • Down smash:
    • Nerf Down smash now applies freeze frames to the user as well as the opponent.
    • Nerf It deals no longer has base knockback (50/40 base/ 90/50 scaling → 0/ 90/85), which significantly reduces its stun time and as such, hinders its combo potential.

Aerial attacks

  • Buff All aerials have less landing lag (10 frames → 6 (neutral), 16 → 10 (forward), 11 → 10 (back), 9 → 5 (up), 30 → 24 (down)).
  • Forward aerial:
    • Buff Forward aerial's first hit has set-ups and KO confirms due to its lower landing lag.
    • Buff Forward aerial has an altered animation. The animation's positioning is also lower compared to SSB4, allowing her to hit shorter characters when performed in a rising short hop.
    • Buff The first hit transition faster into the second (frame 16 → 13).
      • Nerf However, the move's duration was not compensated, effectively increasing the move's ending lag (by 3 frames), diminishing its combo potential when not landing with it.
    • Nerf The second hit has less knockback scaling (116 → 104). However, the move's increased ending lag still renders the move incapable of comboing effectively in the air, while also KOing later.
  • Back aerial:
    • Change Back aerial has a slightly altered animation. Zero Suit Samus is more upright while kicking and her left leg is more inward.
    • Nerf The sourspot is larger (2.5u → 3.5u) and takes priority over the sweetspot, making the sweetspot harder to land overall.
    • Buff The sourspot was moved inwards (X offset: 1.5 → -1), which combined with its larger hitbox removes the move's blindspot.
  • Up aerial:
    • Nerf It has slightly more ending lag (FAF 34 → 35). This makes it more difficult to combo and juggle her opponents, severely hampering her ability to pull off her notoriously fatal Stairway to Heaven.
  • Down aerial:
    • Buff Down aerial's lower landing lag, combined with Zero Suit Samus's faster jumpsquat, means the landing hit can combo into forward aerial at lower percentages.
    • Buff Down aerial's landing hitbox is larger (8u → 9u), extends further (Z offset: -1–1 → -1.5–1), and is positioned higher (Y offset: 6 → 7), improving its range, especially against opponents above or behind Zero Suit Samus.
  • Grab aerial:
    • Change Grab aerial deals consistent damage (3% early/6% clean → 5%). It deals less damage than the previous clean hit, but more damage than the early hit.
    • Buff It has less ending lag, make it more useful to start combos without being used on landing.
    • Nerf It bounces off of the first thing it hits, therefore it can only hit one thing before Zero Suit Samus uses the move again.
    • Nerf It has less tether range.

Throws and other attacks

  • Buff All grabs have less ending lag, especially her pivot grab (FAF 69 standing/72 dash/80 pivot → 59/67/62).
  • Buff The inability to pass through other fighters helps prevent dash grab from whiffing when used too close to the opponent.
  • Forward throw:
    • Change Zero Suit Samus has a new forward throw: a kick to the opponent's chest.
    • Change Forward throw's first hit deals more damage, with the second dealing less damage (2%/7% → 5%/4%).
      • Buff The second hit's base knockback has not been fully compensated (50 → 58). Combined with the more horizontal angle (45° → 33°), this allows it to set up tech chase situations.
  • Up throw:
    • Buff Up throw deals more knockback (80 base/60 scaling → 65/93), being able to KO before Sudden Death percents.
  • Down throw:
    • Buff Down throw deals more damage (2% (hit 1), 3% (throw) → 4% (both)).
      • Nerf However, the throw's knockback was not compensated, and it has more ending lag (FAF 46 → 52). This severely worsens its combo potential past very low percentages while still being unable to KO at realistic percents. It has gone from being one of her best moves, to arguably becoming her worst, and definitely her least useful throw.
  • Change Zero Suit Samus's grab aerial now droops and lays on the ground during landing lag.

Special moves

  • Paralyzer:
    • Buff Paralyzer charges more quickly.
    • Change Paralyzer's shots are more orange in color.
  • Plasma Whip:
    • Buff Plasma Whip's final hit deals slightly more damage (7.5% → 8%) and significantly more knockback (45 base/105 scaling → 47/138).
    • Buff Plasma Whip's final hit is larger (4.6u → 6u).
    • Buff If the special move button is held during the move, it sends the opponent up and towards her, giving an opportunity for followups, similar to her Whip Lash custom move from SSB4. This version has more ending lag, but the hitbox lasts longer.
    • Nerf The move takes much longer to tether to the ledge, and its tether range was also reduced. This makes the move much worse for recovery.
  • Boost Kick:
    • Bug fix Boost Kick no longer has RCO lag.
      • Nerf However, the aerial version has more landing lag (22 frames → 30), making it identical to the RCO lag variant despite the removal.
    • Buff Its hits connect more reliably.
    • Nerf The grounded version's initial hit has lost its farthest hitbox, reducing its range to the point Zero Suit Samus has to be right next to the opponent in order for it to connect.
    • Nerf The aerial version has less knockback scaling (209 → 184).
  • Flip Jump:
    • Buff Flip Jump travels slightly faster and can be interrupted sooner (FAF 50 → 39).
    • Buff The manual kick can be inputted earlier (frame 19 → 14).
    • Buff The bounce from the footstool stomp is significantly shorter, granting it better followup potential.
    • Nerf It can no longer be edge-canceled. [1]
    • Nerf The kick has a shorter duration (frames 9-14 → 9-12).
    • Nerf It no longer grants intangibility on Zero Suit Samus's legs after the full body intangibility ends.
    • Nerf The bury deals much less base knockback, along with slightly less knockback scaling (60 base/100 scaling → 10/90). This significantly hinders its follow-up potential at both low and high percents.
  • Final Smash:
    • Change Zero Suit Samus has a new Final Smash, Zero Laser. She summons her gunship, but temporarily dons her Varia Suit (using the same model as the playable version) and fires a single, long-lasting laser from the top of the ship, similarly to Aura Storm. The players choose where to aim the laser with a targeting reticle.
    • Buff Zero Laser deals significantly increased damage compared to a single laser (0.8% loop hits/10% last/17.2% total → 1.2%/1.6% loop hits/20%/25% last/51.2-66.6% total), and the last hit has much higher knockback, making it more powerful.
    • Nerf Zero Laser only has a single use compared to Gunship's maximum of five shots, making it deal less total damage if all hits connect (86% → 66.6%). The last hit also has a delay before being fired, meaning the Final Smash can miss. This makes it less versatile and consistent.

Update history[edit]

Zero Suit Samus has received a mix of buffs and nerfs via game updates, but has been slightly buffed overall.

Patch 2.0.0 nerfed her forward smash by adding a sourspot at close range while her Flip Jump has reduced base knockback, hindering her ability to KO aerial opponents at an early percentage from a back throw. Patch 3.0.0 nerfed her Flip Jump further as it travels a less horizontal distance, hindering her recovery.

However, her buffs in patch 2.0.0 allow her to grab ledges earlier when using forward aerial and up aerial while patch 3.1.0 allows her Plasma Whip to connect more reliably. Her Flip Jump has been reverted to how it was before patch 3.0.0 improving her recovery.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 2.0.0

  • Nerf Forward smash now has a sourspot at close range.
  • Change Flip Jump has altered knockback. This reduces the bury time at lower percents but increases it at higher percents.
  • Buff Zero Suit Samus can grab earlier after using forward aerial (73 frames → 71).
  • Buff Zero Suit Samus can grab earlier after using up aerial (75 frames → 59).

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 3.0.0

  • Change The animations for the Grapple Beam have been adjusted.
  • Nerf Flip Jump travels less horizontal distance (horizontal control speed 0.7 → 0.5).

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 3.1.0

  • Buff Plasma Whip's hits connect more reliably.
  • Buff Flip Jump travels more horizontal distance (horizontal control speed 0.5 → 0.7), reverting to its pre-3.0.0 behavior.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 4.0.0

  • Change Down aerial no longer has its downward movement disabled when used out of hitstun.
    • Nerf This hinders its mixup potential.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 6.0.0

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 7.0.0

  • Buff Overall shield size has been increased.
  • Nerf Flip Jump's burying hitbox has much less knockback (25 base/145 scaling → 10/90), significantly reducing its bury duration, to the point opponents can mash out and escape KO setups into Boost Kick even at high percents.


For a gallery of Zero Suit Samus' hitboxes, see here.

Note: All numbers are listed as base damage, without the 1v1 multiplier.

  Name Damage Description
Neutral attack   1.5% A knifehand strike, followed by a pistol-whip with her Paralyzer, followed by a 12-6 elbow. It is tied with Little Mac for the fastest jab, coming out instantly on frame 1. The first hit can lock, but the height of the hitbox causes it to miss small or crouching opponents on non-slanted terrain. It also has a terrible damage output, only doing a total of 6% if all three hits connect.
Forward tilt   8% (leg), 6.5% (body) A roundhouse kick. It can be angled. The down-angled version may cause tripping at low percentages.
7% (leg), 6% (body)
8% (leg), 6.5% (body)
Up tilt   5% (hit 1), 7% (hit 2) A butterfly kick-styled scissor kick performed from a variation of the 2000, a breakdancing move. It hits on frame 3, making it Zero Suit Samus' fastest tilt attack. It is also one of only two moves that hit in front of and behind her, with the other being neutral aerial, making it a good replacement to her down smash to hit both sides.
Down tilt   8% (leg), 6% (foot) A leg sweep. This lowers her hurtbox more than her crouch, allowing her to duck under most projectiles with proper timing. This move is great for setting up combos.
Dash attack   8% (clean), 5% (late) Activates her Jet Boots to perform a jet-propelled knee strike.
Forward smash   5% (hit 1), 11% (hit 2) A mid-level sidekick, followed by a spinning sidekick at a slightly higher angle. Due to it activating her Jet Boots, the second hit has a visible sweetspot in the form of a small, fiery blast at the tip of her foot. Unlike typical sweetspots, it has the same damage output as the sourspot; the only change is that it has slightly higher knockback scaling. Her side smash can be angled, but only the second kick changes in angle.
Up smash   4% (hit 1), 0.8% (hits 2-6), 3% (hit 7) Spins in place while twirling her Plasma Whip overhead. However, it possesses surprisingly high hitstun with low ending lag, making it a solid combo starter at low to mid percents, while still possessing decent kill power. All of this, combined with its long-lasting, disjointed hitbox, make it commonly considered among the best up-smashes in the game.
Down smash Slant Paralyzer 8% (near), 6% (far) Aims her Paralyzer downward in front of herself and fires a paralyzing energy blast at the ground. This move has poor KO potential, instead, it is used to initiate combos. Opponents are paralyzed much longer at higher percentages.
Neutral aerial   8% Spins in midair, swinging her Plasma Whip laterally around herself. Has low ending lag, allowing for combo opportunities if used from a short-hopped fast fall. It does not autocancel in a short hop.
Forward aerial   5% (hit 1), 7% (hit 2) A hook kick, followed by a roundhouse kick.
Back aerial   12% (foot), 10% (leg) A spinning hook kick behind herself.
Up aerial   6.5% A bicycle kick. Thanks to its minimal start-up and ending lag, very low base knockback and very high knockback scaling, and low landing lag, it boasts excellent juggling potential.
Down aerial Slash Dive 6%, 5.5% (landing) A diagonal flying kick, similar to Sonic and Sheik's down aerials, though unlike most moves of its kind, it meteor smashes throughout its entire duration. Has the slowest startup lag of all of her aerials. Due to this move being a stall-then-fall, it is extremely risky to use off-stage, leading to a self-destruct in most cases, though its aforementioned properties make it effective as a quick and unexpected sacrificial KO, as the opponent will be KOed first if hit below the ledge. Even when she lands on the ground, there is a high landing lag, making it easy to punish. Despite this, its extremely fast descent speed can enable it to counter a juggle if there is sufficient distance between Zero Suit Samus and the opponent.
Grab aerial Plasma Whip 5% Lashes in front of her with the Plasma Whip.
Grab Plasma Whip Performs a kneeling lunge to unfurl the Plasma Whip. A hitbox appears at her hand, allowing her to grab opponents with less lag.
Pummel   1.3% A knee strike.
Forward throw   5% (hit), 4% (throw) Kicks the opponent away. It can tech-chase at low to mid percentages, and at high percents, it can edgeguard.
Back throw   2% (hit), 6% (throw) A mid-level roundhouse kick.
Up throw   2% (hit), 8% (throw) A backflip kick. The most damaging out of all of her throws, as well as her strongest throw.
Down throw   4% (hit), 4% (throw) Pins the opponent on the ground, and performs an ax kick. Its increased ending lag and knockback have caused it to lose all its combo potential outside of very low percents.
Floor attack (front)   7% A modified butterfly kick performed from a windmill (a breakdancing move).
Floor attack (back)   7% Same as her frontal floor attack.
Floor attack (trip)   5% Performs a spinning low-level roundhouse kick.
Edge attack   9% Performs a low-level roundhouse kick while climbing up.
Neutral special Paralyzer 4~6% Assumes a kneeling position to fire a paralyzing energy blast from her weapon. It can be charged, which increases its damage output the duration of its paralysis but at the cost of lowered speed. Targets hit by paralysis cannot be paralyzed again until making contact with the stage.
Side special Plasma Whip 2% (arm), 3.2% (whip, base), 1.2% (whip, middle), 4% (whip, held tip), 8% (whip, pressed tip) Performs a kneeling lunge to unleash the Plasma Whip forward in a swirling motion. The whip hits repeatedly, while its sweetspot, which is located at the whip's tip, launches opponents away, and can KO at high percentages. Alternatively, holding down the special move button will have the tip of the whip snap upwards, knocking opponents up and towards her. While the held version deals less damage, it gives Zero Suit Samus an opportunity for followups.
Up special Boost Kick 5% (hit 1), 1.2% (hits 2 - 6), 4% (hit 7) Activates her Jet Boots to perform a jet-propelled diagonal split-legged flying kick, followed by a spinning hook kick. One of her best KO moves against a midair opponent. It can also be angled forward or backward, which allows it to catch an opponent's air dodge, rolls, and edge get-up reactions.
Down special Flip Jump 8% (stomp), 14% (kick) A 720° Ce Kong Fan[2], a jumping technique used in contemporary Wushu. It functions as a third jump and grants intangibility on frames 3-12. It can deal damage in two ways: upon contact at the end of the jump, or by pressing either the attack button or special button during the jump. Upon contact, Zero Suit Samus performs a footstool stomp, which buries grounded opponents and meteor smashes aerial opponents. Pressing the attack or special buttons makes her perform a diagonal flying kick, which is very powerful. The flying kick also has a sweetspot at her foot that can meteor smash aerial opponents but has slightly less knockback against aerial opponents. Overall, due to its sheer versatility as a combo finisher, recovery option, and an excellent tool for breaking out of disadvantage, it is commonly considered one of the best moves in the game and is arguably Zero Suit Samus’ best move.
Final Smash Zero Laser 1.2/1.6% (laser loop), 20/25% (final burst) Zero Suit Samus leaps up, rising into the air, then appears atop her Gunship in the background, wearing her Power Suit. A player-controlled crosshair then appears, and after a short amount of time (or when the attack button is pressed), the now-suited Samus begins firing her Zero Laser with an area roughly equal to that of the crosshair. Like the version used by her suited counterpart, it hits multiple times. Opponents take more damage closer to the center of the crosshair. At the end of the move, there is a brief pause, then one final burst is fired with enough power to launch opponents. Once the move concludes, Samus reverts to her Zero Suit and returns to her previous position.

On-screen appearance[edit]

  • Jumps out of her Gunship and uses her Jet Boots to briefly hover before landing.


  • Up Taunt: Tosses her Paralyzer into the air, spins once, and catches it behind herself while saying "Is that all?"
  • Side Taunt: Swings the Plasma Whip in a circular motion while saying "Try me."
  • Down Taunt: Holds her Paralyzer near her waist, and then performs a pirouette while twirling the Plasma Whip around her body and saying "You're mine."

Idle poses[edit]

  • Stands up straight and looks around, holding her Paralyzer towards her face.
  • Makes configurations to her Paralyzer.

Victory poses[edit]

  • Left: Slashes the air twice with her Plasma Whip and says "Be still."
  • Up: Uses Flip Jump and then performs a jet-propelled somersault while grunting.
  • Right: Performs a stretch kick and then swings her leg into position to perform a modified passé while grunting. Her leg motions and ending pose seems to "draw out" her series symbol, with the stretch kick being the "circle" and the ending pose being the "S".
A flourished remix of the theme that would play when Samus Aran obtained a new power-up or addition to her Power Suit. It would also play when Samus defeated Ridley or Kraid.

In competitive play[edit]

When Ultimate released, Zero Suit Samus was considered to be moderately nerfed from her last appearance, where she was a top tier character. Many players noted how many of her tools were watered down, most notably her combo potential. This resulted in her being viewed as a mid tier character at best while having low tournament representation in the West, although her representation and reputation in Japan were much higher to begin with.

As the meta advanced, many dedicated players such as Kuro, Choco, Juice and Marss have played well in tournaments and got great results with her, which was helped by nerfs to her most difficult matchups such as Pichu and Olimar. Marss, in particulary has dominated with the character, defeating players such as MkLeo, Samsora, Nairo, Dabuz, Light, and Maister, while also being able to consistently make it to Top 8 at premier tournaments, even winning GENESIS 7. As a result, Zero Suit Samus was given a considerably better reception, being a top tier character as the general consensus, as stated by professionals such as ZeRo and Mew2King. Maister even claims she is the best character in the game. Many top Japanese players have Zero Suit at the top of their tier lists as well. Regardless, she is still considered to be slightly worse than her Smash 4 iteration.

Notable players[edit]


Any number following the Smasher name indicates placement on the Fall 2019 PGRU, which recognizes the official top 50 players in the world in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate from July 13th, 2019 to December 15th, 2019.


Classic Mode: Grapplers! Whips! Claws![edit]

Zero Suit Samus' congratulations screen.

Zero Suit Samus's opponents are largely characters who use tether grabs or recoveries. The only exception is Little Mac, who represents the theme of "wires" by using his wireframe outfit.

Round Opponent Stage Music Notes
1 Young Link YoungLinkHeadSSBU.png and Toon Link ToonLinkHeadSSBU.png Skyloft Dark World (for 3DS / Wii U)
2 Ivysaur IvysaurHeadSSBU.png Spear Pillar Pokémon Gym/Evolution - Pokémon Red / Pokémon Blue
3 Dark Samus DarkSamusHeadSSBU.png Brinstar Depths Theme of Samus Aran, Space Warrior
4 Yoshi YoshiHeadSSBU.png Peach's Castle Super Mario World Medley
5 Simon SimonHeadSSBU.png and Richter RichterHeadSSBU.png Dracula's Castle Simon Belmont Theme (The Arcade)
6 Little Mac LittleMacHeadWireSSBU.png(x3) LittleMacHeadGreenSSBU.png(x3) 75m (Battlefield form) Tunnel Scene - X Items do not appear.
Bonus Stage
Final Master Hand Final Destination Master Hand (Less than 7.0 intensity)
Master Hand / Crazy Hand (Intensity 7.0 or higher)
On intensity 7.0 and higher, Crazy Hand fights alongside Master Hand.

Credits roll after completing Classic Mode. Completing it as Zero Suit Samus has Theme of Samus Aran, Space Warrior accompany the credits.

Role in World of Light[edit]

Finding Zero Suit Samus in World of Light

Although Zero Suit Samus does not appear in the World of Light opening cutscene, she was vaporized and later imprisoned alongside the rest of the fighters (sans Kirby) when Galeem unleashed his beams of light. Zero Suit Samus' awakening battle is separate from that of Samus, who is vaporized in the opening cutscene.

Zero Suit Samus can be found and awakened in the upper-right volcanic area in the World of Light after defeating the Metroid spirit.

Fighter Battle[edit]

No. Image Name Type Power Stage Music
Zero Suit Samus SSBU.png
Zero Suit Samus
7,500 Brinstar Depths (Ω form) Theme of Samus Aran, Space Warrior


Zero Suit Samus's Fighter Spirit can be obtained by completing Classic Mode. It is also available periodically for purchase in the shop for 500 coins. Unlocking Zero Suit Samus in World of Light allows the player to preview the spirit below in the Spirit List under the name "???". As a Fighter Spirit, it cannot be used in Spirit Battles and is purely aesthetic. Each Fighter Spirit has an alternate version that replaces them with their artwork in Ultimate. While Samus herself appears in a number of Spirits, including an unarmored "Young Samus" spirit portrayed by a Zero Suit Samus puppet fighter, the Zero Suit itself only appears in Zero Suit Samus' Fighter Spirit.

In Spirit battles[edit]

As the main opponent[edit]

Spirit Battle parameters Inspiration
No. Image Name Series Enemy Fighter(s) Type Power Stage Rules Conditions Music Character
Urbosa The Legend of Zelda series Zero Suit Samus ZeroSuitSamusHeadShortsBlueSSBU.png
4,400 Gerudo Valley (Battlefield form) •Item: Lightning
•Hazard: Zap Floor
•The floor is electrified
Stamina battle
•The enemy starts the battle with a Killing Edge
Main Theme - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Samus Aran (Military Dress).png
Young Samus Metroid series Zero Suit Samus ZeroSuitSamusHeadShortsOrangeSSBU.png
Snake SnakeHeadWhiteSSBU.png
3,400 Frigate Orpheon N/A •The enemy falls slowly Theme of Samus Aran, Space Warrior
Jody Summer.png
Jody Summer F-Zero series Zero Suit Samus ZeroSuitSamusHeadRedSSBU.png
Captain Falcon CaptainFalconHeadWhiteSSBU.png
9,400 Big Blue N/A •The enemy has increased move speed and reduced weight White Land (Remix)
Lyn Spirit.png
Lyn Fire Emblem series Zero Suit Samus ZeroSuitSamusHeadShortsBlueSSBU.png
9,400 Gaur Plain (Battlefield form) •Attack Power ↑
•Assist Trophy Enemies (Lyn)
•Hostile assist trophies will appear
•The enemy has increased attack power when the enemy's at high damage
•The enemy starts the battle with a Killing Edge
Attack - Fire Emblem
Mimicutie Kid Icarus series Zero Suit Samus ZeroSuitSamusHeadShortsBlueSSBU.png
1,700 Skyworld •Item Tidal Wave •The enemy's kicks and knee strikes have increased power
•The enemy favors side smash attacks
•Certain items will appear in large numbers after a little while
In the Space-Pirate Ship
Meryl Silverburgh.png
Meryl Silverburgh Metal Gear Solid series Zero Suit Samus ZeroSuitSamusHeadBlackSSBU.png
1,700 Shadow Moses Island •Sudden Damage •All fighters occasionally take sudden damage after a little while Encounter
Rosemary Spirit.png
Rosemary Metal Gear Solid series Zero Suit Samus ZeroSuitSamusHeadWhiteSSBU.png
1,600 Living Room •Defense ↓
•Item: Food
•All fighters have reduced defense after a little while MGS4 ~Theme of Love~
The boss.png
The Boss Metal Gear Solid series Zero Suit Samus ZeroSuitSamusHeadWhiteSSBU.png
13,900 Garden of Hope (Ω form) •Defense ↑
•Hazard: Poison Floor
•The floor is poisonous
•Timed Stamina battle
•The enemy has increased defense when the enemy's at high damage
Snake Eater
EVA Metal Gear Solid series Zero Suit Samus ZeroSuitSamusHeadGreenSSBU.png
Snake SnakeHeadChartreuseSSBU.png
3,600 Garden of Hope •Item: Food •Defeat the main fighter to win
•The enemy becomes more powerful after eating
Snake Eater
Mega Man Zero Spirit.png
Mega Man Zero Mega Man Zero series Zero Suit Samus ZeroSuitSamusHeadRedSSBU.png
9,400 Midgar (Battlefield form) Assist Trophy Enemies Stamina battle
•Hostile assist trophies will appear
•The enemy starts the battle with a Beam Sword
Zero (Theme of ZERO (from Mega Man X))
Sharla Spirit.png
Sharla Xenoblade Chronicles series Zero Suit Samus ZeroSuitSamusHeadGreenSSBU.png
3,700 Gaur Plain •Item: Ray Gun •The enemy's shooting items have increased power
•The enemy starts the battle with a Ray Gun
Gaur Plain
Chun Li Alpha Spirit.png
Chun-Li (Street Fighter Alpha) Street Fighter series Zero Suit Samus ZeroSuitSamusHeadBlueSSBU.png
3,600 Onett (Ω form) •Jump Power ↓ •The enemy's kicks and knee strikes have increased power
Stamina battle
•All fighters have reduced jump power
Chun-Li Stage Type B
Alexandra Roivas Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem Zero Suit Samus ZeroSuitSamusHeadBlackSSBU.png
1,800 Luigi's Mansion •Hazard: Screen Flip •The screen will suddenly flip when the enemy's at high damage Main Theme - Luigi's Mansion (Brawl)
Shantae (Spirit).png
Shantae Shantae series Zero Suit Samus ZeroSuitSamusHeadShortsOrangeSSBU.png
9,400 Pirate Ship •Item: Transforming Types •The enemy's battering items have increased power
•The enemy starts the battle with a Killing Edge
Mob Smash
Ann Persona 5.png
Ann Takamaki Persona series Zero Suit Samus ZeroSuitSamusHeadRedSSBU.png
Peach PeachHeadRedSSBU.png
4,500 Castle Siege •Item: Fire Flower •Defeat the main fighter to win Last Surprise
High Line.png
High Line (Guns Empress) DAEMON X MACHINA Zero Suit Samus ZeroSuitSamusHeadBlackSSBU.png
Ridley RidleyHeadGreySSBU.png
4,200 Halberd •Move Speed ↑
Assist Trophy Enemies (Jeff)
•Item: Shooting Types
•Hostile assist trophies will appear
•The enemy has increased move speed after a little while
•Reinforcements will appear after the enemy is KO'd.
Metalopod Guns Empress
Z Block Spirit.png
S-Tetrimino & Z-Tetrimino Tetris series Zero Suit Samus ZeroSuitSamusHeadRedSSBU.png
Samus SamusHeadGreenSSBU.png
4,300 Mushroom Kingdom U (Slide Life Tower) •Sudden Final Smash
•Item: Screw Attack
•The enemy will suddenly have a Final Smash Chill (for 3DS / Wii U) Z-Tetrimino
ASTRAL CHAIN Hero (Female) ASTRAL CHAIN Zero Suit Samus ZeroSuitSamusHeadSSBU.png
•Metal Shulk ShulkHeadBlueSSBU.png
9,500 Final Destination •Item: Black Hole •Defeat the main fighter to win
•The enemy favors special moves

As a minion[edit]

Spirit Battle parameters Inspiration
No. Image Name Series Enemy Fighter(s) Type Power Stage Rules Conditions Music Character
Zelda (Breath of the Wild) The Legend of Zelda series Zelda ZeldaHeadBlueSSBU.png
Link LinkHeadWhiteSSBU.png
Inkling InklingHeadPinkSSBU.png
Donkey Kong DonkeyKongHeadYellowSSBU.png
Falco FalcoHeadBlueSSBU.png
Zero Suit Samus ZeroSuitSamusHeadShortsBlueSSBU.png
9,200 Great Plateau Tower N/A Stamina battle
•Reinforcements will appear after an enemy is KO'd
•Defeat an army of fighters
Main Theme - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Urbosa
Adam malkovich.png
Adam Malkovich Metroid series Snake SnakeHeadWhiteSSBU.png
Zero Suit Samus ZeroSuitSamusHeadWhiteSSBU.png
1,600 Shadow Moses Island N/A •Defeat the main fighter to win Theme of Samus Aran, Space Warrior Young Samus Aran
Phantom Thieves Spirit.png
Phantom Thieves of Hearts Persona series Joker JokerHeadSSBU.png
Pikachu PikachuHeadLibreSSBU.png
Captain Falcon CaptainFalconHeadBlackSSBU.png
Zero Suit Samus ZeroSuitSamusHeadRedSSBU.png
Chrom ChromHeadBlackSSBU.png
Sheik SheikHeadBlackSSBU.png
13,300 Mementos •Sudden Final Smash
•Item: Daybreak Parts
•The enemy will suddenly have a Final Smash when the enemy's at high damage
•Reinforcements will appear during the battle
Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There Ann Takamaki
Hero's Comrades Spirit.png
Hero's Comrades DRAGON QUEST series Ike IkeHeadBlackSSBU.png
King Dedede KingDededeHeadPinkSSBU.png
Zero Suit Samus ZeroSuitSamusHeadShortsBlueSSBU.png
Sheik SheikHeadRedSSBU.png
Robin RobinHeadRedSSBU.png
Zelda ZeldaHeadGreenSSBU.png
Link LinkHeadTealSSBU.png
13,300 Yggdrasil's Altar N/A •The enemy has increased melee-weapon damage and move speed
•The enemy's smash attacks have increased power
•Stamina battle
The Hero Goes Forth with a Determination Jade

Alternate costumes[edit]

Zero Suit Samus Palette (SSBU).png
ZeroSuitSamusHeadSSBU.png ZeroSuitSamusHeadBlueSSBU.png ZeroSuitSamusHeadRedSSBU.png ZeroSuitSamusHeadBlackSSBU.png ZeroSuitSamusHeadGreenSSBU.png ZeroSuitSamusHeadWhiteSSBU.png ZeroSuitSamusHeadShortsOrangeSSBU.png ZeroSuitSamusHeadShortsBlueSSBU.png


Character Showcase Video[edit]


  • Ridley's reveal trailer marks Zero Suit Samus' first appearance in a cinematic CGI Smash trailer since Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • Despite no longer being linked by in-battle transformation, Zero Suit Samus temporarily dons the Varia Suit during her Final Smash.
    • This makes Zero Suit Samus the only playable alter-ego of a different character to make a limited appearance as said character during her Final Smash only.
  • Zero Suit Samus is the only alternate incarnation or alter-ego of a starter character to not be in that character's Classic Mode character unlock sequence, as she is in Fox's rather than Samus'. This may be due to her unique moveset, as Dr. Mario, Young Link, Toon Link and Pichu are all clones or semi-clones.
  • For unknown reasons, Zero Suit Samus's taunt voice clips aren't present in the Sound Test.
  • Zero Suit Samus is one of four characters to have appeared since Brawl to have a different Final Smash across every installment; the other three are Pit, King Dedede, and R.O.B..
  • In the Japanese version of Ultimate, non-Japanese voice actors and actresses are credited without any transliteration to Japanese. In the case of Zero Suit Samus, Alésia Glidewell's name was cut short, resulting in "Alesia Glidew". This has since been fixed.
  • On the character selection screen, the icon in the Japanese version shows her name within only one row, while in the English version it is shown with two rows. This trait is shared with Captain Falcon, Mr. Game & Watch, Pokémon Trainer, Wii Fit Trainer, Rosalina & Luma, the Mii Fighters, Piranha Plant and Banjo & Kazooie.
  • Zero Suit Samus' character showcase video, unlock battles and Classic Mode credits use "Theme of Samus Aran, Space Warrior" from Super Metroid, a game where the Zero Suit did not yet exist. This may be a reference to how Samus would appear in various states of undress during the game's ending sequence, as "Theme of Samus Aran, Space Warrior" serves as the end credits theme for that game.
  • This is the first game where Zero Suit Samus's default head icon depicts her hair tie as its natural red, as both previous depictions have matched the Zero Suit's cyan. She shares this trait with Peach, Rosalina & Luma and Cloud, and similar property is present with Bowser, Zelda, Ike and Pit's transition from Brawl to SSB4.
  • If Zero Suit Samus charges a smash attack while holding a Star Rod, she will not vibrate in place during the animation. This also applies to Byleth if they charge a smash attack while holding a Death's Scythe.
  • If Zero Suit Samus starts charging her forward smash, the flashing effects will be focused on her handgun instead of her left leg. This is a carryover from Brawl, where she uses her handgun for her previous forward smash. This was also present in Smash 4.


1.^ translates to "Aerial Cartwheel" or "Side Somersault"