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This article is about Captain Falcon's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For the character in other contexts, see Captain Falcon.
Captain Falcon
in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
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Universe F-Zero
Other Smash Bros. appearances in SSB
in Melee
in Brawl
in SSB4
Availability Unlockable
Final Smash Blue Falcon
A fighter that possesses both speed and power! But in exchange, he is frequently left open. Being able to successfully land his neutral special, Falcon Punch, can greatly influence the battle in multiplayer matches.
Super Smash Blog, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Official Site

Captain Falcon (キャプテン・ファルコン, Captain Falcon) is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He was confirmed on June 12th, 2018. Captain Falcon is classified as fighter #11.

Captain Falcon is once again voiced by Ryō Horikawa, using recycled voice clips from Brawl and Smash 4.

How to unlock[edit]

Complete one of the following:

  • Play VS. matches, with Captain Falcon being the 11th character to be unlocked.
  • Clear Classic Mode with Fox or any character in his unlock tree, being the first character unlocked.
  • Have Captain Falcon join the player's party in World of Light.

With the exception of the third method, Captain Falcon must then be defeated on Port Town Aero Dive.

Changes from Super Smash Bros. 4[edit]

Captain Falcon has received a mix of buffs and nerfs in the transition to Ultimate. Several of his attack options at close range have been improved, some of which are more rewarding by virtue of their increased combo potential. Notable examples are his rapid jab connecting much more reliably and being therefore more effective for racking up damage; his forward tilt's lower lag making it safer for spacing; his up tilt consistently meteor smashing both grounded and aerial opponents, allowing for combos; and his up smash's increased damage, added leg intangibility, and reduced ending lag turning it into a high-risk, high-reward combo starter that can contest aerial approaches. Others have improved KO ability, such as his dash attack, his new forward smash (when his Smash 4 forward smash was already remarkably powerful), and his down smash, the latter which now semi-spikes and hits low-profile opponents more effectively, allowing him to take stocks more reliably up close. Furthermore, his entire special moveset has been buffed in miscellaneous ways: Falcon Punch has significantly increased knockback much like in previous Smash games, making it deadlier as a hard read or shield break punish; Raptor Boost is a much more effective combo starter on the ground, and leaves Captain Falcon less vulnerable if it connects in the air (no longer causing helplessness in such case); Falcon Dive has increased knockback and less ending lag making it safer to hit opponents with; and Falcon Kick is faster, has increased power on the ground, and less landing lag. In addition to these direct changes, the universal changes in Ultimate benefit Captain Falcon's rushdown oriented playstyle, having increased mobility and reduced landing lag on aerial attacks that allow him to juggle and punish opponents more effectively, most notably with his Knee Smash, which deals far more damage if sweetspotted, and his down aerial, which has increased combo potential since grounded meteor smashes can no longer be teched.

However, Captain Falcon has received significant nerfs as well. His dash grab, infamous in Smash 4 for being one of Captain Falcon's best approach and punish options due to its large ground coverage and high reward, now travels significantly less distance as a result of his traction being increased — a change that also affects his throws negatively, with his forward throw losing all its guaranteed combo potential, and down throw being much less reliable for combos at higher percents in combination with its altered knockback. Most importantly, the latter can no longer lead into semi-guaranteed KO confirms at high percents, nor can it force an option select at the ledge, where the appropriate DI for forward throw results in a KO from down throw and vice versa. This hinders a large component of his playstyle from Smash 4, as his grab is now harder to land, less rewarding, and due to all standard grabs having increased ending lag in Ultimate, easier to punish if it misses. Another of Captain Falcon's most nerfed moves is his up aerial; while it does have slightly less ending lag, it has increased landing lag compared to other aerials (which instead had it decreased), and deals less damage, weakening its punishability and KO setups. Adding to this, while his slower KO options were improved, his faster ones, such as back aerial and Raptor Boost, have been worsened, the latter no longer KOing at realistic percents in exchange for its increased combo ability. His new forward smash, while dealing more knockback, has significantly decreased range. Furthermore, some of the universal changes in Ultimate hinder Captain Falcon more than other characters, namely the tumbling animation from a footstool jump now being techable, which prevents him from racking up large amounts of damage and setting up KOs by repeatedly footstooling and meteor smashing opponents back up with his down aerial.

Overall, while Captain Falcon's buffs improve several of his options, his nerfs mean has to take higher risks approaching and optimizing their use, instead of constantly relying on a few safe options to rack up damage and set up KOs, which is more dangerous for him, since a large number of characters in Ultimate are either zoners or have had their close-up game buffed to various degrees. As such, Falcon players have to be significantly more cautious of their opponents in order to win the neutral game. His representation in the early metagame of Ultimate has been below average, although he has seen some success thanks to the efforts of notable players such as Fatality, who continues to represent him in tournaments.


  • Change As with all veterans returning from SSB4, Captain Falcon's model features a more subdued color scheme. The top piece of his racing suit appears to be armor with visible scuffs. His eyes are larger, akin to Brawl.
  • Change Captain Falcon has a slightly altered dashing animation.
  • Change The pose at the end of Captain Falcon's triple size kick victory screen has been altered. Instead of pointing his wrist sideways, he points it upwards, forming a pose similar to his idle pose.
  • Change Captain Falcon's mouth once again moves during his down and side taunts, like in Brawl.
  • Change Captain Falcon's tumbling animation has been altered. He now faces more towards/away from the screen, similar to Little Mac, Shulk, Greninja, and other fighters.
  • Change Captain Falcon's side taunt has been shortened significantly, showing him immediately gesturing with his hand.


  • Buff Like all characters, Captain Falcon's jumpsquat animation takes 3 frames to complete (down from 5).
  • Buff Captain Falcon walks faster (0.94 → 0.987).
  • Buff Captain Falcon runs faster (2.32 → 2.552).
    • Buff His initial dash is faster (1.7 → 1.98).
  • Buff Captain Falcon's traction has been drastically increased (0.05 → 0.105). This makes it easier for him to punish out of shield.
  • Buff Captain Falcon's air speed is faster (1.1 → 1.218).
  • Change Captain Falcon falls slightly faster (1.837 → 1.865).
  • Nerf Forward roll has more ending lag (FAF 28 → 30).
  • Nerf Back roll has more startup (frame 4 → 5) and ending lag (FAF 28 → 35).
  • Buff Spot dodge has less ending lag (FAF 28 → 27).
  • Nerf Spot dodge grants less intangibility (frames 3-18 → 3-17).
  • Buff Air dodge grants more intangibility (frames 3-28 → 3-30).
  • Nerf Air dodge has more ending lag (FAF 34 → 43).
  • Buff The changes to air dodges greatly benefit Captain Falcon: the ability to only air dodge once allows him to take better advantage of his fast mobility to pressure and juggle opponents, while their increased ending lag allows him to punish them more effectively with powerful moves such as Knee Smash.
  • Nerf The ability to tech aerial footstools prevents Captain Falcon from repeatedly footstooling and meteor smashing opponents back into the air with his down aerial, removing one of his most potent damage racking options.

Ground attacks[edit]

  • Neutral attack:
    • Buff The first hit of neutral attack has an altered animation, with Captain Falcon jabbing underhanded. This slightly lowers its position, allowing it to hit shorter and crouching characters.
    • Buff The first hit transitions into the second faster (frame 8 → 5), which transitions into either of the subsequent hits faster (frame 10 → 8).
    • Buff The neutral infinite has faster startup (frame 9 → 5) and a much shorter gap between hits (5 frames → 2), in addition to keeping opponents on the ground, allowing it to connect much more reliably.
    • Buff The infinite's finisher deals more damage (2% → 3%), with its knockback compensated.
    • Nerf Neutral attack deal less damage overall (2% → 1.5% (hits 1-2), 1% → 0.6% (infinite)).
    • Nerf The infinite's finisher has drastically more ending lag (FAF 40 → 50).
    • Change The first and second hits have altered angles and knockback to keep opponents close to Captain Falcon, akin to other neutral attacks. This allows them to connect better and jab lock, but removes their guaranteed jab cancel setups.
  • Forward tilt:
    • Buff Forward tilt has less startup and a longer hitbox duration (frames 9-11 → 7-10), with its total duration reduced as well (FAF 32 → 30). This makes it safer to use at close range.
    • Change It has increased base knockback, but decreased knockback scaling. This improves its safety on hit at low percents, but hinders its KO potential.
  • Up tilt:
    • Buff Up tilt meteor smashes throughout its entirety, including grounded opponents, instead of only aerial opponents at the heel. This gives it more consistency in edgeguarding, and coupled with the removal of teching for grounded meteor smashes, drastically improves its combo potential.
    • Nerf It has an altered animation where Captain Falcon's foot no longer reaches all the way to the floor, resulting in a more circular motion. This animation slightly reduces its vertical range, making it harder to hit opponents close to the edge with it.
    • Change Up tilt no longer moves Captain Falcon forward with each use.
  • Dash attack:
    • Buff Dash attack deals more knockback, with the clean hit KOing at around 170% without rage.
  • Forward smash:
    • Change Captain Falcon has a new forward smash: a backhand punch that resembles Warlock Punch.
    • Buff It deals more knockback, improving its KO potential.
    • Nerf It has significantly less range.
  • Up smash:
    • Buff Up smash has less ending lag (FAF 52 → 46). Combined with Captain Falcon's faster jumpsquat and jump speed, this allows it to true combo into an up aerial from low to mid percents.
    • Buff It deals more damage (6%/11% → 7%/12% (hit 1), 13%/12% → 14%/13% (hit 2)), with the second hit having more base knockback, but compensated knockback scaling.
    • Buff Both hits have a longer duration (frame 22 → frames 22-23 (hit 1), 28 → 28-29 (hit 2)), and grant Captain Falcon intangibility on his respective legs, making the move safer to use against opposing aerial attacks.
  • Down smash:
    • Buff Down smash has an altered animation where Captain Falcon kicks lower to the ground, allowing it to hit smaller and crouching opponents more easily. In spite of this animation change, its horizontal reach is unaffected.
    • Buff It launches at a lower, semi-spike angle, with knockback only compensated on the second hit, improving the move's KO potential especially near edges.

Aerial attacks[edit]

  • Buff All aerials except up aerial have reduced landing lag (12 frames → 7 (neutral), 30 frames → 18 (forward), 12 frames → 10 (back), 21 frames → 12 (down)).
  • Neutral aerial:
    • Buff Neutral aerial transitions faster into the second hit (frame 20 → 13), with its total duration mostly reduced as well (FAF 45 → 40).
      • Nerf However, this slightly increases its ending lag, making it more difficult to chain multiple neutral aerials without landing.
    • Buff The first hit no longer has set knockback, and deals more knockback to grounded opponents, improving its combo potential on landing.
    • Change The second hit deals less knockback, improving its combo potential but worsening its KO potential.
  • Forward aerial:
    • Buff Sweetspotted Knee Smash deals more damage (19% → 22%), albeit with its knockback compensated.
    • Buff The move's reduced landing lag increases the usefulness of its late hit's bonus trip chance, allowing Captain Falcon to get true followups if it trips the opponent.
  • Back aerial:
    • Nerf Back aerial has slightly less knockback, reducing its KO potential.
  • Up aerial:
    • Buff Up aerial has less ending lag (FAF 34 → 32), improving its combo potential into itself.
    • Nerf It has one frame more startup (frame 6 → 7).
    • Nerf It has slightly more landing lag (9 frames → 10). Combined with the decreased shieldstun for aerial attacks, this makes it much less safe on shield.
    • Nerf It deals less damage (11%/10% → 10%/9% (clean), 10%/9% → 9%/8% (late)), with knockback only minimally compensated, hindering its KO potential.
  • Down aerial:
    • Buff The removal of teching for grounded meteor smashes improves down aerial's combo potential onstage, compounded further by its reduced landing lag.

Throws and other attacks[edit]

  • Grabs:
    • Buff Standing and pivot grab have less startup (frame 7 → 6 (standing), 12 → 10 (pivot)).
    • Nerf All grabs have more ending lag (FAF 31 → 36 (standing), 38 → 44 (dash), 37 → 39 (pivot)).
    • Nerf Due to Captain Falcon's increased traction, dash grab does not cause him to slide forward as much. This significantly decreases its range.
  • Pummel:
    • Nerf Pummel deals less damage (2% → 1.3%).
    • Change It deals more hitlag (4 frames → 14), but has much less startup (frame 4 → 1) and ending lag (FAF 16 → 7).
  • Forward throw:
    • Nerf Forward throw's first hit deals less damage (5% → 3.5%; 9% → 7.5% total).
    • Nerf Due to Captain Falcon's increased traction no longer allowing him to retain horizontal momentum during the throw, it has lost its combo potential.
  • Back throw:
    • Nerf Back throw's first hit deals less damage (5% → 3.5%; 9% → 7.5% total).
  • Up throw:
    • Buff Up throw's release deals more damage (3% → 5%; 7% → 9% total), with knockback not fully compensated, allowing it to KO more reliably at high percents.
  • Down throw:
    • Nerf Down throw has less base knockback, but more knockback scaling. Combined with Captain Falcon not retaining horizontal momentum during the throw (due to his increased traction), this hinders its combo potential past low percents, most notably removing its semi-guaranteed setups into forward aerial at high percents.
  • Edge attack:
    • Buff Edge attack deals more damage (7% → 10%).
  • Change Captain Falcon has altered swing animations for battering items like the Beam Sword, no longer performing a stab forward when using a forward smash. This applies to all except his dash attack.

Special moves[edit]

  • Falcon Punch:
    • Buff Falcon Punch has less ending lag when not reversed (FAF 110 → 104).
    • Buff It deals much more base knockback; it is no longer unsafe on hit at low percents, and the standard grounded version can KO middleweights at 55% from the center of Final Destination, despite reduced knockback growth.
    • Nerf Falcon Punch does not move Captain Falcon as far when performing the move, slightly reducing its range.
    • Change Like several other powerful attacks in the game, Falcon Punch triggers Special Zoom when it successfully hits an opponent.
    • Change Falcon Punch's flames are more pronounced and better resemble an actual falcon model than in Smash 4. In addition, the falcon particle effect lingers for much longer.
  • Raptor Boost:
    • Buff Grounded Raptor Boost has less startup (inert detector: frame 16 → 10), and less ending lag if it misses (FAF 80 → 72).
    • Buff Both the grounded and aerial version deal more damage (9% (grounded), 8% (aerial) → 10%), with knockback not compensated on the latter, improving its KO potential.
    • Buff Aerial Raptor Boost no longer causes helplessness or landing lag if the uppercut is activated, increasing its safety.
    • Buff Upon activation, the grounded version's uppercut grants Captain Falcon super armor right before its hitboxes come out.
    • Nerf The grounded uppercut has more startup (frame 4 → 6).
      • Buff However, it has much less ending lag (FAF 36 → 29), greatly improving its combo potential.
    • Nerf Grounded Raptor Boost deals much less knockback, no longer KOing opponents under 200% without rage. While this allows it to combo for longer, it most notably removes its KO ability almost entirely at realistic percents.
    • Change The move has a slightly altered animation.
  • Falcon Dive:
    • Buff Falcon Dive covers more horizontal range and travels higher, and reversing it no longer decreases its horizontal distance.
    • Buff It has less landing lag (30 frames → 24).
    • Buff The throw has less ending lag (FAF 61 → 55).
    • Buff The throw deals more damage (12% → 13%; 17% → 18% total) without compensation on knockback, improving its KO potential.
    • Buff The hitbox when Captain Falcon latches onto an opponent deals knockback to bystanders, instead of simply damaging them, making the move safer to use in doubles.
    • Buff Connecting with the throw no longer gives additional landing lag.
    • Change Falcon Dive has Captain Falcon flash with an orange tint when grabbing an opponent. It additionally has a new animation, in which he grabs his opponent with one hand while leaning more similar to Dark Dive in SSB4 onward, and the flip after grabbing an opponent has him spin slightly.
    • Change The move's sound effects no longer cut off when grabbing an opponent.
  • Falcon Kick:
    • Buff Grounded Falcon Kick has less startup (frame 18 → 15), with its total duration reduced as well (FAF 74 → 71).
    • Buff The grounded version's clean hit deals more damage (13% → 15%) and launches at a more horizontal angle, while the mid and late hits deal more knockback. This increases its KO ability overall, with the clean hit remaining mostly the same from center stage, but KOing earlier near edges.
    • Buff Aerial Falcon Kick has much less landing lag (48 frames → 36), making it safer as a landing option.
    • Buff The aerial version's clean hit and landing hit deals more knockback, improving their KO potential, with the former KOing at around 150% from center stage.
    • Nerf The aerial version's mid and late hits deal less damage (13% → 12% (mid), 11% → 9% (late)), with knockback not fully compensated, hindering their KO potential.
  • Blue Falcon:
    • Change Blue Falcon releases flames on both sides when the Blue Falcon itself is on the racetrack, making it appear much like a falcon itself.
    • Change The track Captain Falcon drives on sports a new design with no side rails, better matching the rail-less sections of F-Zero race tracks.


Note: All numbers are listed as base damage, without the 1v1 multiplier.

  Name Damage Description
Neutral attack   1.5% Two straight punches followed by a knee strike. Alternatively, the first two punches can be followed by a series of punches, culminating in an underhand punch that has very high base knockback. The infinite and underhand punch have deceptively high range, being able to reach fighters slightly further out than his normal two-punch knee strike. The first two hits can also lock.
0.6% (loop), 3% (last)
Forward tilt   10% (foot), 9% (leg) A roundhouse kick that can be angled up or down, increasing damage. Can be used to lock.
9% (foot), 8% (leg)
10% (foot), 9% (leg)
Up tilt Wheel Kick 11% An axe kick with good horizontal knockback; can start a combo at mid-percents. Known as the "Heel of Shame" among players due to its capability to meteor smash aerial opponents. Has high starting lag for a tilt.
Down tilt   10% A sweep kick with horizontal knockback, making it useful for edgeguarding because of this trajectory. Has high starting lag for a tilt.
Dash attack   10% (clean), 6% (late) A shoulder tackle that grants a lot of forward distance. Useful for punishing landings and can start combos due to its diagonal trajectory and speed, but it is punishable on shield like most dash attacks. It has increased knockback compared to the previous installment, making it a situational KOing move.
Forward smash   20% Rears back and performs a lunging backhanded punch while posing, which has a flame effect. Has high starting and ending lag, but the move has a high range since Captain Falcon rears back.
Up smash   7%/12% (hit 1), 14%/13% (hit 2) Performs a 540 kick. A potent move that despite its slow startup, has low ending lag and deceptive horizontal range. Both hits deal more damage at the upper portion of Captain Falcon's leg. At low to mid percents, it can combo into an up aerial against fast-fallers.
Down smash   14% (hit 1), 18% (hit 2) Kicks forwards and then backwards. The back kick is more powerful than the front kick.
Neutral aerial   4% (hit 1), 6% (hit 2) Kicks forwards twice. It is a reliable followup to his down throw at mid-percents, and transitions faster than the version in Smash 4.
Forward aerial Knee Smash 22% (clean sweetspot), 6% (clean sourspot), 3% (late) Captain Falcon's renowned Knee Smash. It has very high knockback and an electric effect if sweetspotted, but is incredibly weak if sourspotted. It deals massive shield damage and has respectable landing lag, making it an excellent shield-pressuring tool if aimed well. Compared to the previous installment, it has reduced landing lag and an easier-to-land sweetspot.
Back aerial   13% (clean), 8% (late) A quick backhanded strike. Low landing lag, making it one of Captain Falcon's best approach options. The move has good power, and it can combo into a dash attack or grab on landing at low percents.
Up aerial Overhead Kick 10%/9% (clean), 9%/8% (late) A flip kick. Has fast startup with a decently long duration, good all-around range (though not directly below him), low ending lag, minimal landing lag, low base knockback and autocancels in a short hop. All these factors make it a great combo starter, which can combo into itself or down air at low-mid percents.
Down aerial   14% Performs a double foot stomp. Meteor smashes when sweetspotted at his legs, and sends opponents horizontally if sourspotted. It can lock opponents at low to mid percents.
Grab   Reaches out with a short range. While Captain Falcon's dash grab does not cause him to slide as much due to his increased traction, it can no longer whiff up close since characters are not able to run through each other in Ultimate.
Pummel   1.3% Knee strikes the opponent. Very fast even when compared to other pummels.
Forward throw   3.5% (hit 1), 4% (throw) Punches the enemy, sending them forward diagonally. Can easily be followed up with a dash attack.
Back throw   3.5% (hit 1), 4% (throw) Puts the enemy behind him and kicks them backwards, knocking them back diagonally.
Up throw   4% (hit 1), 5% (throw) Holds the enemy up and punches them upward with his left hand.
Down throw   6% Swings the foe overhead and then slams them on the ground with a single arm. Captain Falcon's most dependable combo starter, being capable of starting combos into neutral aerial at 0%, up aerial at a wide range of percents, and even forward aerial at specific percentages as a KO setup.
Floor attack (front)   7% Does a spin on the ground to kick both sides.
Floor attack (back)   6% Spins around to do a double kick.
Floor attack (trip)   5% Punches both sides.
Edge attack   10% Gets up and kicks with his right leg.
Neutral special Falcon Punch 25% (ground), 28% (ground reverse), 22% (air), 25% (air reverse) Winds up and releases his iconic fiery punch, yelling "Falcon Punch!" while doing so. Turning around while using the move increases its power, but slightly increases its startup lag, while landing an aerial punch lowers its power. Inputting up or down on the control pad when Captain Falcon is performing an aerial Falcon Punch will result in a very small boost in that direction.
Side special Raptor Boost 10% Dashes forward, performing an uppercut on the ground if the move connects with an opponent, or a downswing in the air. Captain Falcon is granted super armor right before the hit connects. The move will now deal the same damage whether it's performed on ground or midair. The aerial version will leave Captain Falcon helpless if the move doesn't connect with opponents. Unlike the version in Smash 4, Raptor Boost is not a KO option due to its low knockback, thus making it better suited for starting aerial combos.
Up special Falcon Dive 5% (hit 1), 13% (throw) Leaps upward and grabs any opponent that comes in range, launching them away with an explosion. If successful, Captain Falcon will flip backward while shouting "Yes!", and can use the move again instead of becoming helpless. This is Captain Falcon's main recovery option, and its distance has been increased compared to SSB4, making it a more effective option for getting back to the stage.
Down special Falcon Kick 15%/11%/7% (ground), 15%/12%/9% (air), 9% (landing) Bursts forward with a flaming high-speed kick, uttering "Falcon Kick!" in the process. If used on the ground, he will travel horizontally. If used in the air, he will plunge down at a diagonal angle. The move gets weaker as it continues, though the early hits have KO potential.
Final Smash Blue Falcon 10% (hit 1), 20% (hit 2), 10% (throw) Calls in the Blue Falcon, which flies through the stage in front of him. If the Blue Falcon hits any opponents, a short cutscene plays where Captain Falcon is seen piloting the Blue Falcon, who then runs over the caught opponents and sent flying. Characters who are not hit during a successful attempt will stay in place (as they cannot be visible at this time) until the end of the move. Like certain other Final Smashes, if no one is hit when the Blue Falcon appears, the attack fails.

On-screen appearance[edit]

  • The Blue Falcon flies in and spins to a stop, Captain Falcon jumps out, and then the Blue Falcon speeds off. Like in previous games, Captain Falcon has the unique property where his jumping animation will differ based on facing direction (a simple vaulting jump if facing right, and a front flip if facing left).


  • Up taunt: Charges himself up with a fiery aura, similar to Falcon Dive's startup.
  • Side taunt: Thrusts his arm out and gestures for his opponent to come closer, exclaiming "Come on!".
  • Down taunt: Gives a salute to his right side while saying "Show me your moves!" When facing left, Captain Falcon extends his saluting arm behind him; this also shortens the taunt.

Idle poses[edit]

  • Leans forward and thrusts his arm out.
  • Similar to the first one, but he crouches slightly and thrusts his elbow out instead of his arm.

Victory poses[edit]

  • Performs two jump kicks, then does a pose.
  • Charges up fiery energy. Based on one of his Smash 64 poses.
  • Does three roundhouse kicks and then strikes a pose.
An electric guitar-based cover of the short track that would play when a character finished a race in F-Zero GX

In competitive play[edit]

Notable players[edit]

Classic Mode: Up Close and Personal[edit]

Captain Falcon fights opponents who specialize in close-range combat.

Round Opponent Stage Music
1 Donkey Kong Jungle Japes Battle for Storm Hill
2 Ganondorf Gerudo Valley Gerudo Valley
3 Ryu Suzaku Castle Ryu Stage
4 Roy Arena Ferox Attack - Fire Emblem
5 6 Mii Brawlers Coliseum The Devoted
6 Little Mac Boxing Ring Jogging / Countdown
Bonus Stage
Final Bowser, then Giga Bowser Final Destination King Bowser - Super Mario Bros. 3

Giga Bowser

Note: A Maxim Tomato appears after defeating Bowser in the final round.

Role in World of Light[edit]

Finding Captain Falcon in World of Light

Captain Falcon was among the fighters that were summoned to fight the army of Master Hands.

During the opening cutscene, Captain Falcon was present when Galeem unleashed his beams of light. He attempted to escape in the Blue Falcon, but Galeem vaporized him and his vehicle before he could do so. He was then imprisoned by Galeem along with the rest of the fighters (excluding Kirby).

Captain Falcon can be found early in the mode if the player goes through Villager's path instead of those of Marth and Sheik. He is in the middle of a racetrack that can only be traversed with the assistance of the Pico spirit.

Fighter Battle[edit]

No. Image Name Type Power Stage Music
Captain Falcon SSBU.png
Captain Falcon Attack 3,300 Port Town Aero Dive (Ω form) F-ZERO Medley


Captain Falcon's Fighter Spirit can be obtained by completing Classic Mode. It is also available periodically for purchase in the shop for 500 coins. Unlocking Captain Falcon in World of Light allows the player to preview the spirit below in the Spirit List under the name "???". As a Fighter Spirit, it cannot be used in Spirit Battles and is purely aesthetic. Each Fighter Spirit has an alternate version that replaces them with their artwork in Ultimate.

In Spirit battles[edit]

As the main opponent[edit]

Spirit Battle parameters
No. Image Name Series Enemy Fighter(s) Type Power Stage Rules Conditions Music
Bullet Bill Super Mario series Captain Falcon Team CaptainFalconHeadBlackSSBU.png (×4) Attack 1,800 Mushroom Kingdom •Item Tidal Wave
•Item: Bullet Bill
•Certain items will appear in large numbers
•The enemy is easily distracted by items
Airship Theme - Super Mario Bros. 3
Funky Kong Spirit.png
Funky Kong Donkey Kong series Captain Falcon CaptainFalconHeadBlueSSBU.png
Diddy Kong DiddyKongHeadWhiteSSBU.png
Donkey Kong DonkeyKongHeadYellowSSBU.png
Neutral 9,000 Kongo Jungle •Item: Bullet Bill •The enemy is easily distracted by items Funky's Fugue
Machamp Spirit.png
Machamp Pokémon series •Giant Captain Falcon CaptainFalconHeadCyanSSBU.png (×2) Grab 3,900 Wrecking Crew N/A •The enemy's punches and elbow strikes have increased power
•The enemy favors neutral attacks
•The enemy is giant
Main Theme - Pokémon Red & Pokémon Blue (64)
Hitmonlee Pokémon series Captain Falcon CaptainFalconHeadYellowSSBU.png (x2) Attack 3,600 Suzaku Castle N/A •The enemy's kicks and knee strikes have increased power Pokémon Gym/Evolution - Pokémon Red / Pokémon Blue
Blaziken Spirit.png
Blaziken Pokémon series Captain Falcon CaptainFalconHeadRedSSBU.png Attack 3,800 Coliseum •Uncontrollable Speed •The enemy's kicks and knee strikes have increased power
•The enemy is very fast and can't stop quickly
Battle! (Wild Pokémon) - Pokémon Ruby / Pokémon Sapphire
Baba Spirit.png
Baba F-Zero series Captain Falcon CaptainFalconHeadBlackSSBU.png Attack 1,900 Big Blue N/A Stamina battle
•The enemy has increased move speed
Dream Chaser
Blood falcon.png
Blood Falcon F-Zero series Captain Falcon CaptainFalconHeadRedSSBU.png (×2) Attack 9,400 Port Town Aero Dive N/A •The enemy's special moves have increased power
•The enemy favors special moves
•The enemy has increased move speed
Car Select
Zero MGS Spirit.png
Zero (Metal Gear Solid 3) Metal Gear Solid series Captain Falcon CaptainFalconHeadBlackSSBU.png
Snake SnakeHeadBlackSSBU.png
Grab 3,500 Shadow Moses Island •Move Speed ↓ •You have reduced move speed after a little while Snake Eater
Duo Mega Man series Captain Falcon CaptainFalconHeadCyanSSBU.png (x2) Shield 3,700 Wily Castle (Ω form) N/A •The enemy's neutral special has increased power
•The enemy has super armor and is hard to launch or make flinch
Stamina battle
We're Robots (Dr. Wily Stage 2)
Guile Spirit.png
Guile Street Fighter series Captain Falcon CaptainFalconHeadGreenSSBU.png Shield 13,700 Pilotwings (Ω form) •Assist Trophy Enemies (Guile)
•Jump Power ↓
Stamina battle
•Hostile assist trophies will appear
•All fighters have reduced jump power
Guile Stage Type A
Charlie Nash.png
Nash Street Fighter series Captain Falcon CaptainFalconHeadYellowSSBU.png Grab 3,700 Halberd (Ship deck) •Metal Shift
•Jump Power ↓
•The enemy will occasionally turn metal when the enemy's at high damage
Stamina battle
Guile Stage
SPI-Fighting Alloy Team.png
Fighting Alloy Team Super Smash Bros. series Captain Falcon Team CaptainFalconHeadRedSSBU.png (×4)
Zelda Team ZeldaHeadBlueSSBU.png (×4)
Mario Team MarioHeadYellowSSBU.png (×4)
Kirby Team KirbyHeadGreenSSBU.png (×4)
Attack 3,300 Final Destination (Battlefield form) N/A •Take your strongest team into this no-frills battle Cruel Smash
Mach rider.png
Mach Rider Mach Rider series Captain Falcon CaptainFalconHeadBlueSSBU.png Shield 1,700 Port Town Aero Drive N/A •The enemy has increased move speed
•The enemy starts the battle with a Super Scope
Mach Rider
Eagle Advance Wars series Captain Falcon CaptainFalconHeadCyanSSBU.png Attack 1,800 Corneria •Defense ↑
•Attack Power ↑
•Item: Shooting Types
•The enemy has increased attack power after a little while
•The enemy has increased defense after a little while
•The enemy starts the battle with a Staff
Drake Redcrest.png
Drake Redcrest Chibi-Robo! series Captain Falcon CaptainFalconHeadWhiteSSBU.png
•Tiny Metal R.O.B. ROBHeadCyanSSBU.png
Neutral 1,700 Living Room N/A •Defeat the main fighter to win
•The enemy's neutral special has increased power
•The enemy loves to taunt
ST01: Roll Out, Wonderful 100!
Nick Captain Rainbow Captain Falcon CaptainFalconHeadBlueSSBU.png Neutral 1,500 Fountain of Dreams Assist Trophy Enemies (Takamaru)
•Item: Super Star
•Hostile assist trophies will appear
•The enemy is easily distracted by items
Minor Circuit (Original)
Henry fleming codename steam.png
Henry Fleming Codename: S.T.E.A.M. Captain Falcon CaptainFalconHeadRedSSBU.png Attack 1,900 New Pork City (Battlefield form) •Item: Shooting Types •The enemy starts the battle with a Rage Blaster Trouble Brewing II
Ryuji Persona 5.png
Ryuji Sakamoto Persona series Captain Falcon CaptainFalconHeadBlackSSBU.png
Mii Gunner MiiGunnerHeadSSBU.png (Pirate Hat, Steampunk Getup)
Shield 4,800 Luigi's Mansion (Battlefield form) •N/A •Defeat the main fighter to win
•The enemy starts the battle with a Home-Run Bat
Last Surprise

As a minion[edit]

Spirit Battle parameters Inspiration
No. Image Name Series Enemy Fighter(s) Type Power Stage Rules Conditions Music Character
Alfonzo Spirit.png
Alfonzo & Engineer Link} The Legend of Zelda series Toon Link ToonLinkHeadBlueSSBU.png
Captain Falcon CaptainFalconHeadYellowSSBU.png
Attack 3,600 Spirit Train •Attack Power ↑ •The enemy's dash attacks have increased power
•The enemy has increased attack power after a little while
•The enemy can deal damage by dashing into you
Full Steam Ahead Alfonzo
Jody Summer.png
Jody Summer F-Zero series Zero Suit Samus ZeroSuitSamusHeadRedSSBU.png
Captain Falcon CaptainFalconHeadWhiteSSBU.png
Shield 9,400 Big Blue N/A •The enemy has increased move speed and reduced weight White Land (Remix) John Tanaka
Black Shadow.png
Black Shadow F-Zero series Ganondorf GanondorfHeadGreySSBU.png
Captain Falcon CaptainFalconHeadRedSSBU.png
Shield 13,500 Port Town Aero Dive (Battlefield form) •Sudden Damage •You'll occasionally take sudden damage after a little while Devil's Call in Your Heart Blood Falcon
Phantom Thieves Spirit.png
Phantom Thieves of Hearts Persona series Joker JokerHeadSSBU.png
Pikachu PikachuHeadLibreSSBU.png
Captain Falcon CaptainFalconHeadBlackSSBU.png
Zero Suit Samus ZeroSuitSamusHeadRedSSBU.png
Chrom ChromHeadBlackSSBU.png
Sheik SheikHeadBlackSSBU.png
Grab 13,300 Mementos •Sudden Final Smash
•Item: Daybreak Parts
•The enemy will suddenly have a Final Smash when the enemy's at high damage
•Reinforcements will appear during the battle
Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There Ryuji Sakamoto

Alternate costumes[edit]

Captain Falcon Palette (SSBU).png
CaptainFalconHeadSSBU.png CaptainFalconHeadBlackSSBU.png CaptainFalconHeadRedSSBU.png CaptainFalconHeadGreenSSBU.png CaptainFalconHeadBlueSSBU.png CaptainFalconHeadWhiteSSBU.png CaptainFalconHeadYellowSSBU.png CaptainFalconHeadCyanSSBU.png


Character Showcase Video[edit]


  • A pre-release screenshot for the game shows Captain Falcon in his Blood Falcon costume, with the logo on the back reading "Hell Hawk"; in the final game, this is only true for the Japanese release of the game, as other languages translate it to "Blood Hawk".
  • Captain Falcon's fighter number, #11, is coincidentally his Vs. Mode unlock number; he is the only character in Ultimate with this distinction.
  • Captain Falcon can be unlocked by clearing Classic Mode the first as Fox; this is a reference to how both characters originated from science-fiction franchises F-Zero and Star Fox, both involve their vehicle Blue Falcon and Arwing as Final Smashes and are both Smash 64 veterans.
    • Captain Falcon also occupies the sixth column in Brawl's character selection alongside the entire Star Fox cast including Falco and Wolf, as all three characters are included in Fox's unlock column.

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