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F-Zero Grand Prix

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Grand Prix
The entering screen.
Universe F-Zero
Appears in Melee
Availability Adventure Mode
Tracks available Big Blue
Mach Rider (Alternate)
Article on F-Zero Wiki F-Zero Grand Prix

F-Zero Grand Prix (F-ZERO グランプリ) is a special stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee that only appears in the first part of stage 8 in Adventure Mode and Event 33: Lethal Marathon. It is based on the Big Blue 1 track seen in F-Zero X.

The whole stage takes place on a race track based on the Big Blue stage. There are pink platforms that hover above the stage. A player must travel towards the right of the stage. Often, a group of F-Zero machines will drive along the track. A "!" appearing on the stage will indicate that the race cars are approaching. The player can jump to one of the pink platforms or hang onto the edge of the stage to avoid getting hit by a car. If a character is hit by a car, that character will take damage. A player receives 30-40% damage if hit by a race car. It's possible to survive a blow one time from a race car, but the second time will most likely KO a character. The track is completed once the player crosses the checkered finish line.

F-Zero Grand Prix can be accessed with an Action Replay. The camera follows whoever is furthest on the track; players that don't follow along get left behind and will be KO'd as the blast line moves. This can lead to multiple self-destructs if the leader keeps on running. Crossing the finish line ends the match.

F-Zero Grand Prix is also the setting of Mute City (Melee), Big Blue (Melee, Brawl, and Ultimate), Port Town Aero Dive (Brawl, Wii U, and Ultimate), and Mute City SNES (3DS and Ultimate).

The stage's internal name, as seen in the debug menu, is 8-1BBROUTE, where "8-1" refers to its position in Adventure Mode and "BBROUTE" presumably is short for "Big Blue Route".


Source: F-Zero Wiki
The first Big Blue track as it originally appeared in F-Zero X.

This level is from F-Zero X. The goal of the F-Zero games is to win races in F-Zero machines. A player can cause other racers to crash and "retire". In the cutscene introducing this level in Melee, two F-Zero machines can be seen crashing. In F-Zero X, there are two Big Blue tracks, but only one (Big Blue Cylinder) features both cylinders and "normal" track as part of the raceway itself. This level in Melee is loosely based around Big Blue Cylinder, but the normal track is a long, broken up straightaway, which is unlike how it is in F-Zero X (where the normal track restarts with a curve, followed by a chicane). [1]

The sound effect heard when the ! sign appears comes from the original F-Zero game when the player earns points. After the player races over the finish line (whether it's to start the next lap or to finish the race), points are added to the player's score. These can be used to get an extra machine at the 10000, 20000 and 30000 point marks. The duration of the sound effect reflects upon getting 900 points which is achieved by starting the next lap in first.


A glitch on Grand Prix.
  • There is a glitch that takes place if the game is hacked such that a match starts on this stage without Player 1. The F-Zero Machines will all spawn, but will not move from their original out of bounds spawn point. If anyone somehow touches them, the game instantly crashes.