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Meta Crystal

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Special Stage
Meta Crystal
Universe Super Smash Bros.
Appears in SSB
Home stage to Metal Mario
Availability 1P Game
Bolded tracks must be unlocked
Super Smash Bros. Meta Crystal
Article on Super Mario Wiki Behind the Waterfall

Meta Crystal (メタ・クリスタル),[1] also known as Metal Mario's Stage,[citation needed] Metal Cavern,[citation needed] and a variety of other names, is the stage on which Metal Mario is fought in the 1P Game of Super Smash Bros. This stage can be accessed only in 1P Game or through cheat codes, hacks, or other devices.


Pikachu and Metal Mario in Meta Crystal.

The stage is made up of one small platform and a base platform. The bottom one is slightly raised to the right and lower to the left. Above the middle of the bottom platform is a floating platform. There is a metal path in the middle of the larger platform on the stage.

The stage is quite small, probably to counter how difficult it is to hit Metal Mario offstage. Items have a very low spawn rate.


Metal Mario in the Cavern of the Metal Cap.

This battlefield is most likely based on Super Mario 64's Cavern of the Metal Cap, considering that both contain Metal Mario and various crystals. The platform and wire walls match those of Hazy Maze Cave, which is the only way to access Metal Cavern.