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This article is about the character in Super Mario Odyssey. For other uses, see Cappy (disambiguation).
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Official artwork of Cappy from Super Mario Odyssey.

Universe Mario
Debut Super Mario Run (2017, cameo)
Super Mario Odyssey (2017, physical)
Smash Bros. appearances Ultimate
Most recent non-Smash appearance Ring Fit Adventure (2020, cameo via update)
Console/platform of origin Nintendo Switch
Species Bonneter
Gender Male
Place of origin Cap Kingdom
Article on Super Mario Wiki Cappy

Cappy (キャッピー, Cappy) is a character in the Mario series.


Cappy made his debut as Mario's companion in Super Mario Odyssey. He is a ghostly white top hat with large eyes with red irises and a ghostly tuft of hair.

Cappy is a member of the hat-like Bonneter ghost race. Prior to the events of Super Mario Odyssey, Bowser invaded the Cap Kingdom and kidnapped his younger sister, Tiara to be used as Princess Peach's headdress for their forced wedding. After witnessing Mario's defeat at the hands of Bowser (which destroyed his signature hat in the process), Cappy found Mario unconscious in the Cap Kingdom and nudged him awake. Cappy and Mario teamed up to rescue both damsels in distress, travelling around the entire world aboard the airship, the Odyssey, and collecting enough Power Moons to progress to the next kingdom.

Cappy's signature ability is notably to be thrown around at his own will, and allows Mario to possess several entities in the Mario universe. He can either be fully part of Mario's abilities or be separately controlled by a second player. He also changes his appearance with the hat of Mario's choice, with his eyes appearing in the center to show off that he's there.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

As a moveset element[edit]

Cappy's eyes are revealed when Mario peforms the Super Jump Punch.

Cappy appears cosmetically within Mario's moveset while using up special, Super Jump Punch. When he appears, the coins that appear change to that of the regional coins from New Donk City. He also appears as Mario's side taunt, where Mario throws him with Cappy circling around him once before Mario catches him and puts him back onto his head. In both instances that he appears, he retains the appearance of Mario's hat.

As a Mii Costume[edit]

Cappy Hat.

Cappy (in his Mario Cap form) serves as the basis of the Cappy Hat default headgear for the Mii Fighters.


Cappy also appears as an Advanced-class support spirit.

In Adventure Mode: World of Light, Cappy is presumably one of the countless spirits captured by Galeem during his takeover of the universe. Cappy's spirit is located in the cloud section of The Light Realm.

Cappy uses a Mario puppet fighter and is fought on the Rainbow Cruise stage. During the battle, the Boomerang item appears, referencing how Cappy is thrown like a boomerang, while Mario turns invisible, referencing how Cappy takes the form of hats and appears invisible to the naked eye.

Cappy can be summoned with the cores of Ezlo and Boo Mario.

No. Image Name Type Class Cost Ability Series
SSBU spirit Cappy.png
★★ 1 Strong Throw Super Mario Series

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese キャッピー, Cappy
UK English Cappy
France French Cappy
Germany German Cappy
Spain Spanish Cappy
Italy Italian Cappy
China Chinese (Simplified) 凯皮, Cappy
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 凱比, Cappy
South Korea Korean 캐피, Cappy
Netherlands Dutch Cappy
Russia Russian Кеппи