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Nakoruru's "Capcom-style" artwork in Capcom vs. SNK 2.

Universe Samurai Shodown
Debut Samurai Shodown (1993)
Smash Bros. appearances Ultimate
Most recent non-Smash appearance The King of Fighters XV (2022, DLC)
Console/platform of origin Neo Geo MVS
Species Human
Gender Female
Place of origin Kamui Kotan, Hokkaido, Japan
Created by Yasushi Adachi
Designed by Yūichi "Violetche Nakamoto" Nakatani
Keisen "Oshioki-Keisen" Yamaguchi
"The·Fool" (Nakoruru)
Erina Makino (Mamahaha)
Voice actor Harumi Ikoma (trailer only)
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Nakoruru (ナコルル, Nakoruru) is a major character in the fighting game series Samurai Shodown. A young woman from Japan, she fights with a sword alongside her hawk Mamahaha and somethimes with her wolf Shikuru.


Nakoruru fighting Earthquake in the 2019 reboot of Samurai Shodown.

Nakoruru is a teenage Ainu (an indigenous Japanese people from Hokkaido) woman, living as a nature-loving priestess in the woods. She first gets involved in the story timeline-wise in Samurai Shodown 5 (known in Japan as Samurai Spirits Zero and the earliest installment chronologically), helping to stop the vicious warlord Gaoh Hinowanokami. After his defeat, Nakoruru follows in her late father's footsteps, becoming a Kamui warrior. She continues to protect nature and defeat the various villains in the series, even after sacrificing her human form to become a spirit of nature at the end of Samurai Shodown II. As a divine spirit, Nakoruru has traveled to The King of Fighters universe before in The King of Fighters XIV to defeat Verse. She also is one of the major female characters of SNK's creation, starring in her own drama CD, being a key member in SNK's image band and common mascot for SNK's social action programs for children and nature awareness campaigns along with Terry.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

As a costume[edit]

Nakoruru's Mii Costume in Ultimate.

Nakoruru makes her Smash debut as one of Round 4's DLC Mii costumes. She appears as a Mii Swordfighter with using her prized sword, Chichi-ushi. Notably, this Mii Costume has flowing hair physics, and the sword is given a yellow trail near the tip.

Nakoruru appears in the Mii Fighter Costumes #4 trailer along with a Fletchling and Wolf in reference to her hawk Mamahaha and her wolf Shikuru (which usually appears alongside her dark alter ego, Rera). In the final shot where Wolf appears, she is standing in front of the cabin of the Ice-type morph of Pokémon Stadium 2; this is a reference to her original Samurai Shodown stage, in the snow-bound Kamui Kotan village. Additionally, Falco also appears in the trailer as a stand-in for Mamahaha, when he uses his Fire Bird in a downward diagonal, similar to Nakoruru's Amube Yatoro move from her playable appearances.

As a spirit[edit]

Nakoruru also appears as an Advanced class support spirit. She appears as Zelda, along with a tiny Falco as her puppet fighter, and is fought at Yoshi's Island in its winter season. During the battle, they will have their attack power increased once they are at high damage.

No. Image Name Type Class Cost Ability Series
SSBU spirit Nakoruru.png
★★ 1 Air Attack ↑ SAMURAI SHODOWN Series


Nakoruru appeared in Terry's reveal trailer, where she ordered Mamahaha to catch the Smash invitation, but failed.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese ナコルル, Nakoruru
UK English Nakoruru
France French Nakoruru
Germany German Nakoruru
Spain Spanish Nakoruru
Italy Italian Nakoruru
China Chinese 娜可露露, Nakoruru
South Korea Korean 테리, Nakoruru
Netherlands Dutch Nakoruru
Russia Russian Накоруру, Nakoruru


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