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The opening cinematic of most fighter trailers for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Several characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have been announced via promotional trailers. As with the character trailers for Super Smash Bros. 4, most trailers for the game are animated with CGI while also showing in-game footage of the characters.

Below is a list of all the character trailers for the confirmed newcomers.

Animated trailers[edit]


"Super Smash Bros. is coming to Nintendo Switch!" trailer.

Inkling wasn't given a specific trailer, but made her debut along with the game's reveal on its teaser trailer, simply titled "Super Smash Bros. is coming to Nintendo Switch!", at the conclusion of the March 8th Nintendo Direct. The beginning of this trailer has a pair of male and female Inklings fighting each other, heavily based on the debut trailer for Splatoon at E3 2014. After a few seconds of fighting, the Inkling girl comes to a halt as the white void fades to black. She turns around to look at the large, fiery object as the only source of light in the room. As she watches in dismay, the object is revealed to be the Super Smash Bros. logo, with its image being reflected in her eye. The camera pans to the logo with multiple unidentifiable veterans shown standing in front of it. Close-ups of Mario and Link (wearing the Champion's Tunic from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild) are shown. The camera cuts back to both Inklings staring towards the logo and veterans, while the screen fades to white, followed by a provisional logo, title and release date of 2018 for the game.

Inkling was only officially announced as a newcomer in the "Everyone is here!" trailer, shown in Nintendo's E3 2018 presentation on June 12th, with both female and male variants being playable.


"A Piercing Screech" trailer.

Ridley's trailer, titled "A Piercing Screech", was first shown at the conclusion of Nintendo's E3 2018 video presentation on June 12th. The trailer opens with a portion of a white Super Smash Bros. logo marking as the camera zooms in and then showcases a dark room. In this room, Samus, Mega Man and Mario are seen walking cautiously on a narrow bridge. Mega Man is grabbed off-screen and then pierced by a tail (and his "lost a life" sound is played), then Mario is snatched and smashed by a claw. Samus turns around, seemingly shocked, but regains her composure and readies her arm cannon, only to find Mario's hat laying on the ground. After a loud stomp, a creature bursts out of the ground in front of Samus, revealed to be Ridley. Ridley lets out a screech as the tagline "Ridley Hits the Big Time!" appears on screen, twirling Mario's hat as the trailer moves to in-game footage. After Ridley's Final Smash, the Ultimate logo is shown on screen, and cuts back to CGI. As Ridley looks over the destruction, he growls. Samus ejects from her suit, becoming Zero Suit Samus, as she leaps out from an explosive fire and prepares to kick Ridley before the trailer concludes.

The pose Samus takes before Ridley is revealed is heavily similar to her pose in the final shot of the Metroid segment of the Melee opening movie, where she was seen fighting against Ridley.

Simon and Richter[edit]

"Vampire Killer" trailer.

Simon and Richter's trailer, titled "Vampire Killer", opens to a rainy night outside of Dracula's Castle. Someone is seen approaching the building, wearing a cloak, then Luigi is heard screaming. The trailer cuts to Luigi inside the castle attempting to use his Poltergust to fight off a pair of mummies to no avail, then fleeing. He pauses in a chapel, only to resume running from a Medusa statue that is coming to life. Luigi's flight is brought to an end when he finally trips and lands face-to-face with Death. As Death prepares his scythe, Luigi faints and is then struck, separating his spirit from his body. Death then holds a blue flame in his hand. However, the cloaked person arrives and smashes Death's face with his whip. He throws off his cloak to reveal himself to be Simon and the tagline "Simon Lashes Out!" appears as he throws a cross, destroying Death. Gameplay footage of him is shown, demonstrating his moves.

Simon is then seen walking on the stage version of Dracula's Castle as Dracula himself appears. Simon is damaged by one of Dracula's attacks as it cuts back to CGI, showing Dracula attempt to land the killing blow on a downed Simon, only for it to be stopped by another whip, this one belonging to Richter, who shouts that Dracula does not belong in this world as his tagline, "Richter Crosses Over!" appears. Richter's moves are then demonstrated through gameplay footage, as well as Alucard briefly as an Assist Trophy.

"Super Smash Bros. Ultimate × Castlevania" then appears on the screen (with the × being a Cross). After it disappears, Luigi's spirit is seen approaching his body and preparing to merge back with it when Carmilla appears at the window, causing him to scream in terror again.

King K. Rool[edit]

"The Rivals" trailer.

As Sakurai wraps up the Nintendo Direct, the screen starts to shake along with a stomping noise. It then shows King K. Rool's trailer, titled "The Rivals", which starts out with art showing various Nintendo heroes and their respective arch-nemeses or rivals of Super Smash Bros. facing off: Mario trying to save Peach from Bowser, Link protecting Zelda from Ganondorf, Kirby facing Meta Knight, Fox and Falco facing Wolf, and finally Samus facing Ridley. It then reveals it was a TV show being watched by Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong who are lounging lazily in their treehouse when they are interrupted by the ground shaking. They run to the window to see the source as a giant shadow looms overhead. A silhouette of what appears to be King K. Rool is seen, but is then revealed to actually be King Dedede in disguise. Dedede laughs at the surprised Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, not noticing the real King K. Rool looming behind him, who proceeds to send him flying with a claw strike. King K. Rool's tagline, "King K. Rool Comes Aboard!", appears and King K. Rool grins at the Kongs, whose eyes pop out so far they break the glass of the window.

King K. Rool roars and is then seen in actual gameplay. After he uses his Final Smash, it cuts back to a cinematic style as Donkey Kong slides across DK Island before recovering and charging towards King K. Rool alongside Diddy Kong. King K. Rool is then shown to be doing the same. The three leap into the air and their punches meet in a massive explosion, followed by the Ultimate logo. It then cuts back to gameplay showing Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong taunting next to a downed King K. Rool, who rolls away. A giant King K. Rool walks up and stomps on the Kongs, burying them, then taunts. This last scene is a reference to the final boss fight in Donkey Kong Country, where K. Rool feigns his defeat as the Kongs celebrate and fake credits scroll by the screen, only to suddenly spring back into action to attack the Kongs.


"All In A Day's Work" trailer.

At the end of the September Nintendo Direct, a trailer, titled "All In A Day's Work" (NTSC)/"A hard worker's dream" (PAL), was played. Isabelle is shown doing some tidying around the office, when the option to tell her to take a break shows up, but she insists she enjoys working. She wishes "the mayor wasn't so busy with the campsite and Smash", and thinks about becoming the mayor instead, but quickly dismisses the idea. She then gets a letter from Pete, saying how she's wanted in Smash, which causes her tagline of "Isabelle Turns Over A New Leaf!" to appear, followed by gameplay of her moveset and the Ultimate logo. The trailer finishes with Isabelle in Onett saying "I hope you'll cheer me on!"

Directly after Isabelle’s trailer was a teaser trailer for the then-unnamed Animal Crossing: New Horizons. At the beginning of that trailer, Tom Nook congratulates Isabelle for joining Smash.

Ken and Incineroar[edit]

"Clash of Flames" trailer.

Ken and Incineroar's trailer, titled "Clash of Flames" (NTSC)/"Fighting Fire with Fire" (PAL), features Little Mac fighting in Boxing Ring against an unseen opponent, who, after hitting Little Mac with a left hook, is revealed to be Ken, with his tagline stating "Ken Turns Up the Heat!" It then transitions into gameplay of him. Later, the background of the Boxing Ring shows a pair of eyes glowing, before returning to Little Mac against Ken. Ken manages to knock Little Mac into the arena's screen, which, despite being damaged, still manages to say "K.O.".

After celebrating, the camera cuts to the background character, who is now running up to the ring to attack Ken. Ken gets out of the way, and then it is revealed that this character is Incineroar, with its tagline stating "Incineroar Enters the Ring!" Ken says "So, you want to fight fire with fire, huh?", the two collide and then the trailer transitions into gameplay of Incineroar. After using its Max Malicious Moonsault on Ken, he is sent flying into the screen, which then says KO, and Incineroar does a victory laugh and pose. The trailer ends with King K. Rool, Bowser Jr., and Villager ready to fight, with Incineroar sighing in exasperation.

Joker (first trailer)[edit]

"Take Your Heart" trailer.

In the middle of The Game Awards 2018, the entire arena blacked out, interrupting the show, and a trailer, titled "Take Your Heart", began to play, starting with a static screen. The screen then turns red, showing the Phantom Thieves of Hearts logo, with Joker saying, "This is Joker. I've infiltrated the theater." While Joker runs across the screen, several off-screen characters comment on the situation. Ryuji Sakamoto and Ann Takamaki ponder why Joker would infiltrate The Game Awards alone, with Yusuke Kitagawa realizing that Joker was there to "steal a treasure". Morgana later clarifies that Joker was "invited" to The Game Awards and was there to steal "the greatest treasure of all". Joker then grabs a card and tosses it, and it transforms into a Smash Bros. invitation. Ryuji and Ann then react to Joker's inclusion with surprise. Smoke-styled art of the Smash characters appear (specifically Mario, Donkey Kong, Samus, Link, Fox, Kirby and Ness) then fly across the screen. The screen then transitions to black, before light shines on Joker, and he takes off his mask and unleashes Arsene, who says, "I am thou, thou art I. Show the strength of thy will, and rage against all challengers!", before fading away from Arsene's flaming face. The trailer, in text, then announces "Challenger Pack 1: JOKER from Persona 5!", fading to red when "from Persona 5!" appears on-screen. The Ultimate logo then appears in front of the red background, before appearing alongside "× Persona 5", using the Persona 5 logo.

The dialogue for the official reveal of the trailer from Nintendo's YouTube channel changes to remove references to the Game Awards; Joker begins with, "This is Joker. The mission is go.", and Ryuji's and Ann's first lines are changed; the rest of the dialogue, however, remains unchanged.

Joker (second trailer)[edit]

"The Masked Rebel" trailer

In April, a second trailer for Joker, entitled "The Masked Rebel", was uploaded to Nintendo's YouTube channel, itself the beginning of a 15 minute video detailing version 3.0.0 of the game. It begins similarly to the "Take Your Heart" trailer, showing Joker burst in, run off, and grab the Smash invitation, after which he faces the screen and a tagline appears stating "Joker Steals the Show!". The trailer cuts to showing Joker in game, and then continuously cuts to multiple clips of combat while facing off against multiple characters such as Mario, Link, Sonic, etc while some members of The Phantom Thieves make comments on the situation. Morgana then says "Harness the power of the heart to summon a Persona! Unleash the rebellious spirit growing inside you!", just as Joker is shown building his Rebellion Gauge. Joker then removes his mask and shouts "Persona!", summoning Arsene. Gameplay footage is then shown, presenting Joker's Persona boosted attacks and specials, such as Wings of Rebellion Eigaon, Tetrakarn and Makarakarn.

The trailer then cuts to show combat on the Mementos stage, which the Phantom Thieves then comment on. Various features of the stage are then shown off, such as the subway train hazard, randomly appearing walls and platforms, and other Phantom Thieves such as Futaba and Akechi appearing in the background. Morgana then hints that Mementos has a "little secret". The music then changes to "Mass Destruction" from Persona 3 and Mementos is shown is to be blue; Morgana then reveals the stage's main gimmick: the base color of the stage will change depending on the music. After a Smash Ball appears, Joker grabs it and activates his Final Smash, Morgana yells "Witness the power of the Phantom Thieves!", with them all yelling "GO!" as Joker initiates an All-Out Attack. As Joker's unique victory screen is shown, Morgana says "Smash is looking cool, eh Joker?". The trailer then cuts to the Phantom Thieves logo, before showing the Ultimate logo alongside the Persona 5 logo just as the previous trailer did.

Afterward, Joker is shown "stealing" King K. Rool's crown and Wario's bike.


"Heroic Encounter" trailer

The trailer, titled Heroic Encounter, opens with Dharkon commanding puppets of Marth and Meta Knight to battle Link in a dark forest. The Hero from Dragon Quest XI is seen on a white horse, arriving just in time to save Link, who has been cornered by his enemies, leaping off his horse and taking both out with one sword swing in midair and sending both flying away. The Hero lands, with light shining on him, and his tagline, "The Hero Draws Near!", appears. Footage of the Hero in-game is then shown, culminating in him being surrounded by various puppet fighters and launched by a puppet Ganondorf. After he is KO'd, it cuts back to the cinematic animation, showing the Hero slamming into a pillar as various Slimes watch, shocked. As he starts to rise back to his feet, an immense horde of puppet fighters approach, but he is suddenly joined by the heroes from Dragon Quest VIII and IV, as well as Erdrick from Dragon Quest III. The four heroes charge the horde together and the trailer switches back to gameplay, showing each of the other heroes as alternate costumes and ending with their Final Smash, which shows multiple heroes from different Dragon Quest games attacking together. The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate logo then appears, followed by "× Dragon Quest", using the Dragon Quest XI S logo.

Banjo & Kazooie[edit]

"Best Friends" trailer

This trailer, titled Best Friends, opens nearly identically to King K. Rool's, with the same illustrations of various heroes and arch-nemeses/rivals fighting, but ends with Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong facing King K. Rool as well. The TV turns off and then cuts to Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong's treehouse, also like King K. Rool's, but Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are now joined by a sleeping King K. Rool himself. A Jiggy flies into the treehouse, exciting the two Kongs, and Diddy Kong wakes up King K. Rool before the three jump to the window. The three fight for room to see to the point of breaking the window with their heads. A shadow with wings looms over them, and the three squint their eyes in suspicion. A silhouette resembling Banjo and Kazooie appears, but is revealed to be Duck Hunt in disguise. The dog performs his infamous laugh at the trio, whose jaws drop in response. Banjo & Kazooie then jump down from the sky, knocking Duck Hunt out of the way and posing as their tagline, "Banjo-Kazooie are Raring to Go!", appears, followed by Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and King K. Rool enthusiastically cheering for them. They are then shown in-game battling various opponents, then using their Final Smash on King K. Rool, which switches the video back to the cinematic animation, where King K. Rool is seen plummeting off a cliff and being crushed by a rock. Banjo & Kazooie jump off the rock and land with Banjo giving a victory sign as various fighters pose behind them. Golden puzzle pieces fill the screen, leaving only Banjo's face visible briefly before covering it entirely and fading to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate logo, which is joined by "× Banjo-Kazooie", using the Banjo-Kazooie series' logo. Banjo is then seen stealing pancakes from a sleeping giant Ivysaur, who wakes up and chases him off-screen.

The similarities between this trailer and King K. Rool's, as well as Banjo & Kazooie's general interactions with the three Donkey Kong characters, are references to their shared creator, Rare Ltd.; Rare is also referenced through the duo's tagline. As Banjo's first appearance was in the game Diddy Kong Racing, he even teams up with Diddy Kong in one portion of the trailer. Additionally Duck Hunt disguising themselves as Banjo-Kazooie references the similarities between them. The scene at the end of the trailer where King K. Rool is crushed by a rock could be a reference to the end of the first Banjo-Kazooie game, where the same thing happens to Gruntilda after she is defeated.


"–Breaking News– The Challenger" trailer.

This trailer, titled –Breaking News– The Challenger, starts with a list of Nintendo consoles of many generations, going from Nintendo Switch to Color TV-Game game systems, before going back to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, which was released in 1990. The screen then turns right and highlights the Neo Geo AES, a game system created by SNK, where it transitions to the Neo Geo AES startup screen. The next cutscene shows a Smash Bros. invitation letter rotating around while messages appear, saying "- 2019 - YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO SMASH. DON'T BE LATE. [S]". After the message, the cutscene shows the right hand of Kyo Kusanagi, the protagonist of The King of Fighters series, trying to grab the invitation letter but failing to do so, trembling in frustration. Ryo Sakazaki, the protagonist of the Art of Fighting series, appears and rushes toward the letter, but he also fails to grab it, with his hand shaking in frustration. Andy Bogard, Terry Bogard's brother, and Joe Higashi, a companion of Terry and Andy, also rush in to grab the letter; they fail to grab it as well. The cutscene transitions itself on top of a tower, where Geese Howard, the main antagonist of the Fatal Fury series, is standing. As the letter flies by, he smiles, and rushes toward the letter, but, like other fighters, he fails and falls into the bottom of the tower. The cutscene transitions once again, showing Nakoruru from Samurai Shodown and her hawk Mamahaha trying to grab the letter but failing as well. The next cutscene shows Iori Yagami, the rival of Kyo, where he, with his burning hand, tries to grab the letter; it slips through his hand just as he was about to grab it. After failing to grab the letter, Iori laughs maniacally. The unclaimed letter slowly falls onto the ground, only to get picked up by fighter in the form of a silhouette with a star on his back; that fighter, being rendered in 3D, reveals himself as Terry Bogard. He turns around, says “Hey, come on!”, and a tagline reads "Terry Faces the Fury!". The trailer ends with the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate logo, with an "× Fatal Fury" appearing next to it.

The beginning of the trailer parodies the opening scene of The King of Fighters '94, where it shows an invitation letter from Rugal Bernstein, a recurring antagonist in The King of Fighters series (according to the letter "R" on the back of the envelope), and a right hand of Kyo Kusanagi burning the letter after grabbing it. The message accompanying it also appears in the original scene, only slightly altered to fit the atmosphere of Smash Bros., and the scenes in which other SNK characters are featured are also parodied from opening scenes of their respective games.

An extended version of this trailer, titled The Legendary Wolf, features gameplay of Terry after his tagline, which has changed from blue to red after the original trailer. The list of Nintendo consoles is also omitted from the extended version.


"The Ashen Demon" trailer.

This trailer, titled The Ashen Demon, begins with an animated cutscene, showing Solon gathering dark energy that engulfs around Byleth. This ends up sending Byleth the void with Sothis, who scolds him for falling for Solon's trap. Sothis then asks Byleth if he is "prepared to die", to which he shakes his head in response to. Sothis states that she also does not want to die either, and states "And yet... There is no other choice...". After some confusion from Byleth, Sothis clarifies her statement and tells Byleth that he needs to join Smash Bros.. After brandishing a Smash invitation, Byleth is sent out of the void, with two slashes of light crossing together in the sky; Byleth comes flying out, and the screen declares, "Byleth Joins Smash House!" Solon is shown expressing disbelief at Byleth's return, and the trailer then switches to gameplay of Byleth, showing his moves with the Sword of the Creator, before he is beaten up by the other sword users. Byleth then returns to the void, this time, majorly damaged. Sothis then asks what Byleth plans to do after getting beaten by the swordsmen, and after a quick screen transition, the female version of Byleth is shown. Sothis, amused at Byleth's "cleverness" sends down Failnaught, Areadbhar and Amyr, three different Hero's Relics wielded by Claude, Dimitri, and Edelgard respectively. Light then circles around the two previous slashes (forming the whole Smash symbol), and female Byleth comes flying out with the weapons, and the screen declares, "Byleth Recruits ...Byleth!" The trailer then transitions to gameplay once more, with Sothis commenting on each one of the Hero's Relics' abilities: Areadbhar's long reach, Amyr's overwhelming power, and the speed of Failnaught. Byleth then grabs the Smash Ball, and performs the Final Smash, Progenitor God Ruptured Heaven. The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate logo then appears, followed by "× Fire Emblem: Three Houses".

Other character reveals[edit]


"Everyone is here!" trailer.

Uniquely, all of the returning characters in Ultimate were revealed simultaneously in the "Everyone is here!" (PAL)/"Challenger Approaching Intro Video" (NTSC) trailer, as well as the formal reveal of Inkling. Every character is given a number corresponding to their debut in the Super Smash Bros. series. The trailer opens up with a shot of Battlefield before showing fighter number one, Mario, emerging from a Warp Pipe before demonstrating gameplay footage of him, then moving on to Samus; Kirby; Bowser; Link; Donkey Kong; Fox and Falco; Marth; Zelda and Sheik, Villager; Meta Knight and Mewtwo; Sonic; Peach; then Pikachu. The Ice Climbers, who were absent from Super Smash Bros. 4, are shown on Summit; followed by the first in-game footage of Inkling; then Captain Falcon, Zero Suit Samus and Wii Fit Trainer; Charizard, Ivysaur, and Squirtle returning as part of Pokémon Trainer; Ness and Lucas; Ryu and Ganondorf; Ike; then Cloud. Snake appears on Shadow Moses Island and as he stands up, the text "EVERYONE IS HERE!" appears in front of him. The trailer then proceeds to show Jigglypuff and Pichu; Roy; Olimar and Diddy Kong; Lucario; Lucina and Robin; Bayonetta; Mr. Game & Watch and Greninja; Dr. Mario, R.O.B., and Duck Hunt; Pit, Dark Pit, and Palutena; Corrin; Bowser Jr.; Toon Link and Young Link; Rosalina & Luma and King Dedede; the Mii Fighters; Wario and Little Mac; Pac-Man; Shulk; Wolf; and Mega Man. After showing the game's full logo for the first time, revealing its title as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the trailer shows Luigi and Yoshi who, despite being two of the Original 12, are notoriously often revealed to be in the game late in development, something that Masahiro Sakurai commented on when revealing Luigi for Super Smash Bros. 4.


Daisy's reveal during the E3 2018 Nintendo Direct.

Daisy wasn't given a specific trailer, but made her debut in Nintendo's E3 2018 presentation, after the "Everyone is here!" trailer. After noting that previous veterans Lucina and Dark Pit were marked with epsilons next to their number (which, unlike the rest of the cast, corresponded to the numbers of Marth and Pit repectively instead of their own debuts), Sakurai announced the Echo Fighter status of the former two, and that they were echo fighters of the latter two. He then promptly confirmed Daisy as another Echo Fighter, this time of Peach.

Chrom and Dark Samus[edit]

Chrom and Dark Samus after their reveal, during the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct.

Chrom and Dark Samus both weren't given a specific trailer, but made their debut in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct. Following Richter's reveal as an Echo Fighter of Simon, Sakurai revealed Chrom and Dark Samus as two new Echo Fighters. After their short gameplay segments, it was revealed that Chrom and Dark Samus are Echo Fighters of Roy and Samus respectively. Directly after their reveal, it was revealed that players would have the option to either display echo fighters separately or together.

Piranha Plant[edit]

"Piranha Plant Pipes Up!" trailer.

The trailer, titled "Piranha Plant Pipes Up!", features Luigi (next to a Green Shell) and a group of Yoshis dizzy. Mario walks across the stage, before a pot appears before him, with a Piranha Plant inside. The Piranha Plant then reveals itself, then dodges Mario's dash attack and executes its forward smash, knocking Mario out. The Piranha Plant taunts, followed by its splash art "Piranha Plant Pipes Up!", then transitions to gameplay showcasing its moveset.


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The easter egg letter in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate
  • Luigi's appearance in Simon's trailer may be a reference to an easter egg in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate; there is a letter found alongside a corpse which mentions Mario as the writer's brother, Mushrooms and Pipes.
    • Luigi also notably uses the design of the Poltergust in Luigi's Mansion 3, which was, at the time, not even announced by Nintendo.
  • Ironically, Simon attacks Death with his cross, but his tagline is a pun on the whip, while Richter attacks Dracula's fire with his whip, but his tagline is a pun on the cross.
  • If one listens closely in the first Ultimate teaser trailer, a small, faint excerpt from "Lifelight" can be heard.
  • In the "Everyone is Here" trailer, the music takes on a slower tone when Zelda and Sheik are introduced. This is also true of Sheik's scene in the Melee opening.
  • In the "Clash of Flames" trailer, Little Mac was flung into the giant screen and breaks it. However, when the same thing happens to Ken later, there are no other signs of damage on the screen and no sign of Little Mac either, curiously.
  • Isabelle's trailer is the only trailer whose splash art is shown in multiple languages other than Japanese, English, and Korean. This is likely due to her trailer being entirely text-based, thus making it necessary to translate it entirely.
    • It's worth noting, however, that the French and Spanish translations of her trailer are exclusive to the European French and Spanish translations of the site; the Canadian and Latin American sites receive the English translation instead.
    • Isabelle's trailer is also the only trailer to have a different tagline in Japanese; all other characters use "参戦!", but Isabelle's features hiragana writing of the first kanji character ("さん戦!") to form a pun, as she is referred to as しずえさん in Animal Crossing. "さん" is also in a lighter shade of yellow than the regular "", likely to emphasize the pun.
    • Additionally, Isabelle’s trailer is the only character reveal that was paired with the trailer of a separate game.
  • Yoshi is the only Original 8 member to not appear in any reveal trailers in CGI portions.
  • Richter and Ken are the only new Echo Fighters who were revealed in a CGI trailer.
    • Coincidentally, both characters are from third-party franchises.
  • Interestingly, Hero's Japanese reveal trailer title, "伝説の勇者" (The Legendary Hero), is Erdrick's character title in Boxing Ring in all versions.
    • Terry also shares this trait, as both his English and Japanese trailer titles ("The Legendary Wolf/伝説の狼") are the character titles in all versions.
  • Banjo & Kazooie’s trailer is currently the only character reveal trailer to recycle assets from a previous trailer.
  • Terry's trailer is the only one to feature characters from universes which do not have a playable character, as characters from Art of Fighting, The King of Fighters and Samurai Shodown make cameos in the trailer.
  • There is an error present in the beginning of the non-Japanese versions of Terry's trailer. When a list of all the Nintendo consoles is shown, the release years of the NES and SNES are those of the Japanese years (1983 and 1990, respectively). However, when the camera zooms in to focus on each Nintendo console, their release years change to that of the North American release years (1985 and 1991, respectively).
  • Terry's trailer is the first to feature the announcer.
  • Byleth's trailer is the first to feature two introduction taglines for the same character.
    • It is also the only trailer to use a different music piece depending on the region.
  • While not an actual playable character, Cuphead's reveal as a Mii costume features an animated portion at the beginning.
  • The Chinese versions (both simplified and traditional) of trailers are based on the Japanese version, with audible lines and introduction taglines being subtitled.
  • The Korean versions of trailers are based on the English version, with character names on the introduction taglines being translated (e.g. "뻐끔플라워 Pipes Up!" for Piranha Plant), with the exception of Isabelle, whose introduction tagline is directly translated from the Japanese version, and Banjo & Kazooie, whose English introduction tagline is used without any alterations.
  • The Hero's reveal trailer makes multiple references to the Dragon Quest games:
    • The scene where the Luminary rides a Gogoat is a reference to the mount riding mechanic in Dragon Quest XI.
    • The scene where the Luminary, Zero Suit Samus, and Zelda are sitting at a campfire references the camping mechanic in Dragon Quest XI.
      • Zero Suit Samus and Zelda also reference the party members Jade and Serena, respectively. They also represent these characters in the Hero's Comrades Spirit Battle.
    • The scene where Eight walks through poison to pick up the Beam Sword is referencing that players will often times have to walk through poison in dungeons and on the overworld to obtain items in the Dragon Quest games.
      • It is also a reference to the first Dragon Quest game, where the Mark of Erdrick, a mandatory item, was located in a poisonous swamp on the world map.
    • The introductory tagline, "The Hero Draws Near!", refers to the text that appears when the Hero encounters an enemy in battle.
    • The scene where the Luminary throws a barrel upward to reveal a Franklin Badge references the Mini Medal, a collectible item that serves as the currency for particularly rare and powerful items.
  • Banjo & Kazooie's reveal trailer holds several references to their home series:
    • The segment where they team up with Diddy Kong to fight Donkey Kong references the battle against Conga the Ape in the first level of Banjo-Kazooie. Donkey Kong is shown throwing an orange, referencing Conga's method of attack, while Diddy Kong represents Chimpy, a monkey who helps the duo defeat him.
    • In another segment, Banjo is shown holding a Beehive and running away from bees, as a reference to the beehives in Banjo-Kazooie, which give the duo Honeycombs that restore their health when destroyed, and sometimes have bees flying around that attack the duo if the beehive is destroyed.
    • After Banjo shows off his Final Smash in the trailer, King K. Rool ends up crashing into the ground, leaving a hole where he landed, then being buried under a boulder. This is a reference to the ending of Banjo-Kazooie, where, after being defeated by The Mighty Jinjonator, Gruntilda suffers that exact fate.
    • At the end, Banjo is seen slowly walking up to Food next to an asleep giant Ivysaur, then consuming it and running away. This is a reference to an event in Banjo-Tooie, where in Mayahem Temple, they have to steal a Jiggy from the character Ssslumber by slowly walking up to it, in order to prevent him from waking up and protecting it.
  • Terry's reveal trailer makes several references to other SNK titles.
    • The beginning of the trailer shows an invitation falling into Kyo Kusanagi's hand, taken directly from the opening of The King of Fighters '94 (which even used the same monospaced font for in-game text); the message ending with [S] is a reference to Rugal Bernstein ending the message with his initial [R], with the Smash director Masahiro Sakurai instead ending it with his initial.
      • However, according to Sakurai, the [S] was snuck in by the team without him knowing; he later states that the [S] could also mean Super Smash Bros., and not just "Sakurai".
    • Ryo Sakazaki's cut-in is a sequence taken from the intro of The King of Fighters '96. The music being played (which continues into the Andy and Joe segment) is from the first stage of Art of Fighting, where the player fights Ryuhaku Todoh.
    • Joe Higashi and Andy Bogard's appearance features a sequence from Fatal Fury Special.
    • Geese Howard falling from his tower references Geese's demise at the end of Fatal Fury: King of Fighters. His sprite has been edited to match his design from Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory. The music being played in this segment is Geese's traditional theme song, "Soy Sauce for Geese", as heard in Fatal Fury Special.
    • Nakoruru's sequence is from the Vs. screen of Samurai Shodown II. The music is her stage theme from the first Samurai Shodown game, known as "Banquet of Nature".
    • Iori Yagami's sequence is taken directly from the intro sequence of The King of Fighters '95, with his laughter being his signature win pose. The music for this part is his team's theme, "Stormy Saxophone 2", from The King of Fighters '96.
      • Additionally, the frame in which the letter rests on the floor in a spotlight before Terry grabs it is nearly identical to the one in the intro sequence of The King of Fighters '95, albeit in a slightly different camera angle.
    • Terry's silhouette is from the intro of Real Bout Fatal Fury. The sprite of Terry's hand grabbing the Smash invitation letter, earlier, is also from this game, from the ending where he reaches for Geese's hand as he is falling.
    • Terry eating a Burger and drinking tea in front of Wario on Onett is a reference to his Fatal Fury 2 ending, in which he celebrates his victory by eating at the Pao Pao Café.
    • Terry taunting at Ryu, Ken, and Guile is a reference to the SNK vs. Capcom series.
    • In Terry's full trailer, Terry wearing his black alternate costume and performing his "Stand up" taunt alongside Lucas is a reference to a victory pose of him and a young Rock Howard posing akimbo with one another in The King of Fighters 2001.

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