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This article is about the protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. For the mech from Metal Gear, see Metal Gear REX.
"Rex" redirects here. For the smasher of the same name, see Smasher:Rex.

Official artwork of Rex from
Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Universe Xenoblade Chronicles
Debut Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (2017)
Smash Bros. appearances Ultimate
Most recent non-Smash appearance Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna – The Golden Country (2018, cameo)
Console/platform of origin Nintendo Switch
Species Leftherian
Gender Male
Place of origin Leftherian Archipelago
Created by Masatsugu Saitō
English voice actor Al Weaver
Japanese voice actor Hiro Shimono

Rex (レックス, Rex) is the main protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles 2.


Rex with Azurda in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Rex was a 15-year-old salvager from Letheria who lived on a titan named Azurda, which he refers to as "Gramps." One of the salvaging mission Rex agrees to do is joining a team alongside Jin, Malos, Nia, and Dromarch and excavating the Ancient Ship, which Addam sunk underneath the Cloud Sea 500 years prior to protect Mythra from reawakening and losing control. During the mission, Rex accidentally touches the core crystal of the Aegis and is promptly stabbed through the heart by Jin, who reveals himself to be the antagonist of the game and leads an organization known as Torna. Just before dying, Rex's mind is transported to a memory of Elysium and meets Pyra, who requests him to take her to the real Elysium in exchange for bringing him back to life. Rex agrees and becomes a Driver, which are warriors that can wield Blades like Pyra. With their life forces combined, Rex is resurrected to Jin's surprise. Rex and Malos, Torna's second-in-command as well as another Aegis, battle each other until Azurda rescues Rex and Pyra, as well as Nia and Dromarch, who defect to Rex's side.

The party narrowly escape Torna, but Azurda is severely injured and is forced to revert to his larval form, which is small enough to fit in the compartments of Rex's clothes. While on this brief down time, Rex promises to Pyra that he will protect her and the Aegis at all costs. After that, the party begins to travel around Alrest on their journey to reach Elysium. During these adventures, Rex makes makes new allies in the form of other Blades and Drivers that share the goals of the party.

One of these adventures is a battle with Malos and Akhos, who completely overwhelm and injure the party. In one final effort, Vandham impales himself on the scythes of his Blade, Roc, to fend off Malos, but dies in the process. Enraged, Rex recklessly charges the attackers to get revenge, which forcefully awakens Pyra's alter-ego Mythra in a desperate effort to protect him. This effort works, and Mythra fends of both Malos and Akhos, reverting their Blades Sever and Obrona into Core Crystals, then immediately scolds Rex for pulling that stunt just to awaken her. After this fight, Pyra and Mythra can now swap places during battles, allowing more combat potential for Rex.

The party eventually confronts Jin on a mission to save Pyra, who was previously separated from Rex. The party was entirely defeated and the Aegis sword was broken during the fight. Just before Jin takes Pyra away, he tells Rex that he is responsible for the pain Pyra and Mythra posses. After Rex is forced to retreat, he loses his confidence and contemplates giving up on his mission. However, he learns that a third Aegis sword exists, and Azurda informs the party that he knows the location. Once the third Aegis sword is found, the spirit of Addam appears and says that Rex is worthy of wielding the Aegis and must carry the burden of Pyra and Mythra's fear of their own power. While failing to acquire the third Aegis sword, Rex is able to locate Pyra at the Cliffs of Morytha anyway and the party goes to save her.

At Morytha, the party confronts Jin and Malos, who had absorbed the memory of Pyra to regain his powers. Rex fights most of this battle without the Aegis because he still doesn't have one. During the fight, Pyra and Mythra telepathically communicate with Rex and say that he should flee and leave them to die. Rex refuses, assuring them that he is still their protector and will take them to Elysium. This act of love allows Pyra and Mythra to unleash their full power, merging Pyra and Mythra together to form Pneuma, their ultimate form and granting Rex the power of the Master Driver. Rex also gets a new uniform to match Pneuma. Rex and Pneuma overpower Jin, but Malos still puts up a fight. Subsequent events lead to the destruction of the World Tree. Pneuma instructs the party on how to save the day, but tricks them into fleeing the scene. Pneuma stays behind to sacrifice herself and dies in an explosion. Rex realizes what was happening and pleads to stay by her side, but is convinced to respect her decision and leave. However, after the world was reborn, the core crystal of the Aegis starts glowing. Pyra and Mythra then appear in different bodies, but it is left ambiguous if they retained their memories.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

As a moveset element

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Rex assisting with Pyra's Final Smash.

Rex appears as part of Pyra and Mythra's Final Smash. He aids them with their respective move for the duration of the Final Smash.

Rex also appears in their taunts, entrance and victory pose.

As a costume

Rex set for Mii Swordfighter, featuring Azurda.

Rex was considered for the initial roster alongside other prospective characters like a character from ARMS, and Pokémon's Decidueye; however, he could not be added due to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 being announced after character planning finished in 2016. As an offered alternative, Rex appears as a costume for the Mii Swordfighter. Azurda (otherwise known as Gramps) in his miniature companion form appears in the set's helmet. The costume comes as a free bonus with purchase of the Fighters Pass Vol. 1.


Rex is seen in Pyra and Mythra's reveal trailer, searching for a seemingly missing Pyra. When he finds her on Final Destination, she reveals that she was chosen for Smash over him, much to his surprise.


Rex has a primary spirit in Ultimate. Originally, the spirit had no additional effects. However, with the release of Pyra and Mythra, Rex's spirit can be enchanced at level 99, giving him his Master Driver form from later chapters of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (though it is unknown if Pyra and Mythra have to be purchased to obtain it).

No. Image Name Type Class Slots Base Power Max Power Base Attack Max Attack Base Defense Max Defense Ability Series
SSBU spirit Rex.png
★★★ 3 2934 8825 1394 4192 1540 4633 Can be Enhanced at Lv. 99 Xenoblade Chronicles Series
SSBU spirit Rex (Master Driver).png
Rex (Master Driver)
★★★★ 3 4483 11881 2174 5436 2309 5773 Critical-Health Stats ↑ Xenoblade Chronicles Series



  • Rex's outfit appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, under the name "Salvager Set", as armor that Link could obtain from the Collaboration: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC.
  • According to Sakurai, Rex was considered to be a fighter that would be incorporated alongside Pyra and Mythra, but was decided against due to the difficulty he and the Smash team had with the Ice Climbers[1]. Sakurai specifically cited the far more complicated design of Pyra and Mythra compared to the relatively simple appearance of the Ice Climbers.
  • As of version 11.0.0, the spirit of Rex can be enhanced to his Master Driver form. This is the first time a spirit was given the ability to enhance, or had their ability changed in general, postlaunch.


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