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This article is about Incineroar's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For the character in other contexts, see Incineroar.
in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
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Universe Pokémon
Availability Unlockable
Incineroar Enters the Ring!
—Introduction Tagline
A fighter with many special moves that appear to come from the world of pro wrestling. Incineroar has many moves from its original game, like Darkest Lariat, Cross Chop, and Revenge. Its Final Smash is Max Malicious Moonsault. Let the Z-Power explode and deliver a powerful blow!
Super Smash Blog, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Official Site

Incineroar (ガオガエン, Gaogaen) is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It was confirmed as a playable character alongside Ken and Piranha Plant on November 1, 2018.

Unshō Ishizuka, who passed away before Incineroar's reveal, voices the Pokémon in Japanese.


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  • Incineroar mainly utilizes pro-wrestling moves, most notably having powerful throws.
  • Incineroar will pose after successfully landing certain attacks, as well as visibly expressing frustration if they don't. However, these poses are merely aesthetic and can be cancelled out of.
  • Incineroar is noted for having extremely poor mobility, sporting the slowest walking speed in the game. This is compensated for with many of its attacks having high damage and knockback, with several attacks such as Darkest Lariat having transcendent priority.
  • Incineroar takes continuous damage while it's swimming. It shares this with Charizard, Sonic, and Inkling.

Known moveset[edit]

Ground attacks[edit]

Smash attacks[edit]

Aerial attacks[edit]

Grab attacks[edit]

Special Moves[edit]

  • Neutral special - Darkest Lariat: Incineroar's signature move in Pokémon Sun and Moon. When used, Incineroar spins in place with his arms outstretched. Functions similarly to grounded Spinning Kong or Arm Rotor.
  • Side special - a command grab where it tosses the opponent into a wrestling ring rope, lunging them back towards Incineroar. Pressing the attack button will initiate a follow-up based on timing:
    • Pressing at the perfect time will initiate a powerful clothesline.
    • Pressing too early will initiate a back body drop.
    • Pressing too late or not pressing at all will cause the opponent to damage Incineroar.
  • Up special - Cross Chop: Incineroar leaps into the air and rockets back downwards at an angle, causing an explosion upon impact. However, Incineroar can self-destruct if not used properly. This move is very poor for horizontal recovery, similar to Ike's Aether.
  • Down special - Revenge: A unique counterattack that deals weak flame damage and knockback, and also powers up Incineroar's next attack.
  • Final Smash - Max Malicious Moonsault: A more powerful version of its Z-Move. When used, Incineroar dashes forward, grabs the first opponent it touches and throws them into the ropes of a wrestling ring, where the opponent rebounds back to Incineroar. Incineroar then delivers a powerful uppercut, sidekick, and another uppercut to the opponent before moving on top of them and splashing them down in the middle of the ring, making a large explosion when it hits the ring. It functions somewhat similarly to Omega Blitz.

Role in World of Light[edit]

Incineroar was absent in the World of Light trailer, though it presumably became a spirit alongside the rest of the galaxy (sans Kirby) when Galeem unleashed its beams of light.

Alternate costumes[edit]

Incineroar Palette (SSBU).png

Reveal trailer[edit]


Character Showcase Video[edit]


  • Masahiro Sakurai references Red Cyclone, the nickname of Street Fighter wrestling character Zangief, when explaining Incineroar's neutral special, Darkest Lariat.
  • Incineroar is currently the fighter in Ultimate with the most recent game of origin, Pokémon Sun and Moon, which was released on November 18, 2016 for the Nintendo 3DS.
  • Unshō Ishizuka provided the Japanese voice for Incineroar in Ultimate before his unexpected passing on August 13, 2018. Ishizuka recorded all of his voice clips for the game before his death.[1]
  • Incineroar is the first non-Gen 1 Pokémon with an alternate costume purely based off of its Shiny coloration.
  • Incineroar is the only playable Pokémon that doesn't have a special move based on a Pokémon move of its primary type.
  • Incineroar is the second character revealed for Ultimate to share a reveal trailer with a character not from the same franchise, having been revealed in the same trailer as Ken and being the second character revealed within that trailer.
  • Incineroar is the only first-party newcomer in Ultimate who was not represented in any way in previous Super Smash Bros. installments.
  • Due to an error on the American official site blog, Incineroar is the only character that does not have a link to its respective page on the website through its blog post.
  • When choosing characters, Sakurai wanted to pick a character from a newer game, and chose Incineroar because a Pokémon "slot" was left open after Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon was released, and because he has never done a wrestler fighter before. [2]


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